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How to Learn Turkish Language Fast and Easy?


If you have some free time, one of the best things which you can do is try your hand at learning a new language. Many of us find it tough to learn a new language, but if you are someone who loves learning and acquainting yourself with various languages, then you should learn as many as you can.

If you are planning a fun family vacation to Turkey and you wish to learn some Turkish, then it would help you a great deal to learn a little of the Turkish language. Even if you are not going on a vacation, you can learn the Turkish language for fun. Here are some ways on how to learn Turkish fast.

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16 Tips to Learn Turkish Language Fast:

The following mentioned are a few Turkish language learning ways and tips.

1. Try and employ a tuition teacher to help you:

Learning a foreign language can prove to be very challenging especially if you do not have a proper tuition teacher to guide you. Having a skilled professional who can take Turkish classes and look into your personal needs will ensure that you learn the Turkish language easily and quickly.

Ensure that you get tutored at least a couple of times a week and then things will become rather simple for you. A tutor will proceed according to how fast or slow you are being able to pick up the things which are being taught.

2. Purchase some books from your local book store:

If you are a member of a good library then you are bound to find some books that can help you learn Turkish quick and well. However, you are not a member of your local library then you can walk into a book store and pick up some good books which teach you Turkish.

Glance through the book and work on trying to grasp the language by yourself. When your tutor isn’t around, that does not mean you put away your books and forget everything you have learned. Constantly trying your hand at speaking will help you to pick up the language even faster than ever.

3. Watch some videos online in your spare time:

If you can get a hold of some good CD’s and DVD’s which are in the Turkish language then you can purchase them and watch or listen to them in your spare time. We live in an age where technology can be a great source of help to us.

We should make the most of the opportunities and resources which are available to us. So use your internet to browse through YouTube and find some good videos which can help you to pick up the language soon.

Download the videos on to your smartphone or tablet and constantly watch them even if you are commuting to work.

4. Befriend a person from Turkey who can help you:

One of the best things to do to help you pick up the language faster is that you should befriend someone who is from Turkey so that his accent and manner of speaking the Turkish language will help you tremendously.

Being in such proximity to someone who has a strong grasp over the language will help you to learn the language without even trying hard. Before you know it, you will have picked up so much without even having to make a conscious effort to do so. When you learn things unobtrusively, then you do not even feel strained or pressurized.

5. Subscribe to a Turkish television channel:

In addition to making the most of the internet, you can ask your cable provider to give you the most popular Turkish channels so that you can pick up something on language while watching the television.

Rather than watching some silly chick flick or television soap which is unlikely to enrich you in any way, you can use your time browsing through these Turkish channels which can enrich you a great deal.

6. Continue watching programs even if you do not understand:

As mentioned above subscribing to these channels in Turkish is a good idea as then you might be able to pick up a thing or two especially if the channel has subtitles in English.

Initially, everything will be going above your head, but over time you too will be able to understand simple words and expressions. Many consider looking at the idiot box a complete waste of time, but if you make the most of it then you can use it as a medium to learn several new things.

It is not for nothing that even today the television continues to be such a popular form of electronic media.

7. Visit Turkey to pick up things faster:

There is no quicker way of learning the Turkish language than actually visiting Turkey. The Republic of Turkey or Turkey as it is popularly known is primarily located in the Western part of Asia.

Many people travel across the globe to spend their vacation at this not merely beautiful but historically vibrant location. So going there is bound to help you learn the language quickly as well as easily because you will be at the very helm of things and you will get to experience life as it is lived by the people of Turkey.

8. Make use of a translating app to assist you:

Each one of us has many apps downloaded on our phone. To help you to learn Turkish quickly as well as easily you could consider downloading a translator app on your phone.

You can say whatever you want in English and the app will allow you to immediately get that translated into the Turkish language. In addition to this, you will also be able to hear how that command or word is pronounced.

If you have some time on your hands you should spend your time doing this. It might seem like a waste of time but doing these small things goes a long way in ensuring that you learn the language properly and swiftly.

9. Start from the basics then move ahead:

The more you practice, the better things are going to be for you. You should ensure that at no point in time you are attempting to overreach.

No matter how much of a hurry you are to pick up the language, you should take things one step at a time and not attempt to rush. The moment you try doing too much, you will only be successful at confusing yourself.

Tell your teacher to make up a strict routine for you and you should stick by the routine and do as you are told.

10. Put your mind to it:

You will never be able to pick up the Turkish language fast and easily unless you put your mind to it. If you genuinely not interested in picking up the language then you shouldn’t even try.

If you’re half-hearted in what you are doing, then you will be unable to make any concrete progress. And If you are eager to learn the language then you will put all your efforts into trying to succeed.

11. Acquaint yourself with some basic as well as useful words and phrases:

When trying to master the language, as mentioned above it is advisable that you start from the Turkish language basics and then gradually make your way to the top.

However, while learning says the alphabets, along with this you should ask your teacher to teach you some practical things which you can immediately start putting into practice. Ask your teacher to tell you some simple words and phrases.

If you are visiting the place, make it a point to know how to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ as well as ‘good morning’ in Turkish!

12. Acquaint yourself with Turkish History and culture:

Your knowledge of any language is incomplete until and unless you have familiarized yourself with the country’s history as well as culture. Once you have acquainted yourself with the history and culture of the place then your knowledge is going to be superficial.

Make it a point to delve deep into things and ensure that you try your level best to learn as much as you can about Turkey. Knowing these things will make learning the language all the more interesting for you and will be able to pick things up much faster.

13. Encourage your friends to learn some Turkish as well:

Picking up a language on your own might be a little challenging especially since you will not be able to put what you have learned into practice. To help you, you should encourage some of your friends to even learn the Turkish language so that all of you can put into practice what you have learned and can share ideas and videos.

Doing things this way is fun and you are sure to learn much more than you ordinarily would have. This can be a book club of sorts, only instead of reading a book, you can discuss how much progress each one of you has been able to make.

14. Try your hand at learning to write as well:

Once you have successfully learned to speak a little you should ask your teacher to help you to learn to write. Your knowledge of any foreign language is incomplete unless you learn to write down a thing or two.

To make things easier for you, start by simply learning how to write the alphabet. Writing is obviously going to be a little more changing as opposed to speaking, but press on with it and pretty soon you will be able to get a hang of things.

15. Sign up for a Turkish language class:

As mention above taking the services of a skilled professional to study Turkish bound to be of great help to you, yet in addition to that, you should consider signing up for a Turkish course or class at some reputed language school.

This might seem like a waste of money, but if you want to pick up the language quickly, you should be willing to go that extra mile to get what you want to achieve. Being in a class with other students is a good thing as the competition will encourage you to pick up things faster than you otherwise would have.

16. Take some standardized exams to mark your progress:

Finally, once you think you have learned a substantial amount of Turkish you should make it a point to take some standardized tests to see whether your efforts have paid off or not.

If your results are not up to the mark, then maybe you ought to give it more time. Yet on the other hand if your results exceed your expectations then that should only encourage you to take things to the next level and get an even firmer grasp upon the language. There are numerous tests for students of various levels so do make it a point to take them.


Learning a new language can seek daunting at first, but once you get a hold of the basics, things are bound to be rather easy for you. You should dedicate your time and a great deal of effort trying to get a grasp over the language. If your attempts are half-hearted, then you will not be able to achieve your goal.

Once you start speaking the language a little at a time, you can try your hand at writing it. Turkish is a beautiful language which is not very tough to get a hold on at all. Mastering this language bound to broaden your horizons a great deal and enrich you as a person.