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What are Some Productive Things to do Online?


Online mean doing something by making use of the internet. There are many things that you can do online and make the best out of the day. When feeling bored at home or even when you are traveling, or sitting in office etc. there are number of things to shed away the boredom. The best thing to do i.e something productive to do online is that you can do what you want at any time and being at any place. For that you just need to have an access to internet on your mobile or laptop. The productive things to do online are:

productive things to do onlineProductive Things to do Online:

There are many productive things to do on the internet. The following mentioned are few tips how to do something productive on the internet or do something productive online.

1. Surfing and searching:

It means you can learn something new by making use of the internet. Search whatever you want be it any topic and you will get elaborated information of everything you search. Make use of the search engines and you get the information instantly. By this you are able to learn a lot of things, that otherwise you may not learn.

2. Learning new languages:

The best thing about learning something online is that you don’t need paper books in hand. Just there is a requirement of internet on your laptop, computer or the smart phone. Learn any foreign language you want be it Arabic, French, Spanish, German or whatever it be.

3. Shop, shop and shop:

You can even do shopping online. There are number of sites that offer online shopping. If you love to buy things, then do it by not even moving an inch from where you are sitting. You just need to select whatever you wish to have and all your requirements are fulfilled.

4. Entertainment:

In order to utilize your time, you can play games online or you can even watch online entertainment programs on youtube. Youtube offers videos of songs, movies, serials and so on. If you are outside and you have your smart phone with internet access, you can do anything and entertain yourself at that time.

5. Writing blogs, articles:

If you are good at writing, then start with your blog online. There you are required with posting your articles along with images and videos. This way you are able to develop your writing skills moreover you will be able to enhance your social skills at workplace.

6. Reading, analysing:

You like reading books, magazines and articles, then do away with the paper books and comfort yourself with the online books, magazines available. All kinds of magazines, books are available be it entertainment, novels, biographies, essays, articles, general knowledge, fashion magazine, current GK, mathematics, sciences and the list is endless.

7. Improve pronunciation:

Every word online has it’s meaning, it’s usage, pronunciation, sentences, origin and everything from small to large. You can improve your speaking skills by following the pronunciation online.

8. Listen music, songs online:

Do not worry if you have no playlist on your smart phone or computer. Just make use of internet and you will get every kind of song be it old, romantic, hip hop, pop, new, English, hindi, Punjabi or any other language. Listen to your favourite music online and relax yourself.

9. Chatting with family, friends:

During the break in office, you can chat with your friends, family, wife, children on whatsapp, facebook etc., or you may even share what you are doing by sending them the images, videos and so on. Or over video calling, video chatting is also one of the option. So, chat and share all your happiness, worries and make memories out of the things you use.

10. Search for better jobs:

There are sites where you can search for better job opportunities and can even send your resume online on the sites like,, and so on. If you are not satisfied with your present job then, just do this, it is really productive and you can even do it through your mobile phone.

11. Handle professional life:

You can even handle your professional life by keeping track of the professional accounts like twitter, instagram, facebook, emails and so on. You can answer to all your mails online, sitting anywhere, at airport, home, market, but the only thing is you must have an access to internet along with the device in which you can get that access.

12. Increase social circle:

Apart from meeting people in person, you can meet them and know them on various sites and that too professional one such as linkedIn, where you can make your own account and link to number of people you know and can even add more to it. This way you will be able to enhance your circle as well as build goodwill.

13. Study online:

Instead of buying books from the book store, you can buy the same book online in the pdf format. The book online will be cheaper than the handy one and will give you number of benefits like; It will be long lasting, no fear of getting torn and lost, portable, need not carry while traveling, can read even while commuting and there are many more. So, this is one of the most productive thing you can do online.

14. Make corrections in your articles:

If you have no one to check your articles you write, then there is internet. It acts as a helper, guide, teacher, friend as a true companion. You can get your article check online by downloading the grammarly check on your system and it will do everything from checking spellings, punctuation, sentence formation and so on. You come to know your mistake and can get corrected on the spot. So by this manner, you are able to improve your skills.

