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Why Research is Important for Students, Humans, Education


What is Research?

Research means to carefully analyze the problems or to do the detailed study of the specific problems, by making use of special scientific methods.

Research can be done on any topic, be it medical, non-medical, IT, or anything else. In order to do research, first of all, you need to have a topic or the problem on which you can do research. The topic must have relevant questions to answer.

For research, certain steps have to follow like first observation, then background research then preparing of hypothesis, eventually conducting a simple experiment.

Why Research is Important

The Importance of Research:

Study implications:

The main purpose of the research is to get deep into the topic so that something helpful can churn out, which can be helpful for everybody and used in that particular niche sector.

The quality which you maintain while research should always be high so that the information that you get can be used in certain policies and any future project implications.

Goals of Research:

Working on a research project will obviously be a challenging and rewarding experience, provided you put the best of your expertise and skill in it.

It is an opportunity that helps you to pursue an in-depth or deep original study about any topic which interests you.

The main aim of the goals is to provide the best of the solution to some of the world problems and also to enhance our knowledge.

The “Iterative” Process of Research:

Iteration is one of the keys to successful research. Researches usually do not end, the study goes on deep and deep.

There may be instances when you will take the time to find the expected results but ultimately you will be getting the outcome.

One thing that you will always observe during research, are the questions that arise one after the other. These questions usually lead to new ideas, revisions, and improvements.

All these, in turn, will be very helpful in the research process making data more effective and useful.

How does research impact our daily life:

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

In simple words, have you ever thought about how would be the world have been without any development of technology or anything?

Well, the life people enjoy now or the things that we do in minutes which earlier looked impossible are all because of the research.

Research not limited to any one sector but has been done for almost every sector.

Some of them are technology, healthcare, defense, precautionary steps against natural calamities and many more.

So research plays a very important role in our day to day life.

Research is the best and reliable way to understand and act on the complexities of various issues that we as humans are facing.

“…Aside from the pure pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, research is linked to problem-solving,” John Armstrong, a respected global higher education, and research professional write for The Conversation.
“What this means is the solving of other people’s problems. That is, what other people experience as problems”.

What is Educational Research?

Any kind of educational research requires a few steps of inquiry to provide the solution to any particular research query.

Creswell defines educational research as,

“…Aside from the pure pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, research is linked to problem-solving,” John Armstrong, a respected global higher education, and research professional write for The Conversation.

Types of Educational Research:

There are majorly 3 types of educational research.


This type of research will try to describe things as they presently are.


This type of study will try to identify the relationship between two or more things.


This research tries to display a relation between two or more things. They usually might be groups.

The Importance of Research in the Advancement of Society:

“Human needs never end”

Believe it or not, but it is the truth. We have habituated to adapt to new things, as our desires and wants increases day by day.

As our demands increase, the requirement of research also rises. It can also be said that research is what that makes our life easier. It is just the result of curiosity or a new innovative idea.

When we have any problem, we usually think of a solution or get confused. Several questions arise in our mind like what do you think will the next big thing? or what to do to overcome this problem.

Here comes the role of research. This helps us in many ways and provides us with a complete solution to the problems faced by humans. Now when we humans, satisfied without any problems, this results in the advancement of society. So research overall helps in the advancement and development of society.

Why Research is Important to Students?

The research is important for the students because it helps them to have a detailed analysis of everything. When you have a proper in-depth analysis of any topic, the result comes out to be fruitful and also the knowledge is enhanced. Other benefits of research to the students are as follows:

1. Enhances knowledge:

When you research any topic, you get to know detailed information about that topic. The more the knowledge of the topic, the more successful is the research. So, in order to get good output, the student needs to do maximum research.

2. Clarifies confusion:

The research helps in clarifying the complicated facts and figures. If the student has any doubt on the subject, the student must research and study it in detail so as to remove all sorts of confusion and get a proper understanding of the content.

3. To have a proper understanding of the subject:

To understand the subject, one needs to go in depth of the lines. The scanning of the content will never do any good for the students.

In order to learn the subject and to know the unknown facts, research, detail study, and full analysis are the must.

4. To learn about the methods and issues:

Proper reading, the finding is the only way by which you can learn about the methods and the current issues. Not just the current issues, rather the previous past issues can also learn in detail through the research. The research includes various methods by which it can be done.

5. Understand the published work:

Research is done through the work already published. The experts and the researchers had already done some of the research and the students are asked to go through that published material to understand the idea and the vision of those researchers.

6. Learn to create a balance between collaborative and individual work:

When the students do research, they get to know how to create a balance between the collaborative and the individual work. Individual work in which the student has to do, while the collaborative work means that work which has already been done by the previous researchers.

So, in this manner, the students get to know which points to take into consideration and which points are to be ignored.

7. To know the interest:

The students also get to know their area of interest. Sometimes, the students aspire to become researchers only in their near future which is quite helpful.

So, through this, we come to know that the research not only helps with the accomplishment of the work but also helps in understanding what needs to be done in their future.

8. To know how the original study originated:

Research is performed to understand the concept from scratch. Like, if you wish to know from where has the concept originated, then this could be done only through the research work.

It can also define as an investigation because the student eventually ends up with expanded research.

9. Understanding the rationale:

By engaging in the process of research, the students understand the concept in an easier manner as the rationale of the topic know in a better manner.

