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9 Stupid Interview Questions and their Smart Answers


Job seekers are desperately in need of a good opportunity; they go from office to office in the hope of landing a good job. If you are also looking for a job, you will understand the problems that arise while going to an interview.

The interviewer sits on the chair and starts throwing pointless questions at times using the old standard interview script. He may as well forget the entire interviewing session after just a few hours, but only you know how it feels answering stupid interview questions of such type.

Stupid interview questions

How to Answer in Interview the Most Stupid Questions Asked:

A job seeker should not be asked questions that an interviewer cannot answer himself. However, you still have to answer those silly and pointless questions for obvious reasons; you need that job. But, below you will learn the interview answers you can use when you hear the most stupid questions on a job interview. Following are few silly questions with smart answers.

QUESTION 1- Why Do You Think We Should Hire You For This Company?

Don’t you think that it is their problem to solve? It is an extremely brainless question, since it commands you to say I am hardworking, smart and love cleanliness, etc.; never say anything like that.

The Perfect Reply:

Tell them that your interview session would make them see whether you are right for this job or not. Let them know how great this question is and that they must meet several other candidates too and judge who is better for this position, leaving them with many open options.

QUESTION 2- Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

Does the interviewer know where the company will be in the next 5 years? Well, this is simply a question that is too silly to answer. Where the interviewee sees himself in future is none of the interviewer’s business, unless they are being offered a lucrative 5 year working contract. Life is so busy these days and moving so fast that you cannot have clear plans that far out.

The Perfect Reply:

The best way to answer such a question is by telling them how hard you will be working if you get to work with them for 5 years. Let them know how passionate you are about music, software design, etc. or maybe a combination of different things.

QUESTION 3- WHAT Kind of Animal Would you be if you Were One?

Remember that you have come for an interview and not to a magic show where one can be transformed into an animal. It is not a play date where we are asked such stupid or fun filled questions. Some decorum should be maintained since the interviewee’s ability and livelihood to feed their family rests on this meeting.

The Perfect Reply:

Answer whatever you feel at that very moment. However, some people prefer excusing themselves from the interview at this point. You can always dive in if you have a high tolerance for such stupid question by picking something strong like a lion or a tiger that clearly relates the animal to the skills needed for the job.

QUESTION 4- If You Could Be A Super Hero, What Super Powers Would You Want To Get?

Didn’t you express yourself aloud that you are not there to attend a magic show? Even if they want to find out about your personality, this still remains a very childish question.

The Perfect Reply:

This bizarre question should be answered in a way that reveals your personality and creativity by naming a super hero you like.

QUESTION 5- What Is The Name Of The Last Book You Read?

Again, it is none of their concern. “Do you have plans of calling me over to tell you bedtime stories?” You wish you could say that!

The Perfect Reply:

Naming some magazines and newspapers related to their industry will surely attract the interviewers and make them think that you are an intellectual person who does not like to waste their time reading pointless entertainment magazines.

QUESTION 6- How Honest Are You?

“After lying throughout my interview, do you still think I will give you an honest answer?” You would definitely not want to say that and get kicked out instantly. The reason why this question sounds stupid is because nobody would actually confess that they are liars.

The Perfect Reply:

Answer in a way that assures the interviewer that you recognize the logical issues presented by the question. Also, presenting good recommendation letters from previous employees would be a good answer to this question.

QUESTION 7- How Happy Are You On A Scale Of 1 To 10?

You are certainly not happy with this question but you still have to answer it anyways.

The Perfect Reply:

You can rate yourself an 8, but ensure them to reach 10 if you work for them. Scaling yourself below 8 can assume depression about the costly employee absenteeism and health insurance.

QUESTION 8- What Does Your Previous Boss Has To Say About You?

Your old boss shouldn’t be a trusted authority here. He might be addicted to drugs or may have been incompetent. People who ask you this stupid question cannot evaluate you sitting in front of them answering to their bizarre questions.

The Perfect Reply:

Your answer should, however, never be against any of your bosses. Answer them by explaining the different relationships you had with each one of them and how you were their most reliable support.

QUESTION 9- How Does Your Partner Feel About You Working For Long Hours?

This is a very stupid question to ask, but it suggests the interviewer is simply trying to see whether you are married or not. However, this information is irrelevant to the candidate’s qualifications.

The Perfect Reply:

If you hear this question, then communicate your flexibility and work ethics to achieve the desired outcome. Tell them how you can balance your professional and personal life in a good manner.

It is a very difficult job to predict someone’s job performance in a 50 minute interview. Some interviewers are very well trained and skilled, while the majority of them are not. This lack of training results in some very stupid job interview questions.

The stupid questions to ask are not only insulting but they also make it very difficult for the interviewers to separate the best candidates from the bad ones. However, before going for an interview, make sure you do a little research about the company you are going after.

Author Bio: Hannah Williams is associated with Essay Plus which provides writing and editing services to the students in UK. She is also a regular contributor to many popular educational blogs.