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20 Best Exercises to do at Your Desk: Office Workouts


You are passionate about your job! It is rewarding, challenging, and exciting, but at the same time it can pose serious risks to your health. Office work desks are set in a way to allow you only little movement and hence make it convenient for you to gain weight. Besides augmenting your body weight, sitting jobs can also enhance strain on your eyes, back, neck, wrists, and can lead to severe damage of muscle tone. To overcome the adverse effects of the 9 to 5 job, the simplest and most efficient solution is to exercise. There are several types of stretching exercises and chair exercises to do at your desk.

best exercises at desk

The next question in your mind must be that how will you manage to do exercise? Definitely with a busy daily schedule like this, finding adequate time to exercise can be tricky. The best answer to this is to look for some amazing and ‘easy to do’ office workouts. By acting a little more intelligent you can procure maximum advantage of your office time and carry on doing some good exercises that can help you release stress and stay fit. So below are ‘desk exercises’ that you can do easily without interrupting the work or getting off from your seat.

How to Exercises to do at Your Desk or Computer: Deskercise!

The following mentioned are few tips on how to workout or do office exercises at your desk.

1. Stretching the Neck and Shoulders:

The time before meeting your department is an excellent way to get ready for the entire day workout. It is also most suitable time to prepare your muscles for an official workout. Begin your stretching exercises from the neck. Tilt your head towards the shoulder and hold the position for ten seconds. Do this on alternate sides. Now loosen up both shoulders for releasing stress. Roll both your shoulders forward and backward in a circulatory motion. Repeat this exercise ten times.

2. Stretching the Wrists and Legs:

For efficiently working on the computer throughout the day stretch your wrists. Place down your palms and stretch your arms out. With one hand try pulling fingers of the other hand and hold this for around three seconds. Follow this alternately three times. To relax the lethargic and tired feelings of your legs, go for the calf and ankle stretch exercise. Hold one of your feet few inches above the floor while keeping your leg straight. Extend your ankle, one while directing your toes up and one while positioning your toes down. Carry with the procedure for at least ten times and repeat the same with the other leg. You can also draw circles with the help of your toes by moving the foot in clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction.

3. Copy Machines Workouts:

Utilize the time spent on watching copies. Make it more productive by practicing some leg strengthening and toning workouts. With proper leg swings and lifts you not only tone up the muscle of the leg you are swinging, but you are also strengthening the leg you take support from. You can take support from the copy reading machine to maintain the balance. To begin exercising, keep your back straight and lift one of the legs up. Slowly bring it down. Stand in the similar position and repeat it with your other leg.

4. Calf raises and Glute Kicks:

You can again use the copy machine to maintain balance while performing this exercise at work. Stand straight and try kicking your hips with heels of one of your legs. Repeat this for couple of times with each leg. Also try raising your heels off the floor and then bringing them down slowly. Repeat this form of slow aerobics ten times.

5. Under the Table Dynamics:

While your co-worker sees you are going through an important report, you can try different exercises under the desk to strengthen your abdominals and relieve stress from your leg muscles. Sit tall on your seat and place your feet on the floor. Hold the muscles of your abdominal tight and extend one of your leg to an adequate level to form a straight angle. Rest for a few seconds and slowly bring down your leg. Change legs and repeat this ten times.

6. Try out the Chair Squats:

These types of squats are a powerful body firming workout. You can do these squats as and when you get up from the chair and then sit back down. First stand straight while keeping your back straight. Pretend to sit by lowering down to 1 inch above your seat. Hold for 10 seconds and then stand up straight.

7. For Leg Toning:

For excellent leg toning, cross your legs, while keeping them straight. Raise both of them together little inches above the floor and create pressure till your muscles become tired. Follow this with the other leg on top of the first one.

8. High Profile Calisthenics:

With this aerobic exercise not only you, but even your projects can keep going. To confirm with your employees for work, try to chat with them rather emailing them.

9. Drinking Water:

Drinking lots of water throughout the day can help increase the weight loss metabolism, and, therefore, can provide you with a fit and lean body even if it is a sitting job. Also, try to visit the restroom at least twice a day. Taking rest while working can help release the stress and also enhance your productivity while you are working.

10. Walking fast:

Walking fast is more advantageous than running. It will increase the beat rate of your heart and will help reduce overall body stress to a great extent.

11. Walking up Stairs:

For a lucrative exercise routine, try taking stairs as and when possible, rather than moving up and down with elevators. If possible, try to take two stair steps at one point of time.

12. Shape your Abdominals with an Exercise Ball:

If possible, replace your office chair with an exercise ball. Sitting on an exercise ball makes it mandatory for you to keep your abs in position. It is an excellent way to advance your balancing skills, tone your core muscles, and release stress from the lower back. No wonder, it may even help you to improve your concentration.

13. Arabesque Circles:

The Arabesque circle exercise can assist in strengthening and tighten your gluteus muscles. It is also supportive in relieving the back pain. Lift one of your glute up almost off the chair. Perform in a clockwise rocking motion for around 30 seconds. Now squeeze your gluteus muscle and hold for ten seconds. After this, release.

14. Water Bottle Dumbbells:

No need for weights as your water filled bottles are an excellent substitute for this. If you see someone coming then, just stop and sip some water. You can begin with bicep curls to strengthen and tone your arms. Sit straight with your abs pulled in. Hold the bottle filled with water in one hand and curl it up towards your shoulder. Repeat this 15 times and then change the arm and repeat the same again for 15 times.

15. Front Arm Twists and Raises:

It is an excellent exercise to release stress from wrists and tone your wrist muscles. Hold a water bottle in one hand and bend elbow. Extend the arms overhead. Repeat the same with the other hand. Water bottle twist is another exercise to shape up your waistline. Hold the water bottle to chest level and twist to the right as far distance as possible. Twist to center and then to right. Repeat this ten times for a well-toned waistline.

16. Leg Lifts at the Conference Table:

Just because you are attending a meeting does not imply that you cannot exercise. You can do multiple exercises with the conference table. First try lifting the table by placing your hands on the table. Press up against the table. Continue doing this till your muscles are tired. You can even practice this with both of your hands.

17. Shoulder Shrug:

Raising the top of your shoulders toward the ears and relax the shoulders. Hold that position for three to five seconds and then relax.

18. Inventive Isometrics:

The isometric exercise is also sometimes known as static strength training. This form of exercise can be performed unnoticeably. To release stress from your wrist, make a fist, squeeze and then release your fingers. Stretch your fingers and keep them in the position for a few seconds. Repeat this ten times.

19. Strengthen your ankles and calves:

For this, you need to stand straight and hold onto your chair. Rest your foot back of your right calf and raise your toes a few inches above the floor. Hold the position for 20 – 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise 3 – 4 times by changing legs.

20. Exercises for Reducing Calories:

Sometimes you don’t have to follow rigid exercising routine to shed off extra calories. Even regularly following some simple exercises can help you stay fit and fine. The simplest way is to stand as and when you can. It can help you to reduce calories faster than by just sitting. Fidgeting is another easy way to remain healthy while at work. Tapping feet, chewing gum, and fidgeting can help reduce calories effortlessly. Deep breathing exercises while doing work helps in relaxing and lowering the heart rate. For tightening the stomach muscle, there is no simpler solution than laughing. It also helps in relieving stress. Lastly, maintaining a good posture at work can help maintain the overall body health. A good sitting posture is essential to alleviate pain in lower back, strengthening abdominal muscles, and make you feel confident about yourself.

These are simple ‘desk workouts’ that you can inculcate in your everyday routine. By regularly following this you can be happy, fit, and more productive at work.