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Why Class participation is Important for your Career?


Do you have trouble speaking in front of small groups?

How about in front of large groups?

Whereas the latter creates fears and apprehensions for almost everyone, the former is really more important, because you will be required to address small groups much more frequently.Importance of class participation

How Class Participation Benefits Students Success in College:

College training should be all about trying new experiences and expanding your knowledge, experience and confidence.

And participating in class discussions is a great thing to venture out into your chosen field of new knowledge, the arena of new experiences and the uncomfortable environment of speaking in front of others – whether they be many or few.

One of the best times to start is when you are a first semester freshman in college, or second semester or sophomore year at the latest.

As the saying goes, “Just do it!”  then the second time will be a little easier, the third still easier and by the fourth time, you will be on your way to learning a new skill – speaking in public.

Do you want to stand out among your colleagues, among other employees at your first job after graduation or at any small group or public forum?

Then, practice now. And early in your college career is the best place to start.

Class Participation and Grades:

class participation grade

Therefore, should class participation be part of student grades?

Yes, absolutely it should! Will it be a subjective judgment by the instructor?

Yes! Therefore, if you do not agree with the grade, then engage the instructor. I am always impressed by students who challenge me on a class participation grade.

There are students who just want to sit in class and listen and observe; while there are others who thrive on attention and participate in class discussions all the time, which may even come natural to them.

And then there are the multitudes in between. Every student is unique and should be treated as a valuable individual, whether he or she participates in class none, a little or a lot.

If there were no class participation grade, this may be difficult to address with each student individually.

In every college course, whether from a top traditional or a top online college, class participation should be at least 5% of the course grade, with a maximum between 50% and 70% depending on the subject.

For calculus, where you understand the subject and can demonstrate that understanding by testing, five percent may be appropriate.

For teamwork, group dynamics or public speaking, where verbal communication with others is critical and actually the subject being taught, 50% -70% may be appropriate.

However, I believe the class participation component of any college-level course should never be zero.

Class Participation and Your Career:

class participation and learning

Class participation is important because you want to excel. If you are just taking a class because it is required, in a very real sense you are wasting your time; and you probably will not be involved in class participation.

Class participation should be viewed as engagement with others, thinking on your feet, soliciting input from others, asking questions, admitting that you simply do not know and sharing ideas and opinions with others.

Each of these skills are needed to obtain employment, maintain employment and excel at employment to advance, get promoted and receive higher compensation.

And if you do not want these, then should not even be in college! (And, indeed, college is not for everyone; but that is the subject for another article.)

Take advantage of the learning environment being created by the college or university you are attending.

From the President or Chancellor of the school to the last instructor hired, the staff, IT personnel and even the building and ground maintenance crews, they all are doing their respective jobs to create an environment for students, which is conducive to learning.

So help them out and yourself in the process, by participating in class. Then, you will learn about others and their interests, fears, apprehensions, talents and special abilities. You will never get bored; and you will enjoy life even more! Make life an adventure!

Thank you for reading!

Author bio: The article is written by Pritam N. He is career counsellor and also owner of the site  He likes to write on career, jobs and interview related articles. He has appeared as guest blogger on various Blogs. You can visit his site to get more career tips, he is striving to make his website your source for getting knowledge, information and guidance for job search and career building.  When he doesn’t work he spends time with his family and travel around the world.