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How to Set and Achieve Career and Personal Goals: 16 Tips


No mind is a straight one. Everybody gets confused or panic when they can’t decide on certain things like what to do in life?, when to start my new plan? etc.

Many people have many goals but they don’t have any way to sort them according to their wish or priority. This not only creates chaos in their mind but also in their lives. Not having a properly planned life will backfire one day.

It is very important to set a goal and work according to it. This will not only ensure a better and safe future but also will also help you to keep your mind straight, as less the confusion, lessen the stress on your mind. So by following these steps one can solve the problems on their own but in a much better and planned way.

Career and Personal Goals

Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals:

1. What you want:

First and the most foremost thing is to decide what you actually want. There must me many things one will be interested in for your career or maybe you are interested in none. There will be many of these cases, but you should decide on what you want to do at least. Try and discover your hobby and your liking. Find out which kind of jobs one can do using those hobbies and talent of his.

Many jobs are there for a particular talent, just find the one suitable. We should follow our heart. We should go for something which is best with respect to our talent. What other thinks is also important but also believe in yourself and in your talents. The best way to do that is to nurture yourself and always be confident about your true decision.

2. Set goals:

The second thing to do is to set your goal. If the goal is too long to obtain, cut it out in sub-goals or short-term goals. Fix a specific date or time to complete that sub-goal.

For example: to loose 10 kgs. Yes, of course, it will take time but if we divide it into short-term goal then we can set to lose 2 kgs in 1 week. Then slowly and slowly we will keep completing our small one and reach our main goal in few weeks.

If we do things in this process we can keep our cool as well as execute our plan properly without straining ourselves. We should always keep in mind not to overdo things as it will also effect our body. Taking too much tension will affect our mental stability too.

3. Give priority:

After setting our goal we can start and give priority to the goals we want to achieve. Like deciding what to achieve at first as we think of it to be the most important one. We should split the goals according to our priority. Like first,second and third. This will make the things more thorough and in order. As our own goals are well organized it will be easier to achieve them with a cool mind.

4. Keep your dreams realistic:

Dreaming is a good thing but if our dreams will hamper our living and will be way above our reach, then it’ll be quite problematic. Of course one can have a good dream but it won’t be fulfilled overnight. We have to be patient and calm.

As told above we can split it into sub-goals like collecting money and getting a bigger job and then we will be good enough to reach to that dream. We should try and be on the ground and keep our dream realistic as possible.

If the person is a hard worker then he/she can achieve what they want if they try hard but if the person is not willing to keep trying then he/she should set goals in which they can succeed.

5. Make notes of your goals and achievements:

We should always keep note about our goals that have been set by us. Additionally we should also keep checking if we achieved this within the deadline or took more of it. Of course, it’s good we conquer our goal faster but taking care of ourselves is a must. We shouldn’t ignore our own body in the name of achieving our goal. Always note it down in a positive feeling or way. Stay positive and focused.

6. Make sure on what one can achieve:

We are acquainted with our own qualities and setbacks. Make sure that whatever we do, we should do it according to our capability. Only we can control ourselves and our moves. What we do depends on us and nobody else. So we shouldn’t blame others and keep concentrating on ourselves. We should face our failures and cherish our accomplishment.

7. Deadline:

Yes, of course, we must set a deadline in which we think we can obtain our goal or sub-goal. The deadline must be realistic based on what we want to accomplish. Few works would take less time than others. We know ourselves and should be able to guess properly what date or deadline will be perfect to clear the goal.

As we all know that more the deadline come closer, we tend to work harder and faster to complete it. So setting a deadline is the best option if we want to accelerate our own work.

8. Double check the possible problems:

It’s quite impossible that we can achieve everything that easily without any problems. Of course sometimes, we will think of postponing our deadline or giving up if few obstacle comes in between. So we should be mentally prepared to overcome anything as achieve one’s goal isn’t a piece of cake.

We have to keep our mind straight and focus on our target no matter what the consequences. Keep notes of the problem we could encounter and also be one step ahead of finding a solution beforehand.

