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Why It’s Better to Be a Bossy Girl? Top 20 Reasons


We all know one girl who will speak up for herself, demand what she wants and criticize you if she feels it’s wrong. These kinds of girls are often labeled as ‘bossy’. This word has some negative tone to it, as it is labeled to someone out of annoyance.

But in reality, this ‘bossy species’ is someone who has strong leadership qualities and knows how to be assertive; which is not a bad thing at all.

Bossy GirlIf you have seen the movie ‘Devil Wears Prada‘, Meryl Streep plays the role of a boss who is very strict and intimidating and wants things to be perfect.

She was said to be ruthless and cynical, but if you have seen the movie, you must have noticed, how she pushed her on-screen assistant- Ann Hathaway to be better in her role and how she reached new heights. This movie totally grasps the qualities of a bossy girl which I will be explaining further in this article.

This article will be an interesting read for girls who have been called ‘bossy’ very often and to people who have a bossy girl in their life. Read on to know why it’s better to be a bossy girl.

This is Why it’s Better to be a Bossy Girl:

Well, surely the term ‘bossy‘ is not a bad word.

Being bossy can be also known as assertive which is a great trait.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s better to be a bossy girl.

  1. You will be great at work
  2. Helps to boost your self-esteem
  3. No one will walk on you
  4. Improves effective communication
  5. helps in lowering stress
  6. Will be able to get what you want
  7. By being assertive, people will be drawn to you 

Dealing With Bossy Women:

A woman plays many roles in her life. And one such role is a bossy personality type.

Men usually have a problem with this type of role especially because of their male chauvinism nature. But understand that not all are the same.

There are levels in bossiness, and when the level exceeds the threshold that is where dealing with them bossy women becomes a tough task.

The time shave gone where women used to behind the doors and men used to behave like they have some superpower,

You can find bossy women in many of the workplaces nowadays. So learning how to handle bossy personality type can be very beneficial.

Here are few tips on dealing with bossy women

  • Convert it into a fun way
  • Being Firm
  • Deal with it in an early stage
  • Being assertive
  • Compromise on matters
  • View the odd turns of phrase

13 Things You Know If You’re A “Bossy” Girl:

In this male-dominated world, if women get promoted and have the option to boss you then that it is not digestible to a set of males at work.

Sounds surprising !! but it’s true.

Growing up as a woman in our society is a tough thing. So that is why women have to emerge all by themselves overcoming all the obstacles. Therefore, they turned out as worth bossy.

So here are few things you know if you are a bossy girl

  • You are called “bossy” or “controlling” as you are confident
  • Seem to look intimidating or unapproachable
  • People find it difficult to handle you
  • You also have a soft side too
  • You’ve got some seriously big goals, but you have no doubt you’ll reach them
  • You love seeing other women take charge and be powerful
  • You’ll like movies/shows/books that show strong female leads
  • You like good challenges
  • Won’t be ready to compromises for anything less than perfection
  • You help others around you to strive for greatness
  • You don’t need any appreciation
  • You’re proud of your strength

1. They have an opinion and will express it openly:

Few people tend to ignore many topics and never think on it to form an opinion about it, but the bossy girl is aware and has an open mind, she will have a strong opinion and will strongly put it forth.

Irrespective of how others will react to it. You may feel annoyed with her option at times, but answer me honestly, isn’t it good to know a different perspective on things.

2. They love challenges:

Let’s be honest, nobody loves frequent challenges and changes. A bossy girl will be the one who welcomes challenges with open arms. She takes every challenge as a learning opportunity and a chance to push herself to achieve something great.

3. They have a great sense of authority:

It takes lots of nerve to handle a responsibility, the bossy girl is authoritative, once she takes up a task, she knows how to get it done.

She will never blame or play games to harm anyone, but she is an excellent team player who will guide all well and get things done.

4. They are extremely self-confident:

You can clearly see the way they carry themselves, the way they speak, they ooze out confidence and you can surely idolize them when it comes to confidence.

5. They have big goals and they never doubt themselves:

Some of us tend to be cynical about the future and doubt our capabilities. We at times do not aim high because of self-doubt or the circumstances.

The bossy girl knows how to achieve things, she will always be the one with big dreams and have set realistic ways to achieve them. Many of us will think that the bossy girl is just all talks and wouldn’t be able to achieve it, but to our surprise, we will see her reaching new heights very soon.

She struggles, pushes herself, finds ways to do things and takes help when needed, and reaches her goals. This quality is really admirable because haven’t we heard, ‘we can be anything, we wish to be’. Her perseverance and confidence is truly something to learn and adapt.

6. They crave perfection:

You will never find a bossy girl with a laid-back attitude; she is headstrong and strives for perfection. Her need for perfection is somewhat annoying to people because those people do things for the sake of doing it.

A bossy girl is passionate and takes things seriously; she will look for ways to achieve things in a faster and easier way.

If she does not know how to do it, she will ask for help, learn new things and push people who are working with her to do things in a better way. Well, we may hate her for this, but wouldn’t you like things which are done in perfection?

7. They push others to do great things:

All of us need a push, a motivator, a mentor or a person who will scold us for being so lazy. A bossy girl comes to rescue in such situations.

Whether it is a situation where you are demotivated and feel stressed out or be it a situation when you are doing things for the sake of getting it completed, a bossy girl will be the one who will push you to achieve something bigger.

