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How to Make your Commute Better, Productive & Enjoyable


A lot of time goes uselessly in commuting. Whether it is a 10 minute walk or a train or a bus ride, the time that is lost in commuting can be the time that you can use to make yourself better than the rest. As they say, time is precious; therefore, if you are intelligent you would make use of this resource carefully. While, many of you might feel commuting is a waste of time totally, it is actually a very good opportunity for you to do certain tasks which otherwise takes up your time on the other parts of the day.

Productive Commute

There are many apps which help you make use of the time lost in commute and also many simple indigenous ways to do the same. Following and keeping these tips in mind will make your commute more productive, better and also comfortable. Let us now see how you can make your commute better, productive, enjoyable and also comfortable.

Ways to make Productive Commute:

1. Meditate and calm yourself:

Meditation helps in calming down and soothing your mind and body. It makes the body and mind more efficient and improves your concentration and work. Therefore, meditating while you are commuting to work will sharpen up your skills. Meditating while you are commuting back from work to home will take away all your stress and help you feel relaxed once you reach home.

2. Handle your bank accounts:

Handle all your bank account and complete all your credit and debit transactions while you are on your way. You can easily get updated on your bank balance, your recent credits and debits to your account by internet banking or mobile banking. If you need to take a loan you can easily spend time on your commute to compare the best loan packages too. You can also pay your bills on the go.

3. Plan out your day:

If you are among those who usually forget important things or even if you are among those who like to be organized always, commuting may be the right time for you to create a to do list for the day or even for a whole week if you are travelling over a long distance. This will help you stay organized and also save up the time, you can spend thinking about what is left to do later on.

4. Practice your hobbies:

There are many hobbies which are impossible to practice on your commute but these mean those hobbies which can be practiced like reading, knitting, learning new skills, singing and the like. These can very well be brushed up and polished while you are on your commute.

5. Get some on spot exercise:

By exercise, it obviously does not mean hardcore strength training, weightlifting or even yoga as these are impossible while you are commuting. You can get yourself a bit of exercise by standing up while travelling or even taking a short walk to work instead of any transport if your office is close by. Biking and cycling may also be a healthy option to get some exercise while you commute.

6. Learn a new tongue:

You can make your time productive while you commute by learning a new language, there are many apps which help you to learn a new language easily and effectively in a fun manner which are both readable lessons as well as audio lessons for drivers. Each and every word is read out for you to listen and learn while you drive. And if you are a passenger, you can read and learn easily.

7. Plan your step goals and execute it:

With a step calorie counter or an app which can count and record the steps taken by you and convert them into burnt calories, you can easily pass your time. Just turn it on and take steps. If you are travelling by the car, just get off some way further and walk it to your workplace or if you are waiting for any transportation just walk back and forth on the road in which you are waiting.

8. Read previously bookmarked articles:

While you are on your commute you can also read those articles which you so loved after going through just the headers but did not have the time to read it while at work or home. You can read these bookmarked articles now. There are many apps which allow you to bookmark articles from almost anywhere and store it at one place for your convenience.

9. Manage your emails:

You can simply use your commuting time to manage your emails and clean up your inbox. While thousands and thousands of emails flock your inbox, it takes up a lot of time and also is a cause for frustration when you are trying to find out that one email which is important for the day. By deleting unnecessary emails and marking out the important ones, you will save up a lot of time at work.

10. Simply do nothing:

This is the perfect example to prove that less is more. Almost every second of our conscious times of the day, or brain is occupied with something or the other. In order to be more productive, your brain needs rest too. Therefore, just blank out and zone out and give your brain some rest while you commute and think about absolutely nothing.

11. Gain knowledge by staying updated on the news:

We all know just how much time we do not have even to get ourselves a proper sumptuous lunch or dinner due to the work pressure in our lives. Now who has the time to sit through a 1 hour news report but it is very important for you to have knowledge about what is going on in the world. Use your commute to catch up on the latest news through several online news portals on your phone or your tab.

12. Boost up your energy by taking a power nap:

Utilize your commute time by saving up your time to be more productive later on. By this we mean, take short power naps to recharge yourself if you are among the ones who just can’t stay awake at work for long periods of time. But be careful to not snore and disturb others and also take care of your belongings while you are sleeping. A short power nap will keep your sleep cravings during work at bay.

