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15 Most Productive Things to do on Weekends


The weekends are important not only because we are able to rest and recuperate but also because it gives us time to complete things, which we otherwise mind not have been tending to.

So if you spend the whole week working hard then you should use the weekend as a time to regenerate yourself. After all, “all work and no play makes Jack a dumb boy”. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the productive things you can do during your weekends.

productive things on weekends15 Productive Things do on Weekends:

1. Start the day off early to get maximum things done:

Many people wake up so late during the weekends that by the time they actually do get up it is simply too late to get anything done.

If you are one of these people then you should try your best to alter this habit of yours, so that you are able to complete as much of your pending work as possible.

Once you have successfully completed everything that you set out to do, then you can most certainly hit the sack without any kind of guilt or tension.

2. Study for while:

The weekends are a great time to catch on up that study material which you otherwise did not get the time to go through.

Finishing up as much studies as possible during the weekends will surely be a better option if you are a student, this is owing to the fact that during weekdays you might feel excessively tired after a hard day at school or even college, but during the weekends you are fresh and some chapter which would have taken you hours to study will only take you an hour or so.

3. Read the newspaper thoroughly:

During weekdays not everyone has the luxury of spending hours on end reading the paper thoroughly from cover to cover, however if you love reading, then the weekend is a time where you can read the paper leisurely without any sort of tension.

In addition to reading the articles you could also challenge yourself and your mind by trying your hand at the numerous puzzles, crosswords or even number games that are given.

4. Settle your house and get things in order:

Rather than spending your time doing nothing you could always stay at home and settle a cupboard or two such that during weekdays you have no difficulty trying to locate various things.

If your house is in order and everything is kept in an assigned place then you will see that the amount of time you used to spend searching for various things is now all saved and you can complete tasks quickly and without any kind of tension at all.

5. Spend some quality time with family members:

A productive way to spend the weekends would be meeting up and catching up with loved ones who you might have not had a chance to speak properly to during the week.

Making money and working hard is important during this day and age yet it is equally important to spend time and make memories with loved ones.

Because at the end of the day when you are feeling down and depressed your money can’t make you happy, it is the gentle words of your loved ones which will help brighten your mood.

6. Get some rest so that you are ready to face the coming week, head on:

It’s always a great idea to spend your weekend catching up with your sleep so that you are properly rested to make it through the next week.

If you exhaust yourself by working too much or even do a lot of strenuous activity in the form or partying or hiking during the weekend, chances are that you will fall ill or even be too physically as well as mentally exhausted to get through the coming week.

7. Do some exercises to feel revitalized:

One of the most productive things for anyone to do during the weekend would be to exercise and try to keep fit. Some might not have the time to exercise on normal working days so they should at least try to make up for that by exercising during the weekends.

This does not have to be a strenuous work out, even a little bit of effort in the form of power walk or a brisk jog around the block could really help you in uncountable ways. Staying fit is something we should all make a priority.

8. Cook something for the family or friends:

There is hardly anything more rewarding than cooking a scrumptious meal for the people you love and watching them eat it with delight and pleasure.

Through the week you might not have the time or energy to cook a proper meal so everyone ends up eating out , but the weekend is certainly a time individuals look forward to proper and delicious homemade food that are bound to fill everyone’s hearts and stomachs with a great deal of satisfaction and pure gastronomical bliss.

9. Plan out the meals for the coming week:

Thinking about the meal plans for the following week could really help you shave off many a precious moments when it comes to the busy weekdays.

If you actually think about what you are likely to cook in the coming days then you can chop and freeze a few vegetables or groceries which you are sure to need. These are quick little ways to help you make it through the week without making you feel completely and utterly drained.

10. Make a to-do list of all the things you need to get done in the coming week:

Making a to-do list of the various things you need to get done in the coming week will really help you organize yourself in the appropriate manner. Having a plan always helps things get done in a much smoother and better manner, as opposed to not having one.

11. Update your blog:

Blogging is something that people across the globe indulge in. In addition to it being a good past time for many, it is also a great way to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Many people just blog for the sheer love of it and they use their spare time during the weekends to put up posts and even do other blog related work. In addition to this you could also spend your time quickly browsing through your mails which you otherwise might have not had the time to check.

12. Meditate for while on the week that has gone by:

Meditating on the week that has gone by and all the countless positive things that have happened to you could really help you relax and feel blessed.

However if in the course of the week, you have even committed some blunders then you should not read too much into it. Rather you should try and accept it as a learning experience which has enriched you. Once you learn from a mistake it is unlikely that you will repeat it.

13. Go shopping for groceries:

Most people do not even get the time to take a deep breath during the week, let alone go groceries shopping. So they use the time of the weekends to head to the grocery store and pick up their weekly or monthly supplies in bulk.

Going grocery shopping is something which many of us might not like doing but needless to say that it is something that needs to be done, and it is better to pick up as many things as possible at one go so as to reduce the number of trips you have to make to the super market each week.

14. Go for a little outing:

Rather than a big exhausting trip even a small outing to a cousin’s place or to a restaurant for lunch could really help make everyone’s weekend a memorable one. It is outings like this that remain etched in the minds of everyone.

So no matter how small you should try and arrange some fun outing each week where the family can come together and have a lot of fun.

15. Tend to the garden:

Gardening is indeed a relaxing practice that can really help you feel at one with nature. So rather than spending a ton on getting a gardener, you could take the time during the weekends to do some landscaping on your own so as to make your back yard more aesthetically pleasing.


So these are some of the main things that you can do during your weekend, so as to make the most of it. However it is of paramount importance that you do not stress yourself out, otherwise it will certainly tell on your health.

Make sure that you do all your pending chores, but also get in a lot of rest so that, come Monday and you will be able to handle any pressure or complexity that might come your way without having any feelings of distress or fatigue.