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How to Wake Up On Time for Work Every Morning Easily


Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Every night before sleeping, I make one promise to myself of waking up early. But the next morning things are the same and just like other days, I again wake up late and tend to experience the consequences!”. Well, this is the common case among many of us

As per the traditional sayings, if we wake up early then we tend to be more productive throughout the day. This saying is supported by various facts stating that most of the successful personalities around the world are early risers.

How to Wake Up On TimeDespite your hard efforts, you are still not able to stop yourself hitting that snooze button again and again, which eventually leads you to wake up late. But you need not worry as I can tell you some secret ways and effective tricks that have always helped me to wake up early.

How to Wake up and Not Go Back to Sleep:

Getting up early in the morning is surely a drag. Though we understand that there are many waking up early benefits, but at the time of waking up we don’t remember any of them.

We automatically turn in to a groggy person who is always ready to hit the snooze button on the alarm.

To overcome such habits, here are few Tips for Waking Up Early & Conquering the Alarm Clock.

1. Take a few precautionary steps:

Getting out of the bed is like keeping your foot on the fire for many of us. But doing it is necessary, so the best thing you can do is to plan smartly.

Take a few steps that would help you to wake up early like setting alarms.

I hope you have just read the words ‘ALARMS‘.

Yes, it means, set at least two alarms, one near your bed and another one somewhat at a distance.

Note: Make sure that you don’t place it too far.

2. Make up your mind mentally:

Making up your mind to wake up early, really works. For this, you have to try out a few ideas to wake your brain up all day long.

Try some of these ideas:

  • Listen to podcasts on waking up early.
  • Read about successful people who are early risers.
  • Remind yourself about the importance of writing every day.

3. Develop a “get to” attitude:

Don’t wake up with a moody mindset like, why you had to wake up so early.

Instead, get excited about the day and plan something you like to do. It can be any important work, game, or any fun activity.

4. Build some accountability:

Ask your friend for help to wake you up early. You should also help him out in waking up. Plan together something, like have a meeting or even call or text each other when you wake up.

5. Sleep well:

A good night sleep will surely help you wake up early, even if you do not have an alarm.

6. Never snooze:

Always keep in mind that hitting your snooze button will not give you an undisturbed sleep.
Instead, you will have to wake up every few minutes just to hit the snooze button.

7. Stick to your wake time:

Stick to your wake up time daily. This will help you get habituated to that wake-up time no matter what.

8. Build momentum:

Keep moving on is the ultimate key for waking up early. Maybe you will like to relax and sit for a while but that could waste your time and make you a bit drowsy.

Instead, you should just get through your routine,

  • Have the coffee ready.
  • Set out your exercise clothes.
  • Keep moving so that you won’t feel as drowsy

How to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired:

Waking up early is one of the best ways to be productive. A good start of your morning will help you look fresh all day long.

Let us look at a few things on how to wake up in the morning with energy.

  • Make up your mind and wake up at least 1 minute early each day.
  • By waking up early, you get a lot of time. Use it to complete your small works.
  • Make you of the peer pressure to wake up early.
  • Set things up around your environment to wake up earlier
  • Think about your earlier cases on why you couldn’t wake up early.
  • Provide yourself an irresistible reason to wake up earlier
  • Motivate yourself by reading about top successful people who wake up earlier

How to Wake Up On Time?

So, if you want to wake up early then quickly read these ways and start following them right away!

1. Practice Good Habits at Night:

Getting a good night sleep is an important thing ensuring that you wake up early the next morning. A night of good night sleep is possible only when you practice healthy good habits at night before sleeping.

Consuming alcohol and caffeine right before a few hours of sleep creates a great detrimental effect on sleep. Even consuming greasy, oily, and fatty foods in the evening can upset your stomach and may intervene in your sleep.

Also, those who have a habit of reading on tablet or phone before sleeping are greatly affected by the radiations and can experience headaches and sleep disruptions. Hence, if you want to wake up early then make sure you don’t do anything that can disturb your sleep.

