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Why you Should Write Every Day: Benefits and Reasons


There are some situations in common daily life when a person thinks about all those memories they spent with their loved ones. Some people believe in writing this down on some books so that they can relive that time and moment at any time of their life. In some psychological research, it is proved that writing something or anything with their hands can make them closer to their inner feeling which can help them strong enough to face unnatural elements of the world. Following mentioned are few benefits and reasons that why you should write every day.

why you should write every day

10 Reasons to Write Every Day:

Let’s start with children, basically they study well hours and hours and prepare themselves with a lot of stuff before attending the exams but they fail to execute it in exams. But having a mock test daily and writing daily will improve their written skills. Some other reasons can be

1. Decreases stress:

When it comes to adults, every day you should write something, this helps you to represent your ideas and thoughts. Sometimes we are not clearly aware of what is our strategy to reach a particular goal. Firstly, start writing whatever you have in mind, then rearrange and think what steps to be followed. This will surely give you self confidence and heaps of strength to face the challenge

2. Keeps your writing sharp:

If you have an idea about writing a book/novel or article. You should thoroughly focus on writing. Daily writing will help you to improve your vocabulary. Mostly beginners find it tough to write by hand, but slowly they will not feel lost in finding new words, they keep updating and find themselves improved in their writing skills.

3. A companion:

Some people do not talk to anyone in person, they feel lonely, lost in their own world. This will lead to depression and makes you uncomfortable. So it is a better idea to share your feelings by writing, write a message to your friend or write an email to the person to whom you want to communicate your idea, this makes you feel relaxed and enhances your mind with fresh thoughts and flushes the negative thoughts that you have in mind. It will help you to stand confidently in the society

4. Writing sweeps imagination:

Everyone has their own personal thoughts, personal feelings and a story to tell about themselves. When you write every day in your personal dairy it helps you to know what you are and you can just turn the pages and walking in with your memories, the past incidents and this lets you know your capabilities, strengths and weakness

5. Professional approach:

You also need to write every day, in a company written communication is considered as a formal communication. Written communication is the best way to inform employees of when hiring. Writing every day may improve your written skills. Importantly, the communication with superiors should be in a standard way. So writing daily improves your standards. Practicing daily makes your work faster, you can type and write in a smarter and better way. On the other hand, you can be an active member of your team.

6. Source of income:

You can also make money out of writing. If you keep writing daily, you can work as a writer or a content writer. It gives you knowledge about new words and new content. You can also help your friends projects and articles. You can grab a lot more opportunities only when your format and diction is good. Nowadays in social media, films, music, study centers writing skills are required. So there are plenty chances to utilize.

7. Keeps away from noise:

Writing by hand can create such an inner peace around oneself that a person starts feeling better by writing something about what he/she is experiencing at that moment. This kind of experiences improves some kind of connectivity within a person’s mind and soul. Therefore, it is always better to start writing by hand instead of clicking it on some digital devices.

8. Improves communication skills:

There is some kind of people who like to communicate less, but as a solution for that, they can start communicating their feelings by sharing or writing on a piece of paper. This kind of efforts can let him/her share their interests and thinking with others. Therefore, it is not necessary that a person should communicate with other verbally. In fact, he/she can communicate better through their writing skills.

9. Analytical skills:

Writing by hand improves a person’s analytical skills. These analytical skills help a person improve his / her analyzing ability. These analyzing abilities create an environment for creative writing which brings some kind of soul into that particular article or book or novel. And ultimately brings a positive connection between mind and soul. Therefore, it is better to write by hand instead of using alternative sources.

10. No technological support:

As mentioned earlier, writing by hand helps a person improve his / her creative intelligence. And writing on laptops can be considered as a writing which mobilizes the intelligence of that particular computer which is virtual. Therefore, writing by hand makes a person independent, instead of depending on an alternative source of technology. And finally, it creates analytical skill beneficial for the overall growth of the human mind.

7 Benefits of Writing by Hand:

1. Improves handwriting:

Firstly, your handwriting improves. For a good and great looking handwriting, keep practising daily this will help students to score well in their subjects. Good handwriting represents the nature of a person.

2. Creators of thoughts:

Writing on a paper gives you creative thoughts, instead of typing. You can make your ideas on a paper and show it to the world as a creative element. This kind of efforts can be appreciated if a person starts writing on his / her own.

3. Better for learning:

For a student just reading the chapters and analyzing is little complicated. When they put on paper by writing by hand, this will make them memorize and will help them to improve their skills and it will be easy to by heart it. Start with letters daily, when you type this will not connect to what you study, only writing helps you to connect with what you study and write. These are the fundamentals to be taught to kids. Even when you grew old you will not forget your basics of writing by hand.

4. Creativity:

Your creativity increases by writing by hand rather than typing something on a keyboard since it is a slow process. Writing by hand gives peace of mind. It makes you feel relaxed and put all your feelings on paper.

5. Improves professionalism:

When you have to submit a project. Your writing and presentation is the first and foremost thing considered. You put all your efforts and construct a project. If you failed in this presentation, then you may lead to score low. So handwriting skill is must and should. When you write an essay along with content, your handwriting is considered. Choose a good pen and put your creative thoughts on paper and share your ideas.

6. Increases mind functioning:

Also in the courts, they write by hand. It is a formal communication. This decides the result, so writing plays a key role. Writing by hand gives peace of mind. It makes you feel relaxed and put all your feelings on paper. It sweeps your negative thoughts

7. Creates an employment option:

In every interview, there will be a written test. So whatever answers you write with your hands allows you to score the maximum marks. When a writer starts a story he prefers writing by hand it gives him an idea to explore each and every situation and it makes readers delightful when they read. Also, when a lyric writer starts writing for a song he prefers to write by hand as he can communicate each of his lyrics very clearly in his local language so that a singer pronounces it clearly when she sings


To end this discussion, we would suggest everyone to start writing by hand because it helps the overall development of the human mind. There are some of the benefits of writing by hand and they are such as companies signature proof of an employee which is the ID of an employee. So handwriting also plays a key role. If your handwriting in a bank check or draft does not match it will be bounced, so here also handwriting plays a key role. If you print something and study one may not remember well but if you write and study that memory stands forever. Therefore, whenever a person thinks of writing something instead of writing on a laptop or computer, one can use their hands to share their feeling on a piece of paper.