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How to Improve or Increase Your Brain Power? 19 Best Ways


Have you Ever Thought about your Brain?

Have you ever thought about how to increase your brain power and achieve even more cleverness and sharp-mindedness?

If you are among the masses, then definitely your answer must be ‘No.’

You would be surprised to know that throughout the day we use only 10% of our brain. So, if you are amazed to know this and now want to invest more of your brain into doing more productive and efficient tasks, then all you need is an excellent brain power.

For a long time, researchers and scientists used to believe that we were stuck with a brain with which we were born, but after doing numerous studies it has been disclosed that we can always increase the power of our brain.

According to the new theory of ‘Neuroplasticity’, it is now possible to enhance our brain power by practicing few ways, therapies, and exercises.

Improve Increase Brain PowerHence, if you are excited about this concept and want to unleash the best ways to increase your brain power, then this post is just perfect for you!

19 Best Ways To Increase Your Brain Power:

1. Keep Doing Something New:

Whenever you are experiencing or learning something new then this stimulates the brain to a great extent.

Don’t involve in the rut of doing the same thing on a regular basis. If you want to increase your brain power, then you need to alter the structure of your brain and the only way to do is keep doing something new.

It is because practicing new things generates neural pathways, enhancing your intelligence level. So, you can either take a new path to work, or cook a new recipe for dinner, or develop into something creative to ensure that your brain power increases to a great extent.

2. Exercise On a Regular Basis:

Another proven way to increase the brain power is to exercise regularly.

Regular exercising aids the brain functionality and enhances the process of neurogenesis in the brain. So, whenever you are exercising and practicing some new exercising steps, then this helps in generating the new brain cells. As a result, this helps to increase the brain power to a high extent.

3. Offer an Excellent Training to Your Memory:

You must have heard lots of people saying that ‘I wish I had a better and stronger memory!’ Still, no one puts in efforts to do anything about it.

But if you want to behave differently from others and want to discipline your memory to remember at least important details, like phone number, credit card number, driving license details, insurance details, and more, then you must train your memory for the same.

Try to learn these things on a daily basis and this will train your memory to remember them. Soon you will be able to witness a marked improvement in your memory.

4. Always Be Curious:

Rather than considering everything at its face value, a better way is to engage in a habit of questioning things and products on an everyday basis.

Just try to know more about services and things that you come across on a daily basis. By being curious, you will be able to question things and when you gain knowledge about them, then this forces your brain to think more, create and innovate new ideas.

With keen curiosity, you can just not learn more about important things, but also sharpen your mind and make it work more and more.

5. Develop Positive Thinking:

Anxiety and stress are two core factors that kill the existing neurons of the brain. Even they interfere with the process of growth of new brain cells and even stop neurons from being active.

Hence, if you develop a positive thinking attitude then this will speed up the process of generation of new cells. Automatically it will reduce anxiety and stress and will further boost up new cell generation. So, no matter how worse or intense a situation is, try to handle it positively combating your negative thoughts.

6. Consume Healthy Diet:

What we eat creates a huge impact on not just our skin and body, but also on the functionality of our brain. It is because our brain requires around 20% of nutrients and oxygen present within our body.

So, if you want to be more active, more productive, and think more efficiently, then it is essential that you feed your brain with lots of good fruits and nutritional diet. Make sure you consume a plate full of fresh vegetable and fruits as well as Omega 3 oils present in fish and seafood on a daily basis.

With a healthy diet, you will be able to supply all essential nutrients to your brain and enhance its overall functionality and power.

7. Stick to the Habit of Reading a Book:

Reading a book relieves stress and tension. For this reason, book reading is also known as an activity to kill harmful brain cells and promote new cells growth.

According to researchers, when we read books then our mind starts thinking more creatively and this results in developing our imagination and using it in an efficient way to train our brain. It is because our brain is forced to imagine or create pictures and images of things that we are reading.

So, trigger your brain power as well as your imagination with reading.

8. Do Simple Calculations on your Own:

During school times our brain was so sharp and intelligent that we were able to do even complex calculations and solve sums on our own. But now we rely on our mobile phones, calculators, and similar devices to do even simple calculations.

While calculators, laptops, and desktops, offer convenient calculations but this resists our brain to work properly. Hence, if you want your brain to work efficiently, then it is important that you avoid the urge of doing things with external devices.

You must develop the habit of doing everyday calculations with your brain. This will ensure that your brain functions properly.

