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How to Make Good Decisions Quickly? 15 Best Steps


What is Decision Making?

With so many options available these days for anything, knowing what is right and what is wrong is a time-consuming process. It is difficult to make good decisions on to one thing because the fear of losing out on the other opportunity is extremely prominent in most of the people. But too many options do not lead us anywhere other than creating more confusion. Hence, a quick and effective decision making is extremely important.

Proper decision making skills are very important in this process. The confusion from what color of dress one chooses, to what career options to be considered or where to buy a house, are just few examples of many critical points at which people are stuck while to make good decisions on to.

There is no one who can say that whatever tough decisions they made were all right, some tend to go right and others wrong but one need to still believe in themselves. With time and experience, the accuracy of the decision made also becomes better.

make good decisions quicklyHow to Make Good Decisions?

1. Information is the key:

Before taking any step to decide on to something it is important to understand the facts and points you are deciding about. For example, if you are planning a career change then it is important to ask questions like why and how and what made you think to take this step.

Understanding the problem means collecting all the right information about it before taking a decision, this helps in preventing any rash decision-making process and help to give the right solution.

2. Fix a deadline:

Decision making process is sometimes very confusing, the best way to make good decisions is to set a deadline. Nothing more than five minutes should take time for a certain concern to be addressed. If the concern is big and serious then it should not go beyond a week’s time.

Setting a time frame saves lots of effort and process, also the mind functions quicker under pressure. For Example, choosing an outfit for a party should not take much of your time, don’t put too much effort into the thought process. While a decision of buying a house can take from a week to a month’s time. Since it cannot be done again and again.

3. The objective of the decision making process:

Objectives and goals help in the decision making process, once you know what you want then moving a step ahead becomes easy. If in case you are confused or don’t know what you are looking for avoid making any hard decisions at this point as this will lead to more confusion. First, clear out your mind and then only think about it.

4. Pros and cons list:

Another best way to speed up making difficult decisions is writing out all the pros and cons you think will be the resulting factor of the decision. Visualizing future helps clear out the mind and one can exactly understand the position where one will be standing. If pros are higher than the cons then it is good to follow, if cons are higher than pros, it is a sign to rethink your strategies.

5. Reduce your choices:

With so many choices available around us, one can easily get confused what to do and what not to do. The best way to deal with this is, making choices depending upon the scale of concern. For example, if you are stuck in picking up the color of the car. then eliminate what might not be good and pick the last option.

6. Take the advice whom you trust:

Another best way to take the advice of your closed ones, those who would have gone through a similar situation.Their experiences will give you an insight of all the possibilities that can take place in a certain situation.

How their decision-making process had an impact and what the other person thinks what all could be done? These questions will allow you to look at a different perspective altogether.

7. Fit yourself in other’s shoes:

Another effective way is to stand in other’s shoes. If there are a lot of people who will be influenced by your decision-making process then it is best to stand in their shoes and understand how this will affect them.

Experience it with your imagination before deciding on to anything. Knowing how things will affect others around you will ensure you to make the decision rational. I For example, if you are a boss and requires to make a financial decision then it is good to consult and see how it will affect others.

8. Follow the path of moderation:

If you are taking a serious decision for the first time then it is good to have a moderate approach towards a situation. Thinking about extremes might not lead you anywhere. For example, if you don’t like your job and plan to leave it then it is advisable to find one and then leave or ensure that you have enough back up to survive without the job for the time being. Leaving the job without any plan might become an issue that leads to financial trouble, hence a moderate decision will save your day.

9. Avoid overthinking:

Too much thinking on the matter will not lead you anywhere. It is best to prevent yourself from too much thinking on any subject matter. In confusion or doubts, it is best to take the break for the time being and relax, once the mind is settled then only move ahead with the concern. Overthinking it just adds up the confusion and reduces the power to make effective decisions quickly.

10. Listen to others but follow your heart:

We tend to find people who are good at giving suggestions and advice before we even asked for it. It is good to listen to everyone since one might find a different perspective to ponder upon.

But also keep in mind that people who are giving you the suggestions are not the one who understands you completely or know much about it. Therefore, it is best to listen to everyone but do what your heart tells to do.

11. Avoid thinking in past:

Sometimes decision making is hindered because one tends to compare the situation with some past incident that happened. People tend to relate everything to their past, it is good to let go of the past concerns and take a fresh approach towards the situation.

Analyze the problem as it is and avoid comparing too much with the past. For Example, if a similar situation has been there previously and your decision did not work the best, then it is good to learn from the previous mistakes. Maintain the courage to go ahead with a newer decision. A fresher perspective indeed will make an effective decision.

12. Focus on the concern:

Often it happens that one tends to go roundabout the situation and the original concern is lost in the process. A common habit of over thinking and over analyzing the risk deviates the person from the real issue and leaves them in a confused state of mind. Hence, it is important to not lose the track of the real issue and get the quick decision making done.

13. Avoid emotions be rational:

Follow a rational approach when making a decision, involving too many emotions here and there or attachment of any sorts will lead to the delay in deciding factor. A clear mind is a rational mind, attaching too much emotional history to the concern will not only delay the process also it won’t give the right solution.

Think logically, know what will be best for you in the long term, thinking about short term benefits will not work effectively. Sacrificing temptations for short term and accepting the benefit for the long term will reap better results.

14. Prepare a Plan B:

Problem solving and decision making is one big step in any process. Do not solely depend on one decision, the secret of effective decision-making is to ensure and be ready with a Plan B.

There is always a probability of a decision taken to fail if in case this happens then it is of utmost importance to be prepared for next step. Thinking to deal with the problem once it arises will lead you nowhere, preparation is the real deal.

15. Ask questions:

Another important thing is to ask questions to yourself. Just ask what if today is your last day and you might not get another chance to relive this day. Then what is that you would have done differently to get the best out of it.

Asking critical questions will give you the most effective answers, most of the time one does not consider the crucial aspect of a situation while making a decision. Hence these help to know more about a situation.

Confidence in yourself will help you to make quick and effective decisions. Initially, it might seem a task but with time and patience, you will earn that confidence in yourself. Once you know how to make good decisions that will make your life easier for quicker decision-making capability.