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Top 14 Morning Habits of Highly Successful or Famous People


Do you want to know what makes people who are highly successful happier, more productive and least stressed out as compared to others? They know that their personal priorities are more important than people’s priorities.

Professionals who have been highly successful in their career don’t check their mails immediately when they wake up. Rather, they try to ensure that they devote the early hours of the day to themselves.

People who stand apart believe that if their priority needs to be handled, then it has to be done first. So what do eminent entrepreneurs and executives do when they wake up in the early hours?

Highly Successful People Morning Habits

How Successful People Start Their Day Routines:

1. They Know Significance of Waking Up Early:

It is a fact that people of the past generation managed to tackle their household chores as well as their professional responsibilities without causing delays in any. This was possible because they knew well they must rise early. This is a mantra that even successful people of today follow.

This helps them tackle personal responsibilities before starting off with their day to day work. People who are highly successful wake up by 5-5.30 am at the earliest. By doing so, they can ensure that they have a greater control in their early hours and also make the most of opportunities that matter the most to them. You can emulate them by waking up some 10-15 minutes earlier than your normal time. Then, adjust it gradually.

2. They spend time in meditation even if it’s for a short while:

It does not matter how much time you spend on penance or meditation. What actually matters is that you spend atleast a few minutes each day. This is a great way to eliminate all the negativity and start your day and life afresh. Cleansing your mind helps you take unbiased decisions.

Meditating two times a day will make you feel better. It will fill you with a feeling of fulfillment and give you lot of joy and contentment. The relaxation that you get as a result of meditation will help you to get rid of the daily madness which hits you from all directions. There will be some consistency. You will be able to perform your best at work when you do it peacefully without any tension.

3. Burn some calories:

Burning calories doesn’t necessarily involve intense exercise regimen alone. You can perform yoga as many people do it for relaxing the mind and the body. Daily exercise will help you to think more clearly, to improve your health and to build a scientific temper while combating your stress.

Take some time out for aerobic sessions. Sometimes an hour-long routine may seem quite challenging. Therefore, go for dancing, running or walking around the neighborhood for at least 10 minutes.

4. Devote an hour to power: 

Motivation is going to last for a temporary period only. Therefore, you need to replenish your energy on a regular basis. Highly successful people are aware of this fact and therefore they spend a considerable amount of time to increase their energy supply. Spend some time listening to inspirational quotes which have been made by eminent personalities.

5. Personality development is most important for them:

The most prominent individuals around the world know well that their personality is their greatest asset. So they spend ample time tuning their persona. They read about prominent individuals and their approach towards life and business. They read success stories and try to understand the secret behind success of great individuals around the globe.

They also assess themselves and try to understand exactly where they are lacking. This self assessment helps them to become better at their profession and achieve higher goals in shorter time span.

6. They follow a proper diet:

It is essential to ensure that you get replenished with nutritional food on a daily basis during the morning. Nutritious food offers adequate energy to the body and mind, making people fit for the day. Recently, Business Insider’s report stated that Richard Branson starts his day with a heavy breakfast of muesli and fruit salad.

It is known to most that the first meal of the day should really be heavy. So make sure you include a whole lot of meat, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables in your breakfast. Do not forget to include a glass of milk rich in calcium to accompany your breakfast. You can also include a lot of legumes and sprouts to fulfill your protein requirements.

7. They stay active, but not necessarily with a gym ownership:

Most of us are aware of the significance of exercise to keep our body strong and energetic. Successful people take the right steps to ensure that the body stays strong and healthy. They know that the body requires exercise but not by joining aerobics class or gym. They stay energetic by brisk walking or by joining their spouse in morning exercises.

Early morning exercise improve blood circulation in the body and helps you stay strong and smart. Even skipping or playing badminton with your kids can help you stay healthy. In addition, it can help you bond better with your little ones. That is how successful people balance their professional and personal lives.

8. They engage in direct interaction with their coworkers:

A large part of important business decisions often occur during conversations made on e-mail, Skype etc. A great rapport with team mates and juniors plays an important role in getting the work done. Speaking to people facing them directly helps you communicate effectively. It also helps you understand what goes on in the other person’s mind through his expressions.

Steve Jobs used to conduct important meetings on early Monday morning hours. Many people have got completely carried away by social media. They think that messaging on Facebook or Twitter does the same function as direct conversation. But this is r ally not true.

Speak directly to your team and this will help to find out what they are thinking and how much it is going to help them in their performance.

9. They only reply to e-mails that are urgent:

There was a time when only important mails entered your inbox. But today, it is not uncommon to find spammy mails enter your mailbox each time you are seen online. So understand how to prioritize. Successful people understand where to draw the line and reply only to urgent mails at the start of the day.

They also create filters in their mailbox to classify the mails as important. This prevents them from wasting time on unworthy mails. It also helps them keep their mind free of clutter.

10. Successful people create their own gratitude journal:

Happiness centers about wanting to do things which you have already done. You remember the people who have been helpful to you. Highly successful people acquire a more optimistic view towards life. Write down at least a single thing for which you are thankful. Learn to include the small victories.

11. Ask an important question to yourself:

Ask yourself questions like if today was your last day, what would you want to do? This is a major question which helps you arrive exactly at the point that you want to. In case you discover that you say ‘’no’’ several times within a week, then try to go out there and change something. You can ever be sure of doing it when you will find the opportunity to do the same the next time.

12. Talk to your partner:

Use your morning hours to talk to your partner. Talk about your future plans, finances and favorite hobbies to your partner to stay connected. Highly successful people know that you are more energetic and focused in the early morning hours. Therefore, make this a major part of your day to day routine. You can also set a day out of the week for a candlelight dinner.

You can also consider going for jogging to the nearest neighborhood park with your partner. It will strengthen your relationship in a far better manner in addition to the much needed relaxation that you are getting.

13. Make future plans and strategies:

If you don’t take a few minutes out of your time to plan your course of action for the entire day’s work, then it will be really difficult for you to know whether you are headed in the right direction or not.

Take at least 15 minutes out of your busy schedule to think about the long term goals of your life, review your tasks for that day and also break schedules to yourselves. It will help you in making your day more manageable and cause little stress.

14. Stay close to your kids:

If you have children, then this point is most valid for you. Don’t be a parent who is too detached from your children. During the morning when you have a clear mind and minimal body stress, get them dressed, prepare a sumptuous breakfast, have it together with your kids and talk to them about their aspirations. Don’t let work deprioritize your family life.