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How to Become a Morning Person (Wake up with Ease)


It is often said that the early morning is the best time to do tasks and chores especially since the mind is so fresh and awake at the early hour of the day. However, for most of us, we just wake up in the morning feeling grumpy and very tired. If you are one such who finds it very tough to wake up easy and it seems virtually impossible for you to become a bright and happy morning person, then you ought to try out these simple tips to help you succeed in your seemingly impossible endeavour. Things will be hard at first, yet over time it is bound to become a part of your routine and you won’t even require the assistance of an alarm.

tips becoming morning person

15 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person:

The following mentioned are few tips on waking up early in the morning. They are

1. Avoid certain foods that are going to disturb your sleep cycle:

Having a healthy diet with healthy foods is bound to help you to be both fit and active. If you eat a lot of junk food and drink plenty of soft or hard drinks then you are doing nothing but ruining your internal system. It is very important to exercise control when it comes to your diet. So in order to help you to wake up fast with ease and become a morning person who is up and about at the break of dawn, you should stay away from having foods which are bound to keep you awake at night or disturb your sleep. These foods are things like chocolate, coffee, cold drinks and also red wine.

2. Always go to sleep with a smile on your face:

Rather than going to sleep grumpy or after having a fight with someone, it is advisable that you go to sleep with a smile on your face and feeling happy that you have just come to the end of a productive day. Having a positive mindset and an optimistic take on life is very helpful indeed as it helps you to constantly make the best of whatever you have in life. When you go to sleep feeling happy then your body can take its proper rest and you do not have disturbing nightmares affecting your sleep cycle. Going to bed happy will allow you to wake up happy as well.

3. Meditation and prayer will help you to have a relaxed sleep:

When we are unable to sleep properly during the night then this tells on our face and we spend the rest of the next day feeling low and even a little sick. To help clear your mind it is always better to go to bed only after you have spent some moment in meditation thanking God for keeping you and your family members safe through the day. Also the best way to wake up is, you should say a small prayer and thank God for the beautiful day which he has given you. Prayer is something that gives us immense courage and positivity even on the most tiring days.

4. Do not go to sleep immediately after your dinner:

How can you ever expect to become a morning person if you find trouble waking up in the early morning?

To get up feeling good and bright it is advisable to not have any heavy dinners. People that eat too much at night are often forced to get up in the middle of the night when they experience gas, acidity or even stomach pains. On a given day even if you happen to have a lot to eat, you can simply go for a little night walk or run. There should ideally be at least a one or two-hour gap in between your dinner and your bedtime.

5. Making use of such Feng Shui rules could be effective!:

In this age of science and technology, most of us dismiss Feng Shui as absolute rubbish. Yet what many of us do not know is that there is some western thought and logic behind this very primitive Chinese art. You need not have to be a strong believer in Feng Shui to apply some of its principles in your bedroom. Doing some simple things like placing your bed in a strategic position, painting your room in a particular color or even being able to have easy access to the door, all go a long way in giving us good vibes and helping us feel safe and secure when we go to bed, thereby allowing us to wake up fresh, early in the morning.

6. Ensure to use the toilet before you go to bed:

Most of us do not bother going to use the toilet before going to bed as we simply feel that if we need to go at night we can just get up and go. No matter what, you should ensure that you use the toilet just before you go to bed. This ensures that your kidney can do its work through the night and you will not be forced to break your sleep and urinate at night. You might think that using the toilet might just take a minute, but what you do not realize is that once you break your sleep it might take you up to an hour to return to that mode of complete relaxation again.

7. Be sure to leave a window open- this serves two purposes:

All of us have our own ways of going to bed, some of us like to have a light on in our room, some of us don’t. Some of us like to have some light music on, others find that disturbing. Doing what suits you is good, yet one thing all of us should follow irrespective of our individual preferences is that we should always sleep with the window open. Sleeping with the window open serves a dual purpose. Firstly at night, it helps a great deal in allowing air circulation. Secondly, if you are trying to become a morning person then the open window allows the early sun rays to enter your room and gently wake you up.

8. Have the right temperature in your room:

The temperature of the room in which you sleep in will go a long way in deciphering how your sleep is going to be. Rooms which are either too hot or too cold are bound to disturb your sleep and when you have a disturbed sleep you will not be able to get up feeling alive and content in the morning. Find the temperature which suits you best and ensures that you do not have a noisy fan or out of service air conditioner which is bound to keep you up all night.

9. Be consistent with your timings, even if it is during the weekends:

You will never be able to become a morning person unless you train your body to get used to this. In order to train your body clock to function properly, it is advisable that you follow a strict routine when it comes to getting up at a fixed time every day. Yet this having been stated, sleeping every night at the same time is merely half of the battle one. It is very important that you even train yourself to get up at the same time every morning. Even if you are on vacation or if it is the weekend you should not make any exceptions as you will be doing nothing but confusing your body.

10. Have your room as silent as possible through the night:

Having a noisy room is something that is bound to prevent you from falling asleep at night. However, even if you do manage to fall off to sleep despite the noise, some sudden noise and sound is bound to make you awake suddenly with a jerk or a jolt. Such sudden jolts or shocks are not at all good for the body and are sure to make you feel very tensed. So to avoid this it is advisable that no matter what, you make it a point to go to sleep with a pair of ear muffs on as this will help you have a proper unhindered sleep so that you are able to get up early the next morning.

11. Be sure to drink a glass of water as you wake up:

It is a very well known fact that all of us should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. All of us know that we should follow this, but most of us don’t. Having water has a number of good health benefits and it keeps us hydrated. As you wake up, you should make it a point to drink one clear and cool glass of water. Doing this serves you well in a number of ways, first and foremost is that it helps you wake up, secondly, it starts off your metabolism once again. Form this as a habit and your mornings will be much more pleasant.

12. Do some easy breathing exercises in the morning:

Wake up Exercises is something which is best done during the early hours of the morning in order to kick start your morning in the most ideal way. Yet if you do not have the time to work out every morning then you should consider doing some easy breathing exercises in order to help you to feel good. You should make it a point to take very deep breathes, do this when standing in the balcony or terrace. Soak in the suns light and allow yourself to feel light and bright just like the sun’s rays. Doing yoga will also go a long way in helping you become a delightful morning person.

13. Mentally prepare yourself:

Unless you have the determination to get up in the morning you will never be able to do so. The night before, it is important that you convince yourself that you can and will get up. Think about all the things which you can do and the tasks which you can achieve. In addition to this think about how much alone time you will be able to get in these week hours of the morning. Use this time to get to know yourself better.

14. Go for a shower and give yourself a refreshing massage:

As you wake up it is advisable that you take a cold shower to help you wake up in a jiffy but in addition to this, you should consider giving yourself a good oil massage to calm your nerves and also to relax your muscles. Once you get into the habit of doing this, you will look forward to waking up as you know that having this extra time in the morning allows you to treat yourself to the luxury of a massage. Buy some scented candles and bath oils to pamper yourself even more.

15. Try your level best to avoid taking naps during the day:

Finally, if you wish to become a morning person who is able to get out of bed without any trouble, then, in that case, it is advisable that you avoid taking naps through the day and rather get all the sleep which you can just, at night.


These tips are exceptionally easy to follow and even doing these simple things will go a long way in helping you to become a morning person. So if becoming a morning person seemed like a very distant dream to you, you need not have to worry any more as these things are very easy to implement.

Wake up early morning, rather than seeming like a torture exercise is going to be rather easy for you. If you sleep at the right time and live a healthy lifestyle then you will certainly get up feeling alive and rejuvenated. All you have to do is take proper control of your life and you will not have anything to worry about.