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How to Train your Brain to Focus and think Faster?


Given the present economic condition and the dearth of jobs in the corporate world, in order to be employed at a top company it is important that you ensure that you have not only the credentials as well as qualifications for the job, but also that you are someone who has the ability to focus and think fast.

No one wants an employee who is slow and ineffectual when it comes to carrying out even a single task. If you know that this is an area in which you are lagging behind then there are a number of things which you can do like to train your brain, to stay focused as well as even become a quick thinker.

train your brain to focusHow to Train your Brain?

There are many individuals who are born creative and need not try hard to think out of the box and come up with brilliant ideas. Yet, on the other hand there are also those people who instead of being creative are much more calculating as well as analytical.

If you are someone who wants to train your brain to be more creative so that you too can move ahead in your career by coming up with brilliant ideas, then all you have to do is try out these simple things which will really help you to achieve what you want.

Unless you put in effort and make a conscious effort to improve yourself you will never be able to get ahead in life.The following  mentioned are few tips on how to think faster and how to train your brain to focus and develop creative ideas.

1. Watch some quality programs on the television or computer:

Instead of spending an endless number of hours browsing through various social media sites, it would do you a world of good if you watched some quality programs on the computer or even on the television.

When you watch quality programs, then automatically you will also be inspired to think in a creative manner along those lines and come up with novel ideas of your very own. These things you see will plant ideas in your mind and encourage you to get up and do something on your own. It is important to remember that wasting time is never going to get you anywhere.

2. Reading some good fictional books is a good idea:

It has often been noticed that those people who spend hours reading and immersed in a book are the ones who are not only able to express themselves well but are also able to think in a creative manner and come up with some really unique ideas.

Books have a wealth of knowledge to give us and also are so inexpensive and do not require any electricity to run; you can read them at any point in time even while commuting to work. Nowadays there are also many tech savvy people who prefer reading on their tablets.

3. Interact with people who are bold as well as creative:

The kind of people who you interact with has a huge effect on the kind of person which you are. If you are someone who wants to train your brain to think in a creative manner then it would benefit you greatly to interact with people who are not merely creative, but are also bold enough to express their unique ideas as well as voice their opinions.

Their company will be so intellectually stimulating, that soon you too will be able to think along those creative lines and come up with some ground breaking as well as revolutionary ideas which could really help you to get ahead in life.

4. Ensure that you always write down your ideas as they come to you:

Writing down your ideas has a dual purpose, firstly, it obviously ensures that you do not forget the idea which has come to you and second and more importantly is that it encourages you to come up with even more ideas in the future. You must keep encouraging yourself to think along these creative lines.

Initially you might try and make a deliberate effort to think along those lines but as you train your brain in this fashion you will be able to come up with creative ideas without any special effort at all. You should keep trying to push yourself, towards achieving your goal.

5. You should not be so stressed out all the time, learn to relax:

In this rat race called life, everyone is striving to move ahead and no one pays any attention to whether they are trampling over the next person in their attempt to get on in life. If you want to train your brain to think along creative lines, then it is important that you learn how to relax and take a break.

If you are constantly flustered and trying to get things done, then you will never be able to focus your mind and coming up with good ideas. Ideas and inspiration will come to you only when you allow your mind to come up with something new and if you never quiet down, then how can your brain even function?

6. Do not limit yourself and your mind in any way at all:

If you have the earnest desire to train your creative mind then you must ensure that you do not go out of your way to try and limit yourself or your mind in any way at all. You must be open as well as receptive to all that is happening around you, rather than trying to only focus upon one or two things.

Being creative means that you are sensitive to the world around you and those things which others genuinely miss out on are the things which are instantly able to catch your eye and leave a lasting impression on your mind and are able to inspire you. Limiting yourself will never get you anywhere.

7. Spend some moments in quiet contemplation with yourself:

Meditation is something that has multiple benefits and is really able to help people to gather their thoughts and even come up with good ideas. If you wish to train your brain to think in a creative manner then it is important that you take some time out from your busy schedule to meditate and come up with ideas which are unique.

When you spend time along with yourself then not only do you get to know the world around you better but you are also able to get a better understanding of yourself. If you are someone who lacks self awareness then you cannot train your mind to do anything.

8. Listening to good music will have a positive effect on you:

Music is something which has scientifically been proven to enhance our quick thinking. So if you are trying to train your brain to think along creative lines, then listening to some quality music is sure to help you in your endeavor.

Music is something that has a soothing as well as calming effect on our nerves and is really able to put us at ease. So listen to any music which you like listening to and which makes you happy and you will then understand how something as simple as music can go a long way to help you to train your mind to think in a creative manner.

9. Ensure that you constantly practice in order to become perfect:

All of us are familiar with the common saying ‘practice makes perfect’ so if you constantly practice and try your best to train your brain to be creative there is nothing which you cannot achieve. No matter what hurdles you happen to come across in life, you should continue to press on and be persevering enough to finish every task that is entrusted to you.

This having been stated you should ensure that you do not let the fear of failure keep you from trying your hand at something new. Taking risks is something that makes life interesting. Be prepared for the fact that sometimes risks pay off and sometimes they don’t.

10. Exercising is something that will help you immensely:

Physical activity in the form of exercise can really help you to get in touch with your inner self. Exercising is an activity which has manifold benefits, but one of its chief benefits is that it helps you to loosen up. In addition to exercising, if dancing is something which you love doing then that too can really help you unleash.

There are many people across the globe that opt for doing exercise and dance not merely because they are health conscious but also because they want to try and unleash the creativity that lies hidden and buried deep within them. Indulging in these physical activities for even half an hour can do you a world of good.

11. Do as many puzzles as you can in the course of a day:

There are many people across the globe who do puzzles because they simply like doing them, but at the same time there are those individuals who do puzzles because they are well aware of the fact that doing puzzles is something that can really help you to think in a creative manner and keep your mind active and attentive even when you are no longer young. So do not shy away from picking up a puzzle or a brain teaser during your break as it is a form of mind exercise. .

12. Do not rely on drugs or alcohol to bring out the best in you:

There are many people who have the misconception that in order to think in a creative manner, you need to have an addiction like drugs or alcohol, yet this is something that is absolutely false.

You need not make use of any addiction like this all you have to do is get in touch with your inner self by spending some quality time alone with yourself. Do not think yourself to be so weak, that you need to make use of external agents like drugs.

Which Side of the Brain is Creative?

The brain of the human body is the central organ of the nervous system which is protected by the skull and located in our head. Accounting for 2% of our total body weight, the brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere.

The Corpus Callosum of the brain is a thick layer of nerve fibers that performs the task of connecting the brain cells on one hemisphere to the other. Each brain hemisphere has its own specialization and the right hemisphere functions allows you to be creative.

Creative Part of the Brain:

The human brain can be divided as two and the parts of brain can be named as left brain and right brain. As mentioned above, the right side of the brain is the creative side of the brain which in addition to having control over the left side of the body is responsible for rhythm, dimension, day dreaming, imagination, holistic awareness as well as spatial awareness.

The left side of the brain on the other hand, exercises control over the right side of the body. It is this part of the brain which helps us logically reason out things and helps us in the analysis of words, numbers, lists as well as linearity.

Finally :

It is important to note that if you want to improve yourself and help your brain develop even further there are plenty of things which you can do. You must remember that no one is perfect and it is only those that try to better themselves with time are the ones that are successfully able to get ahead in life. So rather than sitting in a narrow chair and waiting for good things to happen to you it is better that you take matters into your own hands and try to get things done on your own. Companies always want employees who are creative thinking as well as individuals that dare to dream big.