How to make team meetings effective 0

How to make Team meetings Fun, Interesting and Effective?

Meetings are important procedures for any company, team or unit, be it a sports team, a business team, a school teachers’ team or any such unit. Meetings are a place where ideas and plans are shared, shortcomings are discussed, solutions are found, where strategies are planned etc. In brief, a...

16 Cons of working at a startup 0

16 Disadvantages or Risks of Joining a Startup Company

Startups are the new things these days. When you hear companies like whatsapp, Occulus get acquired and the amount of fabulous money some of its employees made, it makes you think hard about whether you should consider a career in startups. So before you take the leap of joining a...

How to search jobs on twitter 0

How to Effectively Search or Find Jobs using Twitter

Twitter is the modern magic wand for all connectivity and knowledge needs, bridging the ubiquitous time constraints, it’s simple and fast. Wondering how it can help you to land Your next big break? The virtual world occupies a prominent role in modern lives, with constantly shrinking time constraints, we are...