2. Keep Yourself Motivated While Chasing ‘Small Wins’

If you wake up early morning then you will have a lot of time to get your things done. But if you are waking up late then you won’t be able to do things that productively.

So, you can plan waking up early morning each day to get things done faster and more efficiently. For this, you can plan to do certain things every morning. Once you can achieve small wins, then this will keep you motivated to wake up early morning every day.

3. Follow the Early to Bed and Early to Rising Logic:

You must be aware of this logic from your childhood days. But applying them in real life makes all the difference!

This is something that actually works. If you seriously want to wake up early morning then sleeping early is the key to go for it.

If you sleep 15 minutes earlier than your usual time then you will be able to wake up the half-hour before your usual wake up time. So, make sure you sleep early at night so that you don’t feel sleepy or tired in the morning.

4. Transform the Environment to Your Benefit:

The environment these days is packed with gadgets and devices all around. If you wish to avail a sound sleep then you must stop watching TV late at night. Even putting away mobile phones and other gadgets away is also supportive of timely sleeping.

It is because such devices intervene with the disruption of melatonin from the body, which is a hormone responsible for regulating the sleep cycle. Hence, you must avoid sleeping in a noisy room. Also, check a space with soothing sound so that you sleep tight and wake up early in the morning.

5. Avoid Napping After 7 Hours of Your Wake Up Time:

If you find it difficult to sleep on time at the night then this must be because of your improper napping time.

If you will nap after 7 hours of waking up then this will mess up with your sleeping schedule, thereby resulting in late sleeping hours and again waking up late.

6. Develop a Sleeping and Waking Schedule:

If you can set a schedule for sleeping and waking up at the same time, then even you would not require an alarm clock to wake up on time. Therefore, you must make an effort to follow a schedule for sleeping on time and waking up on time. Plan a schedule for sleeping at least 8 hours in the night.

If you are changing the sleeping and waking shifts every other day, then this will never help you to wake up early. As well, this can become one of the causes of health problems.

7. Try to Get At Least the Minimum Sleep:

This is another important thing to keep in check if you want to wake up early every morning.

The minimum sleeping hours for any individual is at least 8 hours a day with a half-hour nap in the daytime. While some individuals may require less sleeping hours, others would need slightly more than this. So, check for the unique requirement of your body but sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

8. Set Up Meetings at Early Hours:

This is again a logical step, according to which if you have set up meetings to be done at early hours, then this will help you wake up early in time for the work.

It is because this creates accountability, which definitely you don’t want to let down. As per biological studies, if we have something important to do, then this will push our mind to wake up early. Remember, when you are waking up early to catch an early train, or when you need to catch up an early meeting.

Hence, if you will put something at stake then you fear your reputation and this is something very important, which will drive you to wake up early.

9. Troubleshoot Errors that Combat in Your Early Waking Up Routine:

If you are not waking on time, then surely you will be performing some actions that will cause you to fail in achieving your goals. For this reason, it is essential to analyze correctly the things that are coming in between your way to wake up earlier.

Check for the steps that you have taken and why did they fail. Also, you must identify how things can be done differently and how you can rectify them to get yourself out of the bed.

Be honest with yourself as this will help you to avail appropriate results.

10. Make Sure You Have the Right Alarm Clock:

Some individuals have a very harsh, loud, and troubling alarm clock, which as per them, is the best way to wake up on time. While there are others who prefer having alarm clocks with a soothing and relaxing sound that would help them to get up in a pleasing mood.

There are varieties of alarm clocks available out there. The one fine way to make sure that your alarm clock works for you the best you must look for one that seems appropriate to your waking habits.

You can even discuss these alarm clocks with your relatives and neighbors to get the best one for yourself.

11. Place the Alarm Clock Far Away from the Bed:

If you are a heavy sleeper then you will never be able to wake up early in the morning even when you have the best alarm clock for you.

For such reasons, the best way is to position your alarm clock far off from your bed. You need to position it at a distance that allows listening to the alarm sound but requires you to get off from your bed to switch it off.

Also, you can set numerous alarm clocks in the room to develop a habit of waking up early.

