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Hiring Solutions – How to Recruit Employees Effectively?


What is Recruitment Process?

Recruitment is a process of analyzing the job requirements, attracting, screening and hiring applicants, and then appointing the new employee to the organization

An organization or small company hires candidates who are suited to their job description so that they execute the task assigned effectively.

To execute the work properly, the employer employs specific methods of hiring candidates. This process of hiring is termed as recruitment.

Hiring SolutionsIn short, recruitment involves a firsthand view of the candidatures profiles with a description of their experience on prescribed formats or on paper which is normally said to be curriculum vitae or resume.

26 Best Recruiting Strategies:

Here we have enlisted a few top employee recruitment strategies. They are

  1. Deal with candidates as customers
  2. Understand the cost/benefit of every hire.
  3. Use social recruiting process
  4. Recruit freelancers when required, not full-timers.
  5. Hire candidates for the long term.
  6. Choosing passive candidates is a good step.
  7. Attract millennial through a teaching culture
  8. Have an office space that attracts candidates.
  9. Grace though your talent pool with drip emails.
  10. Optimize your hiring time by utilizing the available data.
  11. Plan to attract the best cultural fits.
  12. Try inbound recruiting
  13. Hiding the pain points in your job posts.
  14. Using similar niche job boards.
  15. Try employee poaching in a proper way
  16. Make use of videos in a few stages of the recruiting process.
  17. Introduce mobile friendly application process.
  18. Make use of a non-working day for hiring
  19. Make use of employee referrals.
  20. Use content marketing for branding your organization
  21. Developing a talent pipeline
  22. Training interviewers for using latest techniques.
  23. Make use of college placements if looking for freshers
  24. Connect with your past employees
  25. Profile your best employees.
  26. Publish your job post on sites to attract more candidates

How to Recruit Best Employees?

Recruiting and hiring top-quality employees is a tough job but here we have mentioned few top recruitment tips for recruiters to select the best employees.

  • Prepare definite job description
  • Develop a success profile
  • Detail the position and key qualification required to avoid unqualified candidates
  • Publish your job posts on prominent job boards and sites
  • Make use of social media networks for hiring
  • Prepare few phone screening questions
  • Look for the best resume out of the many, you receive
  • Screen applicants through phone
  • Use an assessment tool for cross-checking their skill and talents
  • Schedule the candidate f2f interview
  • Screen and hire the candidate
  • Make a detailed background check about the applicant
  • Make the job offer to the candidate

If This Isn’t How You Recruit, You’re Doing It Wrong:

Many organizations struggle to hire candidates who suit their job vacancy and also their work culture.

In this era where unemployment is high, finding the best candidate looks like a herculean task.

Here are a few best ways any small business can use to hire employees as per their requirement.

  • Don’t only focus on job boards
  • Emphasis more on social media networks
  • Make the applying procedure easy
  • Follow up is a necessary step
  • Maintain relationship with the candidates

Method of Recruitment:

Normally companies follow their own methodology of the recruitment process. But every company need to keep certain factors in mind before embarking on the process.

Here is how it goes,

  1. The needs and goals of the company are identified and transferred to individual job descriptions.
  2. The need for the company is converted to the number of staff is required to execute the assignment properly.
  3. The goals of the company are also broken down into simplified form so that it is easily absorbed into individual job descriptions.
  4. Each type of work is budgeted according to the hours of input for the task.
  5. Based on the job description, the company plans out where they prefer to hire or recruit.
  6. It also would give details of how the process should be conducted.
  7. The document also includes methods of accommodating any sudden changes to the process.
  8. Finally, it would also include the method of evaluating the method employed to verify if the method is working out.

It is imperative that whoever is involved in the process need to be aware of the company strategy and follow them through. After all, selecting the right candidates is based on the company requirement.

Why is it required?

Without a plan, it would be difficult to recruit or hire the right candidate for the company. Hence by knowing the planned structure, it is easier to get to the talented and experienced person. There are many benefits of having a plan of which some are given,

  1. It helps to be proactive in approaching the recruitment process so that it allows the recruitment members to know what they need and how to approach.
  2. It gives time for them to prepare and allows them to get prepared for the event.
  3. By doing so, they have the opportunity of listing out and selecting the right candidate for the job to avoid desperate searches when someone quits.
  4. Moreover, if there is a need for a company to hire people for a sudden upcoming event or to complement a surge in production, the listed file is ready to give employment well ahead.
  5. It allows the company to know where to find the right candidates and which method is the best one.
  6. By such methods employed, it gives an appealing strategy that attracts many talents.
  7. Last but not least, it lays down procedures and methods to be utilized to streamline the recruitment process avoiding any issues.

Best Hiring Solutions to Recruit Employees:

You may be experiencing new candidates with good expertise walk into the door and leave their CV behind. Such candidates are probably working in another firm but looking out for better opportunities.

So, How to get them?

For this, you have to make improvements in your methods to get to the right person and probably a list of talented candidates.

Let us review some of them.