Many times you are destined for something bigger, but you need a push to get up and work on it.

8. They don’t take no for an answer:

With her awesome negotiation skills, she will get the thing done and will never take no for an answer.

9. They are full of life and look for excitement:

Life does not happen to you, it is what we make out of it. This is kind of a motto of bossy girl’s life, she will not wait for some exciting opportunities to come, but she will be the one who creates such opportunities in her life, by which she can enjoy, learn and make her life interesting.

She will be the one who has traveled a lot, knows many interesting places, has extremely entertaining stories to share and has a very fulfilling life. Compare your weekend plan with hers and you will see the difference.

Never will you hear a bossy girl say, ‘am so bored’. Her full of life attitude is something everyone should have. She believes that everyone has just one life to enjoy. Being in the company of a bossy girl will help you to enjoy your life as well.

10. They are ever-ready:

I will be honest here and openly say that I hate changes, and am sure you hate it too.

There’s a comfort in a routine which we all love. We get frazzled when it comes to any changes and challenges that come into our life.

Let us take an example where you have an extreme workload at the office and your boss brings in a new project, you may feel burdened and may try to run away from it.

A bossy girl will act totally opposite in this situation, she is always prepared to take up new things and face new challenges. They are always two steps ahead and hone their abilities to do new things. She has learned these abilities because of her attitude toward learning new things.

11. They don’t follow any rules blindly:

You may be the one who shuts your kid down when he bugs you constantly with ‘why’ for each and everything. Reason being, it’s annoying.

If you were annoyed by such kid, think about a bossy girl, who you can hardly shut down and have to tell her ‘why’.

She is the one who will not follow any rules blindly. She will not listen to any kind of things like ‘you are a girl, don’t be like that’ or ‘this is the way it’s done, we have been doing this since very long’. You always need someone to question things, to bring a change and someone who can bring a fresh perspective.

12. They will always criticize you when you are wrong:

You like it or you don’t like it if you are wrong, a bossy girl will definitely criticize you and stop you from doing the wrong things.

Many people in our life will watch us do wrong things and later say, ‘I told you so’ but the fact is they didn’t say anything, and they just wanted you to fail.

So answer me, do you need someone in your life who is manipulative and lets you do the wrong thing or you would prefer someone who is blunt but sets you one right path?

If you are saving yourself from trouble, tolerating some bluntness of bossy girl isn’t that a big deal!

13. They are good at the finish the job:

The delegation of work and delegating the work to the right person is the skill that bossy girl hones.

The leadership skill is top-notch and you do not have to monitor her for the task assigned. If she has taken a charge, consider it done with perfection.

14. They are good at making hard decisions:

Be it a small thing like where and what to eat, to something very complicated like a personal relationship problem, a bossy girl has everything sorted.

Go to a bossy girl with a problem, she will definitely have an awesome solution to your trouble. She is not the one who will spend sleepless nights and brood over a problem, but she is the one who takes charge, acts responsibly and takes good decisions for even hard things in her life.

15. She knows what she wants, always:

Never will you see a bossy girl, thinking a lot over options and compromising on what she gets.

She is the one who has the most detailed description of the coffee at Starbucks, and no one would dare to make it incorrect.

She knows what she wants always and will never settle for anything less. You may feel its so bitchy attitude, but knowing what you want makes things simpler and sorted.

16. They are never afraid to try new things:

A new fashion, a new skill or a crazy adventure, a bossy girl is first in line to try new things.

She believes one wouldn’t know unless she tries it once. Nor is she thinking of failure or others opinion on her. She is headstrong and loves to try new things.

17. They never sugarcoat things:

If you ask your friend, ‘am I fat’, she may make you feel better and sugarcoat things like, ‘no, you are not fat, it’s just a wrong dress’ or something similar to that.

A bossy girl will bluntly say to you, ‘yes you have gained weight, want to reconsider the burger you ordered?’ heartbreaking, isn’t it? But well you have to deal with it; it’s for your own good.

18. They know they’re powerful and strong and they are proud of it:

They very well know that they are the one who stands out in a crowd because of their confidence and ‘bossiness’, they don’t feel bad about it and proud to know that they are powerful and strong.

Also would preach that its nothing wrong with being assertive if that gives them a label of bossy or demanding then be it, they will not change their attitude just to save themselves from being bad-mouthed.

They love the way they are and will continue being the same.

19. They never need any praise or acknowledgment for the things they do:

I love an appreciation for my work, well who doesn’t, right?

A bossy girl does not; she does not expect any recognition or approval from anyone.

20. They are secure and make people feel secure around them:

A bossy girl is a leader, mentor, a guide; and sorted; She knows how to do things well.

She is secure of herself, has high self-esteem and is full of life. If you have someone around you who is sorted and knows how to get out of difficult situations it’s obvious that it will make you feel secure.

Having a company of bossy girl will take you some guts to handle the criticism and bluntness, but she has a soft side, she is definitely not evil and wishes the best for you.

She will be glad to see some other girl take charge and do things well with her. She will be the one who will support the other girl wholeheartedly.

Final Words:

So with these super packed qualities, bossy girls admired and accepted well by all. I strongly advise you not to shun anyone for being bossy, but praise her to have strong leadership skills and have such great confidence.

Cheers to all bossy girls, and kudos to who all have a bossy girl in their life.