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How to Earn a Seven Figure Salary: Awesome Guide


Dream for any American is to blossom for a seven figure salary. There are few people who can achieve and gain a seven figure salary quite easily while some people struggle to save a few bugs. The fact is that it has been a mystery till date about earning a seven figure salary.

An individual who has achieved the same, mentions that there are two principles to obtain a seven figure salary.

The first principle is getting to the road where the employer pays for what you’re capable for.

The second principle is that the seven figure earners putting them in the hands of another person.

Let’s glimpse through a few steps about how to earn a seven figure salary.

earn seven figure salary

What Does 6, 7 or 8 Figure Income Mean?

Any employee can gain a 7 figure job provided if he owns a business or works in for an MNC company at a very high post. 7 figure salary is nothing but having 7 digits in the income which the employee gets at the end of the month for the job done.

Working in bigger corporate companies not only pays you good but also provides several other perks and benefits. Now many people do not understand what actually is this 6 figure, 7 figure or 8 figure salary.

First of all the basic thing is to understand that 7 figure salary means having 7 digits in the salary. Similarly, 6 figure salary means having 6 digits and 8 figure having 8 digits.

The following example helps you get an idea clearly.

  1. 6 figure salary: Any amount like 100000. Now a 6 figure salary can range between 100kto 999k PA
  2. 7 figure salary: Any amount like 1000000. Now a 7 figure salary can range between $1 million to 9,999,999 PA
  3. 8 figure salary: Any amount like 10,000,000. Now an 8 figure salary can be more than the specified amount.

Seven Figure Salary Means:

The fact is that super-wealthy are also shielded from gender inequality. There are few official figures which open up that, men are 14 times higher who earn seven-figure salary than women. A seven-figure salary means the number of digits in the salary is seven.

An example of a seven-figure salary is $1,000,000 to $9,999,999. This is actually considered as a large salary with a specific range.

When an individual earns a seven figure salary then he stands above average American income. The fact is that when an individual picks the right career path, then it is quite easy to earn a seven figure salary.

How to Build a Seven Figure Income?

As per Shari Levitin, there are few truths that you need to know to be successful (Shari Levitin is a well-known sales strategist, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know). Some of the top 10 universal truths that help you build a seven figure income are.

  1. Success begins with the Growth Equation,
  2. Emotions help you take better Decision Making
  3. Freedom Lives in Structure
  4. In Business, No Never Means
  5. Trust begins with Empathy
  6. Integrity Matters
  7. Anything That Can Be Told Can Be Asked
  8. Emotional Commitment Precedes Economic Commitment
  9. Eliminating Resistance Takes Persistence
  10. Looking for Wrongs Never Makes You Right.

7 Figure Jobs without a Degree:

Many individuals aspire to get to college after school, but not everyone would do the same and head towards the university. They may have a number of issues such as lacking money, family issues, other responsibilities, and career choice can also turn away from college studies.

A recent report has mentioned that only about 27.5% of the American adult population possesses a four-year college degree. There are many individuals who have not attended college or obtained a degree but earn a seven figure salary.

There are a number of high-paying jobs in the United States which can be obtained without a college degree. Here are a few jobs that pay a seven figure salary without a college degree.

1. Small business owner:

Those who are ready to contribute will power, dedication, effort, and patience can choose to start their small business. One can educate themselves as they grow with their business. It is sure to take some time and is risky to develop a business that makes you comfortable.

Depending upon the comfort zone of the business, the working hours, rules can be created as per your choice. Expense control and decisions can be made in an appropriate manner. Here the profit may vary but can fetch you a seven figure salary without hassles.

This can be a tough task but can get you a good amount of salary. Dedication in business is the most important aspect which can help you gain a seven-digit salary.

2. Air traffic controller:

High pressure and high stress are what the air traffic controller is mentioned and predicted. This job does not require a degree but needs perfect decision-making skills, strong mental focus, and a tight lock memory.

There are a number of career paths for air traffic controllers; the candidates need to pass the training at the specific center. It can take a few months to complete and maybe a rigorous one.

3. Plumber:

When there is an association with technical schools and apprenticeship, then plumbers can earn a good amount. Though it may not be considered a glamorous job, it does pay well.

It can take some time to gain a fixed income, but when plumbers are fixed on a contractual basis to a big organization they can really earn seven-digit salaries.

4. Power plant operator:

Being a power plant operator can also be considered as one of the high paying seven-digit jobs too. BLS mentions that the job initially starts as an equipment operator and, later on, you would be provided on the job training by which you will be licensed by the nuclear regulatory commission.

In this way, you can easily move into a senior operator position. This is considered as one of the high-pressure jobs as the equipment directly has an impact on the reactor itself. This is one of the highly paid seven-digit salary jobs.

5. Real estate broker:

To accomplish property transactions, buyers and sellers are brought together by real estate brokers. They are considered different from real estate agents as they can have their own firms.

A college degree isn’t essential to becoming a real estate broker. The real estate agent’s license is necessary which can be obtained by a few hours of coursework. After three years in the industry and apt experience, the agents can obtain a license.

This is one kind of job which can fetch you a seven-digit salary.

6. Ultrasound Technologist:

Ones who operate machinery in health care which employs sound waves where images of patient’s internal tissues and organs are produced is called ultrasound technologist. Physicians make use of these images and analyze the case for any issues.

