If you happen to have a sales interview coming up this week, let me ensure you the interviewer will ask you to sell something to them and it could be a pen. Since pens are quite a common object and are found in most offices, you will be asked to sell that first. And if the thought is already scaring you, then let me assure you that after reading this post you will be as confident as ever. In this article you will learn what to do when sell me this pen interview question is posed upon you as selling a pen in an interview would help employers to assess your sales skills.

how sell pen interview

Here are some cool tips and ideas on how you should be selling them in an interview. Read them carefully before preparing yourself.

Best Answer to “Sell Me This Pen” Interview Question:

1. Prepare yourself:

Before you go for an interview, always prepare yourself for it especially if it’s going to be sales job. There are times when we aren’t able to crack an interview because we aren’t able to answer questions immediately, especially when selling products come into question. You have to practise and prepare yourself at home before starting.

2. Take a close look at the pen:

The first thing you should do is take a close look at the pen. Look at it very carefully. You should not take more than ten seconds before you start off. Plus ten seconds is more than enough for someone to look at a product carefully.

3. Start off with its features:

In order to sell a pen in an interview, it is important to focus on its features. Being a good sales person is about listing down all the good stuff about the product. You should write what is so good about the pen and most importantly what do you think the user will be able to do with. Of course the pen is pretty looking and writes really well but what is so great about this product, sets it apart from the rest. Think of this before answering.

4. Prove that the person is in need of this pen:

One of the most important things in the world of business and sales is that people who are selling a product should always know what the person is looking for and must be able to cater to their needs. An example can be used to illustrate this. If you are expected to sell a pen or even a note pad, go ahead and ask a few questions which will give you an idea as to why this item is a must. The presentation could start with “Assuming that you don’t have this pen right now, can you kindly tell me what you do when you are in the middle of an important paper work meeting and don’t have anything in hand? And even if you have a pen in hand, does it work smooth? Or does it lack refill? What if I tell you about a pen that doesn’t run out of refill at all? Or what if I tell you about a pen that not only writes but also tells you the time?” Asking questions like this will always help you sell better.

5. Talk about the advantages of pen:

Once you have helped the person in front of you understand that they are in desperate need of a pen, you should describe in a proper way about the advantages that come along with it. You could start off with something like this “It does look like you can benefit a lot from this pen. I have some really cool facts here that can help you. Have you ever wanted to have a pen that can work so smoothly that it looks like calligraphy? Most importantly, have you ever wanted a pen that comes with no stains? If the answer is yes, then this is what the pen will help you with. Like this you may start off with all the benefits and impress the interviewer.

6. There should be arguments! Never forget that!:

The person who is interviewing you will definitely try his best to test you by saying something negative to every comment you give. You should try your best not to feel flustered. Listen to their comments closely and then you can offer some solutions that meet the concern of the interviewer. I can also give you a nice example for this one. If you ask your client with what kind of pens do they like writing and if they tell you a ball pen, you can tell them that gel pens are way better, especially the one that you have in hand. They may say that they are worried about the stain to put you down but you can easily tell them that ball pens can never help your writing look good! Gel pens do expect you to take a little care but they write so well, everyone will be impressed!

7. Learn how to close the whole deal:

When you are wrapping up the sale of this pen, you should always imagine ways that will make the customer think of you. They should be left with a good impression. In short, we mean you should leave a mark in their hearts. For example you can ask them “how much do you think this whole set of pens will cost? Really? You will be shocked knowing that they will cost you two times lesser than other expensive signature pens. If you don’t believe me, check out this label yet. Or you know what, try this out. You are going to love this so much, we bet you will want a whole box of them. You can also call us in our website for more details.” You can end the sales interview by smiling at them and shaking their hands.

8. Don’t forget to sell yourself:

Apart from practising all these techniques of sales, you also have to remember to promote yourself. Let people know you because of your personality, your behaviour and the beautiful shining smile you have. You must always remember to be confident, engaging and fun loving. You must always create an environment that is respectful, warm and react gently. You should never come across as someone who is arrogant or rude. Always know that the interviewer is keen on knowing you as a person, so show them that!

Alternative Methods on Selling Pens during Interview:

Here are some alternative methods that can help you sell a pen or any other product during an interview

1. Ask them to let you prepare:

Okay so this point goes out to those who are so nervous during interviews that they need time to brush their skills. Get hold of a pen and grab a piece of paper. Study the pen you are going to sell. Also write down a few questions that you would like to ask the customer that can help you convince them. If you also have the time, jot down a few quick features along with some benefits that you could use during the presentation.

2. Start off like this:

Next you should start off by formally thanking the customer for giving you their precious time. You should also let them know why you are in that interview and that they can ask you questions when they would like to. You may ask them questions such as why do you happen to be in the market for a pen and how many pens are you looking forward to buy and what are the features that could be expecting from their pen. Gather all the info before saying something.

Other Important Tips on Selling Pens:

Here are some other essential tips you should always remember while selling pens during an interview. Keep these ideas in mind as well!

1. Know how to handle your concerns:

You should always know how to be able to handle your concerns. The interviewer will definitely be counter questioning you so that they can test you and understand how you react under pressure. This is of course going to be very hard but you should always stay calm and react gently. Always be willing to answer all questions in a spontaneous manner and show that you are happy that this pen challenge was given to you!

2. Be ready for those curve balls:

There is no reason to simply focus on single pen. Your energy is not worth it. You should instead think of all the different things that could be found in every office situation. This will also allow you prepare for the interview and also help you add all the points you need to, while selling it. Apart from this, you must also familiarize yourself with all the products that your company sells in every event.

3. Let the interviewer know that the pen could save his life:

Another important tip you should remember while selling a pen is that you should be able to cater to the needs of the interviewer. You should speak confidently and say only those things that will make the interviewer feel like their life is dependent on this one product that you are selling. Don’t forget to put yourself in that persons shoes! Also you must let them know that you have been in situations where you wanted something but didn’t get it. That will help you establish a rapport with them.

4. A call of action is a must:

You must always remember to add call to action as a technique. This happens to be the final phase of selling any product when you are in an interview. This could be a vital selling point that should really never go unnoticed. You have to give the person interviewing you a reason to be able to purchase the product immediately even when you are in that room. Though this could be just another exercise, it is an important process that should be started from the start to the end.

5. Speak in a nice voice and don’t forget about your body language:

Now that we are coming towards the end of the article, this is something that must be told. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a pen or a piece of jewellery… if you want to sell a product to your clients and impress them, you have to be confident and impress them with your body language. When you are attending a sales session, don’t forget to smile at them. This will automatically please the interviewer. Secondly, you should have a nice tone to your voice that sounds sweet and impressive. You should show that you are enthusiastic about this and very much confident about the pen you are selling.

6. Do enough research:

This is something you must do before attending the interview. You should have a good idea about the industry because most importantly they are going to ask you to sell a product that belongs to their company. So you really need to show them that you can do it. You must show that you can handle questions like a pro, are well behaved and that you can sell this pen like the best sales man in the whole world. If you can do that, the job is yours and we can vouch for it!

No matter what you are expected to sell during a sales interview, always remember that it is your attitude that matters most. Your interviewer wants to see your best and your worst. This could also be a great time for you to showcase your talents so don’t be shy to speak whats on your mind. And if you follow all these points, we bet you will be able to handle all tough questions during sales interviews. On that note, we would like to wish you good luck!