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Healthy Sleep Habits: How to Sleep Better at Night?


A proper sound health is usually accompanied by good sleep. Following healthy sleep habits is a must to get a peaceful mind and stay fresh day all day long.

Like every part of the body, the brain also needs complete rest from a long tiring day. Hence good sleep relaxes the entire nervous system and keeps the whole body at rest.

It is very important not to skip proper sleep every day. Our food habits are very much connected in falling asleep.

healthy sleep habitsThrough a proper healthy diet, one can induce peaceful sleep moving away from the stressful day. Here are some important points which will guide you on how to sleep better at night.

Healthy Sleep Habits to Improve Your Sleep:

1. Shutdown TV/Laptop before 3hrs to sleep:

It is very important to switch off television/ laptop three hours prior to sleep because physically your body should get prepared to sleep.

Strained eyes watching TV/laptop might cause irritation or sometimes these thoughts grasped using those gadgets will stay in your head and will prevent sleep. Relax completely and stay away from gadgets.

2. A cleanroom free from dust:

Room atmosphere is very important for proper sound sleep. Please try not to add more furniture or gadgets in your sleeping room.

Dust it and clean twice a day setting it for proper sleep. Use mild, fragrant inducers to soothe and relax your body.

3. Set your body cycle:

Setting your body adaptive for a regular sleep schedule is a must. So that as days passes your physical body and mental being will adapt it for a sleep schedule.

Try sleeping the same time every day and waking up the same time too. It really helps to fall asleep according to the sleep-wake cycle.

4. Stop the intake of caffeine:

stop caffeine It is proved that caffeine is a stimulant which prevents from sleep. Hence it is best to avoid caffeine based products like coffee, cocoa-based chocolate which contains caffeine before sleep.

5. Avoid alcohol/smoking:

Alcohol might bring drowsiness, but it reduces the sleep time and might wake you many times during the sleep as it later turns, as a stimulant which disturbs the sleep.

And it is highly recommended to avoid smoking three hours before sleep. Tobacco based products cause sleep deprivation and spoil the health.

6. Reading books help in falling asleep:

It is a very good habit to read books before sleep, as it relaxes the mind and enhances the relaxing effect to the nerves. It is good to make a habit of reading before sleep.

7. Don’t force yourself to sleep:

When you’re not feeling like getting sleep, never force yourself on the bed. Leave the room and indulge yourself in some work like arranging your things, reading books, listening to music, etc. Forcing yourself to sleep will only increase stress.

8. Avoid exercise before sleep:

fitness Never hit the gym or do not involve in straining physical exercise as it might trouble you in sleep.

It is avoided as constant body pain or sprain on joints will stop you from falling asleep. Mild and light stretching exercise is preferred before sleep.

9. Limit your dinner:

Avoid having a heavy dinner before sleep. It is best to stop eating three hours before sleeping. It is recommended to avoid spicy foods and meat before sleep. As heavy foods will cause trouble in digestion, it is better to avoid them before going to sleep.

10. Keep your room temperature noticed:

It is advisable to maintain your room temperature very cool or warm as per the climate. Use good blankets supporting a peaceful sleep. A nice warm and pleasant room is definitely a sleep inducer.

11. Avoid sleeping during day time:

day time sleep Even when you feel tired during the day, try avoiding taking naps. As, sleeping during the day disturbs the sleep hours during the night, try not to sleep during day hours. Involve yourself in some mild activities during noon while you feel sleepy.

12. Follow regular bath at night:

Take a warm water bath before sleeping, as the temperature of body increases, it relaxes your nerves and automatically body will feel drowsy. Follow these healthy sleep habits regularly as your body will adapt to the routine.

13. Note your mattress:

Try changing your mattress when you feel it is worn out or very soft. A good quality mattress is rightly the best partner for a very sound sleep as part of your healthy sleep habits.

14. Avoid bright lights during sleep:

Scientifically, it is proven that a hormone called melatonin gets produced during the night. And it gets disturbed when bright lights are lit.

Hence, avoid bright lights during sleep. A dark room with mild fragrance, breezy air is a heaven for a good sleep.

15. Meditation:

meditation Disturbed sleep regularly might cause insomnia, which is a sleep disorder. It might have various effects on mood like depression, instability, etc.

Best solution is to practice meditation, as it controls the mind and body. Try doing meditation before sleep as it improvises your sleep and results in good health.

16. Hearing good music:

Sometimes it is very natural to feel stressed about your life be it your career, family life, etc. The only solution to stress out from a tough day is to hear good music before sleep.

Hearing pleasant songs will improve your mood and make you relaxed and will surely give you a good sleep.

17. Foods that induce sleep:

There are many natural foods that induce sleep. Bananas, warm milk with honey, or any mild milk-based fruit juices will make you fall asleep.

Try consuming lots of healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet which will make you healthy and have a well-balanced body.

18. Drink plenty of water throughout the day:

Drink enough amount of water all throughout the day for an active lifestyle. When your physical system has enough amount of water it makes your body very routine in hormone production which of course will result in good sleep and active daytime.

Overall a proper healthy diet, exercise, meditation is the pathway for a healthy life. Sleep is an important activity of the peaceful body. Never ignore your body from a proper and healthy sleep routine.