15. Convey your hearty wishes to near and dear one’s:

One can even send hearty wishes to the near and dear one’s online only, through social networking sites like facebook, twitter, instagram by tagging each one of them. You can convey your wishes in text, or can even make picture collages, videos, to make others happy on their special days like anniversary, birthdays, achievements etc.

16. Follow recent updates:

Apart from the wishes, office work, entertainment etc, you can follow the recent updates, news, current happening around the world by reading everything online. Or you may even download the free applications in your mobile and you will receive all the information online instantly.

17. Give interviews online:

In case you are not able to commute for interviews, you can give it online also through skype i.e skype job interview. This is one of the prevalent methods and you can also opt for this. You can give it by being anywhere, but only essential thing you need is the skype application in your mobile. If you have that you can do anything. You can even talk to your relatives, friends and family, face to face with the help of skype.

18. Listen to online radio:

Radio is also available online. Some of the shows of RJ’s are accessible online and are also the form of entertainment. By listening online radio also, you can get any sort of information you have missed and can update yourself by not being late. Online radio is not only the source of information but also the form of entertainment. You come across various advertisements and also the new things in the market.

19. Online bank transactions:

On holidays and Sundays, you can utilize you day by handling the online transactions of your account. You can check everything from what is debited and what is credited with the help of internet. You need not move to your bank, but can do by sitting in office, home or anywhere else.

20. Watch movies online:

Movies are also available online. Whichever movie you wish to see, be it English, hindi or Punjabi or in any other language, you can see and entertain yourself. You will not have to spend extra money on movie ticket, only spend on having internet access and the work is done. So, watch and enjoy the latest, old, medium movies online.

21. Prepare for entrance examinations:

Sometimes it becomes difficult to gather books of different subjects at the same time and prepare for examination. At that time, you can have an access to internet and study for the exams online. Moreover online you can get the whole pattern of examination and can even prepare the similar way. Thus, saves your time and energy. Whether it is civil service examinations or for any admissions, search it online and you will get every bit of the information.

22. Get creative ideas:

If you have got an awesome hand in art and craft then you can blend your ideas with that of ideas on internet. You can get numerous ideas on internet and can also follow them. By this manner you are able to enhance your skills, increase your knowledge as well as ideas. Ideas related birthday cards, anniversary cards, or on any other auspicious days, you can get various easy as well as complicated ideas and can follow them.

23. Kids can listen as well as learn rhymes:

Wow, this is also one of the best things to do online especially for kids. They can learn rhymes and can even see their videos. Now days it is in trend, kids start their schools from laptops and learn many of the things online by listening rhymes. So this is also one of the benefit of internet and doing activities online.

24. Take part in competitions organized by various organizations:

If you love to compete then you can do it online as well. There are many opportunities available online and can take part in number of competitions. Registration to selection, all is done online and even the payment to get enrolled is given online. For this too internet is needed and also the device to connect to it. This way you will not even have to move from your place and all your work will be accomplished online.

25. Search for your career:

It is best way to know what career you are really interested in and this can also be done online. Just google out what you want and everything will be displayed to you. Right from the remuneration to the steps to choose a career will be there for you. People may confuse you with the wrong information but internet will give you the apt and is more reliable than persons.

26. Spread important information:

At one time you can give an important information to as many people you wish to by just putting it on social networking site, but in person you will only be able to share it to single or more than two three persons particularly. Either make use of facebook, twitter, instagram, or any other social networking site, every site provides and spreads info within a blink of an eye and your work is done.

So, above are some of the things that you can do online. All of the above things are productive in one way or the other and also result in something fruitful. Due to all above advanatges, internet has proved to be a boon for every individual as one can do anything on internet right from study, business, job, to shopping and entertainment. Just you need to have good internet connection and all your work is done. Now days high speed internet connections are available like 3G, 2G and all, get anyone on your mobile and enjoy the services online. There are also number of disadvantages but one should discard them and take the positive things in mind and make the best use of it.