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How to Earn a Six Figure Salary: Excellent Guide


All of us dream of earning a salary with which we can fulfil the dreams we always see and the lifestyle we always wanted to live. We all work hard to get that dream salary, but lets first understand the following.

earn six figure salary

Six Figure Salary Meaning:

Any figure of salary which is 1,00,000 or more, but less than 99,00,000 in any currency is covered under the term of six figure salary. This means that whatever a person is doing if done good will be able to live that dream life. Earning a six figure salary or more is a real good sign of dedication and hard work that a person shows towards his work.

Six figure salary can be earned with or without any professional qualification. Here is the list of both the way a person can earn a six figure salary.

Six Figure Salary Jobs Without a Degree:

Earning a six figure salary is a dream for which we all study very hard and try to get the best professional qualification from the best educational institutions. But for some, studies is not their cup of tea. Here is the list of certain jobs which can get you that dream salary.

1. Real Estate Broker:

To become a real estate agent, a person only needs to have a high school diploma and a license. A real estate broker needs to have god ability to deal with the customers and pursue them to buy that property. Although business of real estate agent is growing at a very high speed, but at the same time the competition is also increasing. By becoming a real estate agent a person can get a commission for every deal thus the salary easily touches a six figure.

2. Air Traffic Controller:

Becoming an air traffic controller is a very responsible job because it involves the life of several people travelling. To become an air traffic controller a person has to take many exams, appear for a screening test, appear for various examinations and take various classes as well. An air traffic controller earns around $1,50,000 to $ 2,00,000.

3. Small Business Owners:

Setting up a small business may take a long time to set up and to give profits to its owners. Any person with sufficient financial resources may set up a small business. Since, this is your own business, you can set your own rules. There is no set income for a small businessman, it can be profitable till a person is able to recover its cost.

4. Fire Chief:

A fire chief usually has a high school diploma, but as they spend time with the same training group can develop leadership qualities as well. Since, this job involves high risk taking and keeping away from their families and friends, this job pays its employees a six figure salary. The salary for this job may vary from $50,000 to $1,20,000.

5. Construction Manager:

If a person spends time on construction sites then he can become a construction manager. A lot of time needs to be spent on the construction site so that the person can gain enough knowledge. A construction manager must have complete knowledge about the policies of the company. He shall be available all the time in case of emergency or if there is any requirement.

6. Plumber:

To become a plumber no professional degree is required. A person can become a plumber with experience and knowledge about the business. Plumbers are always high in demand because of the growing construction business. A plumber charges around $150 for every visit they make. This means the salary of a plumber can easily touch a six figure.

7. Network or IT Manager:

An IT manager must keep himself updated with the technology and shall set up a business place with all the machines working without any disturbance. An IT manager has a job which has fixed duration and along with it there are job benefits also. An IT manager can earn easily a salary ranging from $50,000 to $1,20,000.

8. Hotel Executive Chef:

Any person who has a passion for cooking will find this job very interesting. This job requires ability to beat the stress levels along with it a person has to stay away from home for longer periods of time. An executive chef can earn around $1,00,000 every year.

9. Radiation Therapist:

A radiation therapist must have two year diploma course degree with them. Any person with a four year degree course has better job prospects. A Radiotherapist needs to treat the cancer patients through radiations. Their salary may vary in accordance with the nature of their work. A Radio Therapist may earn around $1,20,000 every year.

10. Court Reporter:

To be Court Reporter a person needs to take classes in transcription along with it, they have to pass certain background tests as well. A court reporter is one who is able to pay attention to the outside details of the court and can transcribe around 250 words per minute. They can easily earn around $30,000 to $1,05,000 every year.

11. Pilot:

This is one of the most glamorous jobs where a person can either work as a pilot for a private airline or cargo airline or a corporate pilot. A pilot can earn around $1,10,000 but the experience and the license of the pilot can make him earn twice the salary he gets.

12. Management Positions:

If a person has leadership skills and has the ability to influence people, then they are totally apt for the job. A HRM manager can earn easily a six figure salary. A bachelor’s degree is just sufficient to be in a management position.

Six Figure Salary with a Bachelors Degree:

After getting a bachelors degree the chances of getting a six figure salary are high. But, a bachelors degree alone cannot help a person he should also have special skills, capable of taking right decisions and valuable attributes.
An employer will pay a six figure salary only when a person acts valuable to the employer.
Here, is the list of certain jobs after getting a bachelors degree.

