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Find the Top 10 IT Contract Jobs Employers are Hiring in US

7427 used AI to analyse 180,334 IT contract jobs in the USA , posted in the month of August 2021.

If you are a Recruiter or a Bench Sales Recruiter then you will learn more about

  • The Top 10 Trending skills that you need to hire or build your bench for
  • The Top 10 Locations where these jobs are being opened.
  • The Top 10 Jobs being hired for
  • The Top 10 States where the jobs are being offered.

If you are an IT professional who works on a contractual basis or a Recruiter who hires for Contract Roles in the IT Market in the USA, this should interest you.

Top 10 Contract Jobs in August 2021

Top 10 IT Jobs Employers are Recruiting in USA:

We found that the top 10 Jobs being hired for totalled 41 K of the total 180 K open jobs available in August 2021.

The top 5 of these Jobs alone contributed to more than 34 K open positions in August 2021. If you are an IT professional or a Bench Recruiter then this study tells you which Jobs are the most in demand. Also, discover your exact net earnings with ease using our convenient Payroll Calculator tool!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Top 10 IT Jobs various Employers are hiring for. Are your Bench Consultants’ Skill sets on the list?

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