13. Plan and plot new business ideas:

Most of you are very creative and might often stay up late into the wee hours at night thinking about new ideas. These may be new ideas for your new business which you have a dream to establish, or maybe a long awaited travel plan or it might even be plans on how you would deal with life after quitting the job you so hate. Whatever it may be commuting is the best time to plan put your next move.

Ways to make your Commute Enjoyable:

1. Listen to podcasts or audio books:

Listening to podcasts or audio books while you are on your commute to your work is a very effective way to brush up your general knowledge skills. You can choose subjects of your interest like economics, business or even fun subjects like fine arts and Hollywood. There are many apps which help you manage your favorite podcasts and listen to them at one place.

2. Make new friends:

Making new friends is a very enjoyable way to spend your time on your commute. Remember earlier days when there was no internet or even the phone? Yes you can just socialize and talk to people on board to make new contacts and connections which may help you in the future or even if it does not help, who does not like a good chat and a new friend?

3. Update yourself with posts from your favorite entertainment sites:

You can also browse your favorite entertainment sites for the latest news from your favorite public figures. You can also mark out favorite articles and save them for future reference. Keep a tab on your favorite authors and blogs and so much more during your commute.

4. Spend time on your social media:

How many of us have not been able to keep the urge to check and post on social media sites like facebook, twitter and the likes while at work and been caught? You can easily avoid it by browsing and posting on your social media accounts during commuting to keep on check and avoid doing it while at work and also to make your commute enjoyable.

5. Get your daily dose of entertainment:

Entertainment is relative as every other person prefers a different sort of entertainment. No matter what you term as entertainment, commute time is the best for it. Play racing games on your phone or maybe a crossword puzzle to sharpen your wits. You can also listen to or watch your favorite music videos.

6. Be thoughtful and call close ones:

Often due to our busy schedules and the pressure at our workplace, it becomes difficult for us to stay in touch with our relatives, friends or close ones. Commute time is the best time to call up your relatives, friends and also your wife or husband to let them know that you were thinking about them and also catch up on what’s happening in their life. This will be an instant mood lifter for both you and the person you will make a call to.

Ways to make your Commute Comfortable:

1. Get optimum back support:

Adjust the lumbar support if your car has one or if it does not have then invest on a back support to give you a more naturally curvy stature for a comfortable ride on your car. It is especially ideal for longer drives.

2. Adjust your seat:

Adjust your seats height and also its inclination to get a more comfortable and proper ride. Lift it up if you find yourself straining your neck to see the mirror. Most cars have these settings. Therefore adjust and see which setting suits you the most and then stick to it.

3. Invest on a good neck pillow:

Get a good neck pillow to avoid getting neck strains over a long period of time. Sometimes, head rests do not do the job and you might feel like you have to rest your head way back than usual to touch the headrest. Therefore, a neck pillow helps in these cases.

4. Keep extra clothes to change:

While this one is unnecessary for shorter rides, it is an ideal option for longer rides. A pair of clothes can save your day especially in the summers when you find yourself sticky and dirty with sweat and grime when you reach your destination. It is always advisable to change before you get off as no one likes to go for a happy occasion or even a meeting, dirty.

5. Keep your sunglasses ready for the day:

It might have been cloudy when you set off but you never know when the sun starts shining brightly above your head, therefore to avoid squinting and being uncomfortable on your way to or back from work, keep a pair of sunglasses ready to be used.

Commuting Apps to Make Your Trip to Work More Productive:

Having a house or stay nearby to your office is not possible for everybody. So commuting to work becomes mandatory. Commuting to the office takes off a good amount of time every day, be it office transport, public or self.

Now if you think that there is no other way but to feel losing time, then you need not worry. There are many ways by which you can enjoy your commuting and also turn it productive enough. Enjoying your commute time can be done in various ways like listening to music, reading a book, relaxing, etc.

Now if you are bored by doing all such activities then here we have mentioned few best apps that can surely make your commute more productive and enjoyable. Here is a list of apps that you can make use of while you drive or ride. For better understanding, we have segmented this list of Best commuting apps into different sections.

Goal and task tracking apps:

Learning a New Language:

Podcast or Audiobook:

Book reading:

For Being updated on the Latest News

Social Media Apps:

Meditation Apps:

Health and Fitness Tracking Apps:

Meal Planning Apps:


Therefore, keeping these points in mind and indulging in a few or even all if you want, will greatly make your commute time better, enjoyable and productive. Anything and everything is better than staring into space and getting bored each and every day. Boredom seldom benefits. In fact, it causes frustration and disappointments. An occupied mind is always better than an empty one.