1. Software Engineer:

All those individuals who want to make their place in the growing world of business should get a degree in software engineer. Every business works on some or the other software, thus increasing the demand for software engineers. These professionals can either work for an organization or can practice individually. If a person holds a degree in software engineering then he can easily earn $1,00,000 annually.

2. Personal Financial Planner:

This is the area of work for those who are interested in the financial sectors. People these days are unable to take correct financial decisions. These financial advisors help people to secure their investments by taking correct decisions on their behalf. Market these days fluctuate too much for common people to understand it and increasing the demand for financial advisors. A financial advisor can easily earn around $1,00,000 to $1,50,000 annually.

3. Dentists:

Being a dentist is a respectable job. A dentist if popular in his area can easily earn a good salary. This business is more popular in cities or bigger places rather than in smaller areas as people in big cities are more keen to their teeth in good condition like getting teeth whitening or getting their teeth in correct shape. A dentist can earn around $1,00,000 to $ 1,50,000 per year.

4. Corporate Lawyer:

Job of a lawyer is very demanding and gives rewards to the lawyer. These days every business needs to have a lawyer to deal with the fluctuations of the business world. These days businesses have to face many problems related to advertising, partnership, business deals and the list are long. The salary of a lawyer is $1,5,000 and above.

5. Petroleum Engineer:

The use of petroleum is going to increase day by day so, this is the right job to meet the future requirements. This job requires designing equipment for various tests and evaluating and testing well and discovering new methods for extractions. The course requires a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. The annual salary for a petroleum engineer may vary from $1,20,000 to $1,30,000 annually.

Apart from the above listed jobs, there are certain other jobs which can get that six figure salary.

Unusual Jobs That Pay Six Figure Salary:

1. Become a hot dog vendor:

A hot dog vendor when supplies hot dog’s from a hygenic cart, he can get a lot of customers. There are vendors who pay higher tax for the place where they secure the place for their hot dog cart to stand. A hot dog vendor annually earns around $1,00,000 TO $1,20,000.

2. Fixing the elevators can get you that dream salary:

Mechanical engineers spend 4 years to get that professional degree and only design various equipments like elevators. But, apart from them there are those elevator engineers who fix those elevators and get a salary around $1,00,000 annually.

3. Opening a beauty salon:

People these days spend a good amount of money and time to enhance their beauty. Opening a beauty salon requires a little investment and a small duration course in beauty treatment. This business if settles well with the customers can get a good annual return.

4. Loading or unloading of cargo ships:

A lot of stuff these days is transported through sea route all over the world. To load these ships and to ensure their safety requires no proper educational qualification. A person involved in this business can get anything between $75,000 to $1,20,000 annually.

Ways to Earn a Six figure Salary:

To earn a six figure salary is the dream of every individual and then can claim himself to be successful in whatever he does. Here we are highlighting the ways through which an individual can get that dream salary.

1. Building strong desire:

The first and the most important requirement is that desire to have a six figure salary. If a person does not have a desire, then nobody can help him to get what they always have dreamt for them to achieve. It is the strongest thing which can force the person to chase his dream of life.

2. Putting in great efforts:

All those who want their dreams to come true, they have to put in a lot of efforts. There is absolutely no time for laziness and a person has to work really hard in the beginning to get their dream come true. There are no short cuts for hard work.

3. Getting more and more knowledge:

To succeed in any field, it is necessary to get as much knowledge as possible. The more the knowledgeable a person is, the easier the things become for him. Try to get a professional degree that will easily get that dream salary.

4. Become an optimist:

If a person has an optimistic view about everything, then he will definitely succeed because he knows how to survive irrespective of the prevailing conditions. A person with positive attitude can survive the harsh conditions of a business environment.

5. Enhance your personality:

People always love to deal with those who have a pleasing personality. Look confident, deal with people in a friendly manner and always appear as the most approachable person in the business scenario.

6. Be the best in whatever you do:

You may do whatever business you want to do, but you will succeed only when there is customer satisfaction. So try to satisfy the customers as it will not only create your monopoly, but at the same time will eliminate your competitors. Try to be the best in the field of your business.

So, from the above listed points you can get a fair idea of earning a six figure salary with or without a professional degree. But, to make your dream come true, hard work and dedication are the only thing which can help you.