9. Talk about it:

Talking about our goals won’t sound good especially for the introvert people as it will be quite awkward for them to share it with others. But the truth is, telling about it to the others also gives courage and confidence. The person will even try harder to achieve it than before as there are few people who are watching.

More the people to encourage, more will be the confidence and good mindset to do it as nobody wants to lose before others. Telling about your goals is reminding yourselves about it as well so that you won’t lose the site of your target.

10. Start it now. Don’t delay:

It is the most difficult part of the whole process. Don’t delay it much longer, just go with the wimp. Do as you feel and start whenever your gut tells you to. You can only achieve it if you start it. Postponing it will only create problems. Don’t be afraid and start. Does it step by step? After clearing a step we can continue the other.

11. Stick to the plan:

Always play according to the plan you set if it is the best one you made. Changing the idea in the mid of your sub-goal accomplishment will hamper the later ones. Don’t do that ever. Follow it as planned. We already know what is best for us and we should always follow that. But if the person thinks that the new regime is better then he could try and change if possible. We should do what we think is right.

12. Ask for help if needed:

There is no need to be shy if you need help in setting your goal or accomplishing it. We are humans and we can’t do everything alone. It would be best if the person can find someone who has achieved the same goal. He/she can have a good sight of the result of the current plan and if not good enough they can help to modify it. This will be beneficial and useful for that person who aren’t confident about their own plan. Keep consulting them.

13. Don’t give up:

After setting a plan its quite easy to get distracted and give up. Many of us do that. But we should be passionate and enthusiastic and shouldn’t give in by looking at the difficulty level of the work. Treat it as a challenge and overcome it. Don’t just sit like a statue and do nothing. If we can’t do something to get better anything good will ever happen to us. so go on the journey and handle it through the way.

14. Treat yourself in every small victory:

Celebrating and encouraging yourself in every small victory is a good thing. This gives you courage and elevates your passion for doing even better next time. This is a kind of self-congratulations. Many targets will take years to accomplish and not celebrating your successful step towards your milestone will pull you down. Praise your willpower which will empower you even more.

15. Remind yourself and don’t forget:

Keep reminding yourself your goals and sub-goals. This will help you to keep account of your personal small achievements towards your target and will keep pushing you forward towards your goal. People tend to forget about their goals in the course of time and flow of life. Don’t ever do that. This will spoil the whole purpose of the process. We should just continue whatever we were doing with the same passion and surely one day we will reach our goal.

16. Confidence in attitude and style:

We should always look confident and happy. Our style and sense of fashion will also help us in sticking to our goal. The way we view the rest of the world will also manipulate our mental ability to take on things. The fresher and confident we feel the more we will be able to execute our sub-goal properly. Of course staying strong in mind is important but our attitude and the way we keep ourselves also keeps us on our track.

Following these things will help us to set and achieve our goal with patience and passion. We should always stick to the path and no matter what time it takes, it will always be worth it in the end. The journey has its own teaching and way to tackle the problems and our strength is determined the way we overcome it.

If we can clear our career and personal goals properly then we can do anything in our life as we learn to fight through the problems which tend to let us down and demotivate us. but if we are strong nothing can move us from our path. The starting from where we need to set our goal to the ending where we have to achieve it isn’t that easy. It comes with it own cost. We can achieve nothing without a little pain. As we know ‘no pain no gain.’

Be mentally prepared to clear through and sort out our confusion but we can’t completely depend on others. It’s not their goal, it’s ours. There will be many helping hands and many will try to pull us down but no matter what we should do as we like. We should do what we want. And we should end what we started. Then only we can do everything in our life.

Always keep in mind not to stress over little matters and not to strain yourself too much to meet the deadline. It will be best if we can hit the target with perfect health and sound mind. Organizing our process to achieve our goal is a way to lessen our problems, not to increase it. We should to according to our wish and ability and control ourselves. After achieving our goal we should maintain it and shouldn’t lose it again as if we do, we have to start again.