Diagnostic imaging centers or hospitals are the places where these professionals work. They interact with patients and doctors. A college degree isn’t required for this post but a two-year course is mandatory.

Once the course is completed, the individual needs to register with the American registry of diagnostic medical ultrasound technologists. This is one category of jobs that helps a candidate earn seven-digit salaries.

7. Fashion designer:

To become a fashion designer, one needs creativity and experience rather than a college degree. This job is geographically focused and helps the individual to succeed.

Employers grab candidates who have in-depth knowledge of fabrics, latest fashion trends, and ornamentation.

Low job market growth and low turnover can be a hindrance for this profession. When the trends are high, fashion designer associated with a high entity can gain seven-digit salaries.

Jobs that Pay 7 Figure Salary a Year:

$1,000,000 is an important position, prestige, status and enhanced level of skills. There are many people who think that seven-digit salaries are tough to obtain.

There are a number of job roles, where an individual can earn seven-digit salaries per year. The median household income in the United States has enhanced in the past two years.

The Sentier Research has also mentioned that the American’s salary range has enhanced and they earn seven-digit salaries per year.

Here are a few jobs that pay seven-digit salaries per year.

1. Medicine:

One of the stable and lucrative career options in the world is the medical field. This field has some of the best-paid professionals which include gynecologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, physicians, obstetrician and more in the same field.

Payscale website mentions that surgeons receive an annual income of more than seven digits as salary.

2. Professional sports:

Another best-paid career option is the professional sports field. This is a professional field where the player is paid according to the performance.

Mass media, enhanced innovation in the technological field, and elevated relaxation have gathered more audiences and in the same manner, the professional athletes, as well as sports organizations, are elevating their incomes. Professional athletes obtain in millions for each game.

In this particular field, even the players at the bottom of the pay scale earn nearly a seven-digit salary.

3. Entertainment industry:

Artists, writers, technicians and other performers in the entertainment industry are also ones who obtain seven-digit salaries per year. Actors, directors, and singers are ones who earn millions annually.

There are many actors and actresses in the world who are paid very high pay in their profession.

4. Technology:

Professionals, who possess innovative juices to develop software, as well as hardware applications, are another category of people who earn more than seven digits per year.

Their ideas and designs are the markets which fetch them big money in their professional field. It is said that software developers earn millions when they sell their ideas to some of the top companies in the field.

A simple example is that software designers who designed Instagram earned about $400 million.

5. Finance sector:

There are a number of well-paid opportunities in the finance sector. The salary obtained is satisfying and wealth which is seven digits and more per year.

Even during recession and business closing periods, employees in the financial sectors were paid well and were happy.

Banking and finance sector careers are few evergreen sectors in the future. Some seven-digit receiving job roles are financial advisors, credit analyst and CEO’s.

Ways to Generate a 7 Figure Income:

Any individual has the capability to generate a seven-digit income. To achieve this one needs to know his goals, his strengths, formulate plans and make ways for the plan to work. There needs a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve the same.

There are a number of ways and career paths which can assist an individual to earn seven-digit salaries. Some ways to generate a 7 figure income are.

1. Having multiple sources of income:

In order to achieve your goal to earn a seven-digit salary, the individual should just not rely on one source of income. So it is suggested to have multiple sources of income in order to generate a 7 figure income.

2. Holding hands with media:

Media is considered as one of the most powerful tools these days. Media is one source which can help you spread your product to millions of viewers. Getting into any type of publicity is one way to get generating a 7 figure income.

3. Online-contents:

Opting to work online is another way to generate a 7 figure income. Website content can be a great way to earn income where one can choose their desired ones to develop extraordinary ones.

In the same manner, having a domain name and having your own website can be another way.

4. Creating a product:

Creating a product and selling it online is also a way by which high income can be earned. It is a period where people shop online for every product and hence if your product is useful and found online, you can earn good income which can lead to seven digits.

5. Being a spokesperson:

If you’re handling any business and an expert in your field, depending on your expertise you can really be a spokesperson in the field.

A small example is that Clifford who is a CEO, CSP, and president of Christine Clifford enterprise was a breast cancer survivor. She came to know that the health east care system was an inaugurating cancer center. She was the one who was asked to be the spokesperson. Once she inaugurated that, she was the one who made 300 appearances from then on.

In this way any business you run, you can be a spokesperson and conduct seminars of the same.


Surely in everybody’s life there comes a time when we wish to become a millionaire or billionaire, but not everybody does the hard work to reach that position.

Later on with our regular routine, we settle down with a small business or end up with a job. As per experts’ knowledge, doing business is one of the ways of earning a 7 figure income in a short period of time.

Here are a few success habits that you need to possess how to earn a 7 figure income.

  1. Workings on your basics
  2. Be always around like-minded people
  3. Make it simple
  4. Being consistent
  5. Make intentional decisions
  6. Work on your money blocks
  7. Ask yourself? Why not me?

These are a few ways by which seven-digit incomes can be earned; the same seven-digit income can be earned by individuals who do not possess a college degree. Individuals should also know that there are a number of ways by which 7 digit income can be obtained.

Hard work, dedication, and smart working ways are required in order to obtain a stable income.

The above mentioned are a few ways which can help you achieve your goal. Individuals who have the intention to earn 7 digit incomes but are muddled to move the right path can run through these tips.

In the same way, the latest assistance such as the internet can be one way which can help you succeed in your business. Run through other sources also and get to know more careers that pay seven-digit salaries and help you win in life.