1. Develop relations:

To get the right candidates, you would need to establish proper relations with recruiters, university placement centers, recruitment agencies. This helps you as a company to know the talents and experienced candidates as every year thousands are graduating.

Hence by establishing good proper relations with such firms, you would be able to pool in the best candidates.

2. Participate:

You should arrange for your staff to participate in workshops, conferences and industry-related professional association meetings to meet likely candidates for the company.

Most of the time many experienced candidates participate in such professional associations to keep themselves updated or if they are interested in establishing links.

3. Lookout:

Nowadays there are many online job portals and best places that allow candidates to upload their resume.

By googling through you could pick up good resumes and lure them in. After all, every candidate is always on the lookout for better opportunities even if they have a job.

4. Advertising:

You may be aware that recruitment process is initiated through advertisements. Hence, get the right papers or magazines to advertise.

But for professional candidates, it’s better to make use of scientific magazines and websites of professional associations.

5. Try out social media:

With today’s technology advancement, people have learned to keep themselves updated not only for professionalism but also to get connected with same profession counterparts. Such is the case of LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

6. Select appropriate:

When selecting the candidate, it’s better to select the appropriate candidate who has already experienced working in the same style in the same type of industry with a similar culture. You could avoid spending on training needs.

7. Maintain a reputation:

To be at the forefront of recruiting, it is better to be perceived as the best company.

It all depends on how you retain, train staff, reward the best, recognize each work, promote, allow work-family balance, and involve with people working.

8. Seek assistance:

Though the recruitment process is part of the human resources section, it would be advisable to involve the concerned section to be also part of the process.

You could allow their participation as well as get the person who would fit the gap properly and stay committed. The process may include a recommendation, review of qualifications and also be a part of the interview process.

9. Pay appropriately:

When hiring the right candidates, it is best to offer the best package to retain them as well.

You may think to offer a lower pay scale and if the candidate is ready to accept, it is because he/she had to accept due to many personal reasons.

But don’t surprise if a candidate would jump to another firm that offers better than you. Review what is the market trend and offer a better package.

10. Provide benefits:

When you say benefits, it does not merely indicate paychecks. It could include medical insurances and retirement plans.

There are other benefits like being flexible, showing interest in them, and taking care of their needs so that they can balance their work with life. Indicate to the probable candidate to lure him to the organization.

11. Reward schemes:

Some companies have reward schemes for every achievement. If you don’t have, then try to implement with present employees and see the performance of their work.

Achievements or monthly targets are linked to bonuses that trigger working cadre outperform. It would be better to indicate such schemes to likely candidates while making the selection so that they are aware. It promotes your company’s image.

12. Properly evaluate:

Before making the selection, you would need to evaluate every candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Hiring people who don’t need training is better than who need training.

13. Create section:

Another best way to recruit is to have a separate section for employment opportunities where candidates can address their queries and upload their resume. This way you would attract likely candidates as well.

14. Verify references:

As part of the society that indulges in faking data, you need to take extra care while verifying the authenticity of the candidate’s qualifications. Moreover, you would need to do background work to ensure that candidates who are joining do not have bad records.

15. Maintain contact:

Though you have made a selection, other likely candidates would similarly fit into the position. If you create a rapport with such candidates, in case of vacancy, you could easily contact them.

16. Create Publicity:

To gain more candidates for making the selection of the right profile, creating publicity through various media like papers, magazines, internet, radio channels bring in potential people. You would need to portray the mission of the company to gain more exposure

17. Select effectively:

You need to maintain a system of evaluating the skill set of candidates so that you do not miss out on ideal candidates. Sometimes, the process overlooks the main skill that is required as the performance of the hire in their previous firm is ignored. In due course, you would be eliminating the ideal candidate

18. Re-define the questionnaire:

There may be a set of pattern questions that the hiring process would include. Probably these questions are not required for that particular job description. Instead of sticking to the regular one, you could make amendments to the set of questions or modify for those that would have a different set of questions suited for the job. This would enhance the selection of the right person.

19. Apply analytics:

Applying analytics to the data collected will give you better results in candidate selection and also enhance the process.

It also allows the company to know which skill was more dominating and best analyzed. Hence, analyzing the skills of the potential candidates is another way to make an effective selection.

20. Analyze method:

You need to make note of the budget spent on the recruitment process as setting up recruiting firms or involving agencies may take a toll of your budget.

Common Hiring Mistakes:

Frankly speaking, there is no specific method for a perfect recruitment process.

As every business sector is different, the recruitment methods or strategies also differ. But there are few obstacles or mistakes which most of the recruiters make.

Now let us look at a few top recruiting mistakes to avoid.

  1. Having no proper job description
  2. Prevent internal hiring
  3. Relying only on the interview
  4. Showing unfairness in recruitment
  5. Speeding up the hiring process
  6. Expecting a lot from candidates or applicants

For more detailed information, you can refer to this article on hiring mistakes you must avoid

You may need to avoid such a process that eats up half your budget. Like for instance sending your team to recruiting agencies while there could be simple hiring companies near your area or references from currently employed. Find out which is a cost-effective method and utilize those methods.