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17 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself and Become Confident


Self improvement is something which we all should not shy away from. In this day and age there is so much stiff competition all around and if you do not push yourself and constantly try to better yourself then in this rat race called life, slowly but surely you will be left behind. Given here is a list of some of the practical ways in which you can improve yourself.

practical ways to improve yourselfSimple and Practical Ways to Improve Yourself Everyday:

1. Constantly have a positive attitude towards life:

A simple way in which you can improve yourself is by having a positive attitude to life rather than being a pessimist and not appreciating anything that comes your way. If you have a positive attitude to the work which you are doing, then chances are that you will yield better results. Companies are always on the lookout for those individuals who have a positive attitude as such people are always up for any challenge that happens to come their way, as opposed to this people with negative attitudes are always sitting on the fence about things and are constantly skeptical.

2. Respect and be kind to yourself:

It is a universally known fact that in order to gain respect you have to give respect as well. Yet more important than giving respect to others, is respecting yourself. The best way to gauge how it is that you treat yourself is by thinking of things in this way, that if you had a friend who spoke to you in the manner in which you speak to yourself, how long would you both have been able to be friends? So you should constantly try to build yourself up, rather than feeding your insecurities and living in self doubt and denial.

3. Accept that the problems which come your way will help you grow:

Rather than cursing your luck and thinking that God has only given you problems, you should embrace the fact that everyone has their own share of crosses to bear and that the problems which you face will help you go on to become a stronger and smarter individual. In addition to becoming stronger, a person who has seen many problems in life, often goes on to an extremely compassionate individual who is acutely sensitive to the needs of other people as well. So you ought to accept problems as an integral part of life, without which you will never be able to grow or mature.

4. Making the best possible use of the resources at your disposal:

It is needless to say that in life, not all of us have been blessed with the same number of chances and opportunities, yet in order to make something of our self and succeed in life, it is of paramount importance that we learn to make the most of what we have as well as the resources which we have been given. It has often been seen that even those people who came from extremely humble back grounds were able to make it big in life, simply owing to the fact that they accepted any and everything that came their way and they constantly worked hard.

5. Help others in their time of need to the best of your ability:

One of the best practical ways in order to improve yourself as a human being is by helping other individuals in their time of need. As it has often been noticed, when you are well to do and have no worries then you will have a number of friends. But the moment things get rough and you have nowhere to turn to, then your so called friends have no qualms about abandoning you. The quality of being sensitive to the needs of others is a quality which you should develop in yourself. However you should never do charity with the ulterior motive of getting something in return.

6. Concentrate your efforts on small things:

Biting off more than we can chew is a problem which many of us have, rather we should focus our energy on smaller things, where we will be able to do justice to the task which we have undertaken. What you must remember that at the end of the day, no one bothers about quantity, it is all about quality. So even if you opt to do one thing, ensure that you give it your all and do not leave any stone unturned. If you do not give your one hundred percent at all costs and under all circumstances then you will never be able to improve yourself or survive in the corporate world.

7. Ask questions and express your doubts:

As we grow up into mature individuals, most of us lose our curious bend of mind, we stop asking questions, because we believe that others might perceive us to be silly or lacking in understanding. However when you hold back your questions and not air your doubts you are doing nothing but holding yourself back. What you should remember is that when you ask questions you do not show your weakness, rather on the contrary when you ask questions you are not only improving your own knowledge but you are showing the world that you have a quick analytical mind.

8. Have a distinct action plan and goal in mind:

You will never be able to improve yourself if you are someone who never does things in an organized as well as methodical manner. One of the most effective practical ways of improving yourself is by having a distinct plan of action and doing things in a clear as well as concise manner. You could plan ahead for the next day or you could even make a five year plan so that at no point in time are you unaware of what it is that you are working towards.

9. Try and master a new skill every week:

One of the most effective practical ways of improving yourself is by finding a skill which you are interested in and trying to master it over a particular period of time. This skill could be anything and it is not necessary that it has to be related to your field of work also. So rather than wasting your time browsing the net or watching the television you can always improve yourself by trying your hand at some kind of skill, whether it is origami, stitching, pottery, singing, dancing, sketching or even painting. It will be a great way to distress yourself as well.

10. Stop wasting time and procrastinating:

Something regressive which almost all of us indulge in is procrastination. You will never be able to improve yourself in any way if you constantly waste your time instead of doing something productive. No matter what your age or how educated you are, you can always try your hand at something new and try your level best in order to improve yourself. Rather than whiling away your time playing video games you could watch some educational and interesting videos on YouTube.

11. Live by the motto of ‘forgive and forget’:

All of us choose to live our lives according to different mottos and standards. One of the best ways to improve yourself as a human being would be to live by the motto of ‘forgive and forget’. When you never let things go then you become a closed individual who is constantly being bowed down by negative thoughts and feeling, yet once you learn to let things go then you will feel alive, rejuvenated and even liberated. Doing this will certainly not come easy at first, but over time hopefully things become easier.

12. Constantly strive for perfection not mediocrity:

In today’s business world, being mediocre and ordinary is not something desirable at all. You can only improve yourself if you are someone who is willing to strive for perfection at all times and under all circumstances. If you are someone who constantly makes excuses and tries to pass the buck on to someone else, you will forever remain stagnated and you will never be able to move ahead in life. Stagnation as well as monotony are two things which could lead to depression.

13. Know that something positive comes out of failure as well:

As we grow up we realize that life is neither a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns, life is made up of a bit of everything, proud moments, happy moments, sad moments as well as moments of sheer disappoint. Being open and receptive to anything that might come your way is one of the best ways in which you can improve yourself. After all, there is the common saying ‘failure is the stepping stone towards success’. So going with the flow and accepting things as they come is something that will help you in the long run.

14. Spend some quiet time alone with yourself:

If you are self aware and know exactly where your skills as well as your faults and failings lie, then nothing that other people tell you can tear you down at any point in time. A great practical way in order to improve yourself would be to spend some quiet moments in meditation, collecting your thoughts and thinking of ways in which you could improve yourself and become more pro active.

15. Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life:

As we gain maturity, most of us only chase after material things and forget the smaller things in life. One practical way in order to improve yourself would be to change your mindset and learn to look at the bigger picture. If you constantly chase after money and fame in time to come, you might regret doing this as later on you will realize that these things are passing pleasures and what is more important is to build memories with your loved ones and to gain experiences by travelling and exploring your surroundings.

16. Learn to face your fears:

If you constantly shy away from facing your fears then you will never be able to improve yourself. When you face your fears not only do you feel incredibly liberated but you also broaden your horizons. This will help to make you a better and broad minded individual as well.

17. Read good quality books and watch good movies:

We are living in a technological age and in order to improve ourselves we should watch good movies from which we can learn a thing or two. In addition to this, good books contain a wealth of knowledge and the more you read the better you will able to express yourself as well as the better will your vocabulary be. So you can think of downloading an e-book on your phone or even getting a membership to a library close to your house.

So these are some of the simple things which you can do in order to improve yourself. Start out by tying out only a few things but as you proceed you can try your hand at more and more things. Just remember that none of us were born perfect, but in order to survive, perfection is something which we need to strive after.