9. Limit the Use of Technology:

While technology has definitely added lots of convenience and ease in our lives, but at the same time it has made us lazier and our brains less efficient!

Increasing brain power is, therefore, possible only when you limit the use of technology. This can be your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, mobile apps, GPS, and other technologies, or any other device, that you must be spending numerous hours.

So, limit the use of technology in your daily life and try to do things in a more practical way so that your brain stays in the active mode.

10. Take Proper Sleep:

Sleep works as a small dose of detoxification for the brain. If you are not taking a proper sleep or you are sleeping at odd hours and following the same routine to wake up, then this will not help your brain to detox properly.

Hence, you must get to sleep on time and must wake up early morning after sleeping for at least 8 hours every night. So, if you wake up early then you may sleep accordingly so that you are able to complete the 8-hour sleep and let your brain do the work.

11. Play Mind Games:

Your brain is a muscle and if you will exercise and use it properly then you are keeping it active.

One excellent way to keep your brain functioning is to play mind games. Mind games, like a puzzle, crossword, Sudoku, and more help the brain to develop intellectual thinking and speeds up its attention and positive engagement so that you can have a better memory and enhanced brain power.

12. Avoid Multitasking:

Do you work on your laptop and at the same time watch television?

Do you cook food and at the same time talk about an important presentation?

If yes, then this might hamper the productivity of your brain.

The brain requires at least 6 seconds to process information to other body organs. So, if you are juggling various tasks then you may get confused. Even this will leave your brain to process incorrect information because of lots of confusion.

Hence, you must concentrate on one task at a time and focus on doing it. Once the task is completed, you may then switch doing another task. This will ensure that your brain is able to work in a productive manner.

Hence, concentrate on one task at a time and do it on a prior basis to ensure that your brain works speedily.

13. Develop the Habit of Meditation:

Meditation is a stress relieving exercise that is great to relax the mind. Regular meditation is very good for the brain health.

So, if you want to increase your brain power, then you must develop the habit of meditating on a daily basis. This will also enhance your brain power and memory. Mindful meditation is even good for the other body parts. It prevents the occurrence of neurodegenerative ailments as well as delays the cognitive issues.

14. Try to Stay Calm Most of the Times:

When you stay calm and relaxed, then you are offering a great support to your brain. This way, you are able to make affirm decisions in the quickest possible time.

Furthermore, staying calm helps the brain to think more productively and efficiently. Hence, if you wish to increase the brain power then you must stay calm, relaxed and composed. Also, make sure you think about only one thing at a time. This will help you make most of your brain.

15. Spend Time in Nature:

Another amazing and wonderful way to improve your brain power is to spend sufficient time in nature.

The natural green color is so soothing for the eyes and pleasing to the brain. You can develop a routine of morning or evening walk, which one suits best to your routine and you will soon love this. It is because your brain and body will feel more refreshed and energetic after spending time with nature.

If you don’t have much time to develop a walking routine, then you can always play your favorite sports and do other things that refresh your mind.

16. Socialize and Hang out with Friends:

We all are social animals and when we are around people then our brain is functioning in the best possible manner.

To ensure that your brain is always productive and able to think in an efficient manner, you must often socialize with your friends or relatives. This will keep your brain refreshed, full of new ideas, and will offer space for new things.

So, whenever you get time just plan hanging out with your friends.

17. Manage Your Time:

To make sure your brain reaps best results, it is important that you manage your time efficiently and in an adequate way so that you are able to complete all the tasks. For this, you must manage your time in a proper way.

You can create a timetable and follow it without a fail. This will help your brain to understand and follow the desired pattern. Prepare a timetable offering enough time to work as well as enough time to rest.

18. Practice Doing Creative Stuff:

Creativity is a boon to the brain. By doing creative and innovative things you are actually providing your brain with good opportunities to think more and deeply.

Hence, if you consider yourself a creative person, then you must practice doing creative things on a daily basis. This is a fun way to enhance your brain power.

19. Take Timely Breaks from Work:

A good way to charge your brain is to take short breaks often. This can be either cursing the Internet or going for a small nap, or just watching few songs or videos for 15 minutes.

These are excellent ways to refresh your mind and to speed up your brain to do the next task.

Enhancing brain power is very simple. All you need to do is follow these ways regularly. So, make sure you try to enhance your brain power as your brain is the ruler of your entire body.