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How to Look and Appear more Confident in an Interview?


Interview by the name itself is haunting. For some it is a kind of nightmare when it comes to giving interview for job. The job interview is a process by which a person’s ability is determined and also decides about the individual’s future prospects. Good interview can make your day and bad one will give away with it. So, in order to avoid the bad experience, one needs to look very confident during the interview. The steps to look and appear confident in interview are as follows:

how look confident in interviewHow to Look Confident in an Interview?

The following mentioned are few job interview tips and advice on how to be more confident in an interview and also few helpful job interview techniques.

1. Dress smartly:

First and foremost is the dressing which is the mirror to your personality and the manners. Good and clean attire will give a good impression while the untidy will make a bad impression, indeed. So for men, suit will go the best. Suit can be in black, blue, navy blue colour. For girls, wear something formal like shirt and pants nicely ironed and worn. Do not accessorize yourself with heavy ear rings, neck pieces and so on. Just be sober and simple. This will make you confident enough and will give you the impression of giving an interview.

2. Confident body language says everything:

In some of the places interview starts with the opening of the door itself. The panel examining you will have a track on you the moment you enter, so make sure you greet everyone warmly and with a smile. Walk straight and erect. Do not bend while you walk or walk with the short steps without creating an irritating sound. Even if you are holding any file, just hold it tight and do not let the fear show on your face. Having a good positive body language in an interview will be very helpful.

3. Greeting everyone:

When you greet everyone you meet inside the office with smile, it helps in starting the conversation and it is a sort of conversation start up where you can discuss little about the company and can warm up yourself too. So try and bring a smile on your face rather than bringing frowning forehead.

4. Eye contact is must:

Maintaining eye contact during an interview is must. Do not speak while seeing here and there. Just answer by making an eye contact with the interviewer as it will depict the confidence level in you. Making an eye contact is something that shows you have knowledge of what you speak and also builds up the trust level. This gives an impression that whatever you are speaking is trust worthy and acceptable enough.

5. Speak with full conviction:

Try and speak with full confidence and conviction. Do not fumble while you speak and also make sure to speak in the language you are comfortable in. Do not risk your job by speaking any other language you are not fluent in. Try and sound relaxed and do not hesitate when you talk to them. The whole interview will go smoothly if you know what exactly you are speaking.

6. Take an initiative:

Do not wait for the panel to wish you or shake hands with. Take an initiative to say hello and wish the panel of interviewers. When you shake your hand, hold it well and shake it with confidence. If your hand will shiver it will directly show that you are feeling nervous and not at all feel confident. Do not give them a chance of letting you go very easily. Just show them that you are worth their company.

7. Research little about the company and the interviewer:

Doing little homework is always appreciable so do little bit of research about the company. It will give you an shade of the ideology of the company and will also help you in knowing the rough idea of what exactly the company demands from you and your work.

8. Be fully prepared with the queries you ask:

If in case you want to ask some queries or want some interview advice, then prepare for that well because again fumbling while putting forth the queries will show that you are not at all confident. So be very well prepared with what you want to ask. Ask relevant queries and do not move off the track, do not be non-serious or it will take a tide on you.

9. More focus on the positives you have:

Start with the positive things about yourself during an interview. It will give a good impression. Convince the interviewer with the work you have done earlier and also tell about the good experiences there. Share everything you learn about the working and the methods of working used there.

10. Make possibilities of the general queries that could be asked:

Every time, there are some sort of general queries that ran common to all interviews. So prepare well for that beforehand so as to answer them in a better manner. Preparation beforehand is good as it opens one’s mind and also one can prepare little about how to speak and answer the queries in a smart manner. So, for this you may even consult the experienced one’s who are there in the job and have passed all such levels.

11. Be good at listening:

It is not mandatory for an individual to speak all the time during an interview session. Being a good listener also adds to increase self confidence level. Listen to what is being told to you during the session and also keep that in mind. Interview will not always succeed when you will all the time sing your own praise, listen naturally to what they are saying you and try and follow it by nodding your heads.

12. Converse with the interviewer and also make them feel comfortable even when you talk to them:

Let the interviewers also feel good and comfortable while they interact with you. If you will be confident in yourself and comfortable, only then they will feel the same for you.

13. Think about the present:

While you are there in office, just forget all the worst past, if happened to you. Just focus on the present moment. Think positive that everything will go good and also bring in you the positive vibes. The positivity within oneself is the best thing within you which no one can steel away from you nor can anyone inculcate. So positivity allows you to think good about the future and also helps you gain confidence.

14. Pretending is the real game, bud!:

Being nervous for interview is something common and obvious, rather it is good also. So, no matter how nervous before interview you are, you have to learn the art of pretending. Pretend them with your body language, speaking skills, fluency that you are not at all nervous about interview. You being confident in yourself enough should be your strength. This also explains something about your talent and the abilities to work. The experts sitting to judge you are known experts because they did something extraordinary in their field. They get to know about a person with the first sentence they speak and also through the body language during interview, they carry. So, having perfection towards the body language, communication skills are the first step to look confident.

15. Read about the previous work and the resume you are carrying:

Whatever you have done in the previous job, read and recollect about that too before entering the office. Also make sure you know what is written in the resume you are carrying forward. Sometimes in confusion and nervousness one even forgets few basic things. So to prevent that go through the resume well.

16. Practice a lot:

Something very usual and common to hear, practices allot! Yeah and also something ignored allot too. Do not take anything for granted and practice allot truly.

So, above are some of the points which are always useful for an individual who is preparing to go for an interview. Follow the steps and see everything will go well. Some of the basic points to make yourself confident are taking a deep breath, having proper breakfast, lunch etc. as lack of food can lead to headache which can even exceed due to the nervousness within. Reading can add to the advantage and also practice a lot about the communication part. Dressing and body language in interview is the first criteria but if the language does not go along with the smart dressing, and then every effort will sink.