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How to Look Good in a Group Job Interview?


Getting a job is often very challenging and especially in fields where there is a lot of demand for the job, things can turn out to be very tough. There are many jobs that call candidates for group interviews. These interviews usually turn out to be extremely tiring and exhausting. Very few and the most deserving candidates only survive till the last round. The rest of them are removed in the different rounds of a group interview. Hence, your appearance in a group interview is of extreme importance. Here we have listed out several group interview tips that will help to improve your appearance in a group job interview. It will also increase your chances of getting the job you most deserve or desire.

look good in group interviewWays to Stand Out in a Group Job Interview:

The following mentioned are few job interview tips on how to stand out in a group interview and few interview techniques that help you ace in group discussion interview.

1. The Right Attire:

The job interview attire is what creates the first impression in any type of interview. You must remember that in group interviews there are several candidates who simultaneously apply for the same position. The one who is best dressed in the group interview activities is sure to be noticed by the interviewers. You need to take time and effort to select the right attire for the group job interview.

If you are appearing for a store model type job interview, it is best to wear an outfit that is sold by the brand. If you wear the right fit and most suitable outfit for the interview, the interviewers will know that you know the brand well. This will help to strengthen your profile during the job interview.

2. Good Grasp on Language:

When the interviewers are interviewing a group of candidates, one thing that is sure to count a lot is language prowess. If you have good hold on your language and know well how to use your words, you will surely be noticed in a group job interview.

On the contrary, if you have very poor language skills, you can have a really bad time during a group job interview. Hence it is a great idea to furnish your language skills before you head to a group job interview. Crash course in language skills can also help you eliminate common errors and speak in a sophisticated manner.

3. The Right Accent:

While there are many people residing in different countries of Asia and other continents who learn and grasp English grammar pretty quickly, there are few who are able to grasp the nuances of English accent. The accent or the tone of speaking actually gives the language a personal touch.
Especially if you are appearing for a group job interview in a multinational firm, accent can have a great impact on the interviewer’s decision to hire you. So be prepared to flaunt the correct accent that will impress the interviewer and help you get your dream job.

4. Timing Can Be Crucial:

Your timing while answering questions in interview can be really crucial. You should not jump to answer the group interview question as soon as the interviewer looks at you. Take time, think and answer. Wait and be patient till your turn arrives. Once it is your turn, present the answer in the most mature and thoughtful manner. It should appear as if you were not too eager to answer but just casually presented the facts you knew so well.

If you time your answer perfectly, it may create a lasting impression on the minds of the interviewers. You may not just clear the crucial rounds of the group job interview but also be shortlisted for the final round.

5. Good Manners:

In a group interview, since there are many candidates who appear for the same interview round, good manners can be of greater importance than in other interviews. In a group of candidates if you wish to stand out or be noticed, good manners is one trump card that may help you. These are sure to be noticed by the interviewers.

Hence, once you enter the interview room, make it a point to greet the interviewers with a warm handshake. Do not take your seat unless you are asked to. Such good manners will surely be noticed in a group interview. Be soft spoken and polite during the entire interview process. Your tone also defines your persona. Being soft-spoken is always an acceptable trait.

6. The Leader in You:

The interviewers are seeking candidates who can lead a team to success. They are seeking leadership qualities in their prospective candidates. If you ever get an opportunity to reveal the hidden leader in you, make it a point to show the interviewers your leadership skills. You may mention the events that you have organized in your school and college days.

In group interviews, there are occasions when the entire group is given a problem to solve and the group is evaluated on their ability to coordinate and work in a team. If any such occasion arises, make it a point to show your leadership skills. Show them how you lead the team to success. The interviewers should be convinced that you are capable of working in a team. You should also convince them that you are able to lead the team to successfully complete the task at hand.

7. Team Spirit:

Team spirit is another quality that the interviewers try to assess in their prospective candidates while taking a group interview. The interviewers may assign you a task and may ask all of you to together complete the task at hand. They may then see how each member contributes. They try to find out whether the candidates possess team spirit. If you are able to reveal your true ability to work in a team, the interviewers may consider hiring you for the particular vacancy. Things you should strictly avoid during the group interview is any kind of conflict with other candidates. If your opinions do not match with the members in the team, try to resolve the issue by discussing things out.

8. Knowledge is Power:

If you do not possess the required knowledge, there are very few chances that you will be hired by a reputed firm. You need to possess the right knowledge to deserve a good position in a reputed firm. Knowledge is always power and as you ascend the success ladder, knowledge becomes even more important. Hence, make sure you are thorough with your subject knowledge. A revision may help you in careers in the technical field. Be confident while answering questions.

9. The Great Orator:

Big firms always seek individuals who possess good speaking and oratory skills. In group interviews types, there is always a round of group discussion in interview where you get to reveal your oratory and speaking skills. Practice before you head for the interview and make it a point to quote great men while speaking to your interviewers. They are bound to be impressed and this may help you achieve your dream career. If you have stage fear or lack confidence, make it a point to practice rigorously.

10. Hygiene Matters:

While these are often regarded as the less significant facts, they also matter a lot in group job interviews. You need to be neat, tidy and hygienic. Make sure you do not wear smelly socks to the interview. It is a good idea to carry a handkerchief or a set of tissues while heading for the interview. Hand sanitiser helps you keep your hands free from germs. You may also carry a deodorant along with you if you have smelly armpits.

11. Test of Your Knowledge Regarding The Brand:

If you are applying to be a brand manager or a brand marketer, you need to have the knowledge regarding the brand. The interviewers try and evaluate your knowledge regarding the brands through different rounds of interview questions. You need to conduct a thorough study regarding the brand and its products so that you may answer the interviewers promptly and correctly.

12. Endurance Test:

Some firms even test the endurance of the candidate of his ability to survive the different rounds of a challenging interview. Very few candidates possess the stamina or the strength to live through the different rounds of the interview. You need to make sure you can endure the different rounds while maintaining a cool temper. You may carry a few toffees or mouth fresheners to help you stay fresh. You may also carry a book with you to entertain yourself in your idle time.

Group interviews are often the most challenging form of job interviews. The competition is stiff and you need to survive many challenging rounds before you make it through. The interviewers seek many qualities in a single candidate and that is the reason why they have many different rounds. If you practice for similar rounds at home, you will be able to face these rounds with greater confidence. So make sure you rehearse the different group interview rounds at home before you head for the interview. It will help you look good and appear like the ideal candidate in a group job interview.