12. Ask Someone to Help You Wake up Early:

If you have a roommate, spouse, or your parents living with you then you can always ask their help to wake up early.

You can ask them to give you some gentle shrugs to allow you to wake up early in the morning. If you are living alone then you can always ask your closed ones to give you a call in the morning, which is also an excellent way to wake up early in the morning.

13. Get Out of Your Bed As Soon as You Wake Up:

Most of the individuals have a habit of twisting, cuddling, and resting in their bed even when they are awake.

If you too have this habit then you must keep a strict check on this. It is because if you rest in your bed for a few minutes even when you are awake then this will trigger your sleeping hormones, and there is always a possibility that you may tend to sleep again.

If you will sleep again and wait for the alarm clock then you will feel a lot drowsier and sleep throughout the entire day.

14. Brighten Up Your Bedroom Right When You Are Awake:

When you see the bright, shining environment outside then this seems an effective and natural way to wake up faster. Hence, if you wake up anytime in the night then just open the curtains. In the morning, this will allow sun rays to enter your room and will keep you awake.

If you live in a cloudy place then you can always use a bedroom lamp as well as bedside dawn simulators that will help you awake early in the morning.

15. Develop an Exercising Routine to Get Out of Bed Immediately:

When you are trying to wake up early morning, then you must get out of the bed instantly and get your body moving.

The best way is to develop an exercise routine as this will have a positive impact on an entire day. Performing such exercises in the early morning will keep your body muscles oxygenated and relaxed throughout the day.

Even performing some simple stretching exercises will help you develop an early wake-up mood so that you get relaxed and work all day long.

16. Take a Shower as Soon as You Get of Your Bed:

If you feel it difficult to wake up early in the morning then the best way is to take a shower as soon as you get out of the bed.

Using shower gels, soaps, and aromatic face washes on your body and face and then applying essential oils on the body gives your body an instant refreshing feeling. Also, if you splash some cold water on your face then this will lower your body temperature and will take off the stress and sleeping feeling away.

If it is not possible to take a shower right after you wake up then you may splash some cold water on your face and then apply a few drops of essential oils.

17. Drink Something Light and Refreshing:

You must have seen a lot of people having the habit of drinking tea or coffee early morning right after they are awake.

It is because tea contains caffeine that stimulates the body to wake up. Besides tea, you can always drink a glass of fresh fruit juice or even simple warm water as this will also help you to awake your senses in just a few minutes.

Avoid the ‘5 More Minutes’ Urge:

This is a very common habit that most of us practice a lot. But in most of the cases when we think of waking up after 5 minutes we are lest sleeping for 15 minutes or even more.

So, rather than thinking of needing a few more minutes to awake you can try consoling your mind that you got the chance to sleep early.

Waking up early in the morning secrets:

Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.” Glen Cook, Sweet Silver Blues

Some of the most common excuses that come to your mind for not waking up are

  • Staying up too late
  • Convince myself that I need extra sleep today as it is a very important day
  • The bed was too warm and cozy
  • Was raining out
  • The weather was cold or hot
  • And on and on and on…

Waking up early helps you stay all day long relaxed and fresh. Here are a few top secrets to waking up early and becoming a morning person.

  1. Silent your Morning Demons
  2. Start with a slow pace
  3. Prepare the Night Before
  4. Plan something that would make you wake up
  5. It’s All in Your Mind
  6. Do not Hit Snooze

Hitting the snooze button in the morning doesn’t even make sense. It’s like saying, I hate getting up in the morning so I do it over and over and over again.

Dimitri Martin, Comedian

Here is a video representation on snooze

7. Don’t Start Your Morning With Junk

8. Make Caffeine your Friend

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Tweak: Do things that are going to put you in a better “state”. A better state of mind, body, and soul.

 As you would be waking up early, you will be having a lot of free extra time, so here are few suggestions to do in extra time.

I would like to advise you a few things that I have tried myself and has worked well for me. I suggest you try some of them

So, follow these amazing tips and practice them regularly to start waking up early on time and be more productive throughout the day, at the same time get more work done in a limited time.