For example, by preparing the hypothesis, one truly understands the nuances of the research topic. Not just this, the research also helps in being a source of one on one mentorship which also plays a vital role in the brain development of the individual.

So, above are the reasons by which we come to know the benefits of the research for the students.

What is the Importance of Research to Humankind:

Humankind involves everything from a pin to an elephant. Every bit of information, the things to live and survive are needed for mankind, should be known.

As if the essentials will not be known then we will remain illiterate, unaware of what is happening in the society or around the world. Research is important for humankind because of the various factors:

1. Helps in understanding society:

When one does some research related to society, the human becomes aware and also alert of the good and bad things. In order to know society’s norms, policies, code of conduct, one needs to do proper research or it may become difficult to survive in society.

2. Helps in knowing the culture:

Every society has it’s own culture. In order to understand the culture of a particular society, research about that society needed.

If you do not do research or read maximum about any topic, you will fail to know the hidden meanings and the concepts about society’s culture and will remain unaware of the same. So, if you are curious to know and learn something new, then the research work will help.

3. For more awareness, research needed:

To make yourself aware, reading is the key. Read the published books and the research already done by an expert.

Once you have gone through the research work of great alumni, you feel like being on the top of the world as the information flows into your head. Not just this, if you wish to plan any holiday, you become aware of the weather and the requirements of that particular place. This way also research is very helpful.

4. For making the right choices for a career:

Research needed in all fields, i.e. it is pervasive. For even the smallest information, one needs to research and understand.

For example, if you need to know about careers with greater scope overseas, you will have to research that too. So, this way research is of great importance to everyone, be it a student, a traveler, teacher, professor, researcher himself.

5. Knowing the truth:

If you wish to know the truth about anything like reading, learning, and research is the only way. When you read and research on any topic, you get to know the truth.

The real facts and statistics come across which enlightens the person and also increases one’s knowledge.

6. Update about the technology:

If there comes any new technology, the human gets to know about that also through the research work.

So, basic research is helpful to humans to know what new is coming in the market. Also, it helps in being updated about the present scenario of the society one is living in.

7. Differences between good and bad:

When a person reads the already published material, it builds trust and also enlightens one’s mind. The person is able to differentiate between right and wrong which further helps in the decision making process.

So, above are the reasons which say why one should do research or what is the importance of research. It is for the whole of mankind, which involves individuals from every group and age. Whatever an individual reads, it somewhere and at sometime surely helps as it gets accumulated in the knowledge bank of an individual.

Why is Research Important in Education:

As earlier said, the role of research is important in all fields, in a similar manner, the importance of research in education is very vital. This is because of various reasons like:

1. It is a systematic analysis:

In education, research is essential as it gives a systematic analysis of the topic. Also, the objectives clearly defined in the research process. One needs to study in a systematic and controlled manner, and this is exactly what the research work provides an individual.

2. Leads to great observations:

In the field of education, the research helps in coming to one conclusion. That conclusion can achieve by observing the facts and figures in depth.

So, such in depth knowledge is provided by following various research methods only. In this way, research also assists in leading to greater observations.

3. Results in predictions, theories, and many principles:

The researchers come up with valid predictions, theories, and great results through the observations, hypothesis and research queries. So, this way also helps researchers to come up with great conclusions.

4. Improving practices:

The educational research is important for the students to improve practices and at the same time, it helps in improving those individuals who really wish to bring improvement in those practices.

So, this way educational research helps in the overall improvement of the individual. Be it a student or any teacher who is researching on some topic, it is of great help to them. It acts as a lighthouse and empowers the individual.

5. Develops new understanding related to the learning, teaching, etc:

The educators benefited through various research as it helps them in having a better understanding of the subject. Along with this, it develops greater understanding related to teaching, learning and other educational administration.

The new knowledge further helps in improving the educational practices of the teachers and professors.

6. Helps in initiating the action:

The research you do should result in performing some action or practice. So, the research should aim to produce the highest result which compliments the study. Also, you should make sure your study ensures the applicable findings so as to match the result.

Research helps in performing well and also sheds away all the problems. This way, you are able to understand the role of research which further helps in the decision making process.

7. Helps in decision making:

Good research requires proper time and effort. It prepares the person for taking essential decisions which further necessitates the same from all the participants involved in the process.

For better results, the participants need to consider the required consequences and all the risks involved in the whole process.

8. Brings consistency in the work:

When the work is done with full in-depth analysis, it tends to be right and accurate. The process of research help brings consistency in the work, which lessens the flaws and mistakes in the final outcome of the process.

The consistency needed in all sorts of work or you might have to end up getting the wrong and inaccurate result. The research takes lots of time and effort, so the researcher has to be specific and sure with the facts so that the end result is clean and without any silly mistakes.

9. Motivates others:

Educational research builds patience because it is a lengthy process. In order to get fruitful results, you need to build patience and only then you will be able to motivate others.

Also, if your research is full of the right facts and figures, it will ultimately motivate others. Not just this, accurate research assists in enhancing the reader’s knowledge which might not be possible for any other person.

So, above are some of the benefits that research provides in the field of education. Every kind of research, every kind of method has been always useful and gives a positive result. In case, you find something fishy during the research work, it is advisable to consult someone superior to you, or some expert.

Research is useful in all the fields and is used by all the departments, whether public or private. The research work is done by all age groups, whether the students or the teachers and even humankind in order to understand the society, it’s rules and other policies.