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How to Become a Java Developer? 17 Ultimate Steps


Java is a highly demanded and popular programming language which is been utilized by developers for web based and mobile applications. To work as a java developer is something that is fun and passion.

Many individuals desire to become a good java developer. Programming skills and in depth knowledge is something that can help you market yourself as a good developer. If you’re a java professional and obsessive about Java, you can become a good java developer by following a few hints.

become a java developerStep By Step Path to Become a Java Developer:

The following mentioned are a few tips on how to become a java developer and how to learn programming skills and become an expert in java coding.

1. Good understanding of OOPs principles and basic foundation:

Object oriented programming is the basic foundation that java developers need to be strong in. Without OOP knowledge one cannot admire the beauty of java language.

It would be a procedural way of programming when the developer is not strong in the OOPs concept. Apart from learning the definitions and principles of OOPs, the developers should possess good knowledge of applying the same principles in designing an OOP solution.

To become a good java developer, the developer should possess sound knowledge in polymorphism, design patterns, inheritance, object modeling, and other basics.

2. Skilled in core API:

Constructs and core APIs are a few aspects where java developer should be skilled in. To present yourself as a good java developer the developer should possess hands on experience on core API such as collections, java.lang, I/O, Threads, Exceptions, generics, and JDBC. Irrespective of the framework used, for web application development a sound knowledge of JSP and servlets is mandatory.

3. Practice coding:

practice coding

When discussing java theoretically it looks simple and easy. To become a good java developer it is important to implement the approach, in this way the language limitations and best design practices can be studied in depth. Coding and coding is the best way to learn java programming and become an expert java specialist.

4. Forum subscription:

Many people across the globe are working on the same java technology and fighting hard to present themselves as a good java developer. Real challenges not faced when you work on simple concepts and projects.

Weird issues arise when a developer works on a real time project and the worst part is that solutions not found in official documents. Subscribing to technology forums can be the initial aspect to accomplish by the developer when working with new technology.

You may face certain issues while working where the same issue would be faced by someone else somewhere. When the developer subscribes to forums, through discussion the solution for any issue can be found out.

5. Blogs and responses:

There are plenty of enthusiastic technology freaks across the globe utilizing java. Blogs are one way where a varied perspective of the technology can be found here as various bloggers would be blogging their insights.

A blog is a place where you can see someone speaking great of the technology and someone else speaking stupid about the framework and mentioning the reason for the same. A blog can show you both good and bad aspects of the technology and hence follow the good ones and reply to those blogs.

6. In depth learning of Java:

indepth java learning

The usage of the framework is known by any good java developer. But only an outstanding developer would know the source code for many successful frameworks where the internal mechanism can be studied and best practices can be experienced. In this way the framework can be utilized operationally.

7. Developments in technology:

It is a fact that trends keep on changing in open source software development. You would gain insight and get a complete idea about a framework where a new framework pops in with a brand new set of features, out beating others.

You might battle with an issue for solving a problem with the current network where a brand new network with the problem already solves with a single line of configuration would be introduced. To become a good java developer it is important to keep an eye on the latest development in technology.

8. Code snippets and utilities to be handy:

Being a java developer there would be a need to write the same code again and again. It would be good to keep certain codes like JDBC configurations,, and utilities such as reflectionUtils, string tips, and DBUtils handy.

This may not be a reason to make you outstanding but you may help your colleague who requires the value of the property from object collection, where you can use your ReflectionUtil and provide a solution in few minutes. This can make you outstanding as a java developer.

9. Updated with varied development methodology:

These days’ clients demand several methodologies for development. For the same reason, a java developer should well-versed with the latest development methodology which includes a waterfall, Agile, XP, SCRUM.

Many clients require Agile and some satisfied with the waterfall model and hence a good developer should be skilled in all methodologies.

10. Document thoughts:

As a java developer one can get to learn more and more ideas, thoughts and find a better way of handling certain issues. Keep documenting these thoughts and share across the community so that some other java developer would be benefitted from it.

You may have handled and solved a bizarre program while handling a simple POC and blogged the same. Someone else across the globe would also have faced the same issue and would have solved it by reading your blog.

Solutions for a developer are important and might be helpful in many ways. Hence a good java developer should make sure to document all his solutions, findings and many more to present him as the best one.

11. Understand the code:

understand code

To be a good java developer, one needs to understand the code better. As a developer when writing code, make sure you understand the meaning for every line of the code. In case there are instances you don’t understand, take time and research on it till you get to know the concept. In this way, you will not feel and muddled with the coding. A good understanding of the code makes you a good java developer.

12. Detailed learning:

Detailed learning of java programming is mandatory to become a good java developer. Java programming software can be installed in the computer or java development kit can be installed for free from the website and practicing java can be carried on. Programming tools which are used for debugging, writing and running Java can also be installed.

13. Reading books:

Coding differentiates as good code and bad code, to know the identification one should read more of Java books. By reading through books, codes can read and identify. Several prominent books present an in depth knowledge of Java. A good java developer should also have the habit of reading through books and absorbing knowledge.

14. Contributing to open source:

To improve programming skills and become a better programmer it is good to contribute to open source code ones from Google, Apache, and many other projects. It is a smart way to listen to their teaching sessions by signing their mailing list.

The beneficial fact of signing up is that almost all discussion is amongst best programmers and hence listening to this can be knowledge oriented. To become a developer, one should ask questions, open up their view and get along with them.

15. Important sessions to practice:

practice java

To become a programmer or java coder, the developer should focus on data structures, algorithms and also on design related complications. Developers good in data structures, algorithms and basics found to have sound knowledge in the subject.

These topics are important along with key programming principles, sort algorithms and search which develop programming skills.

16. By helping others:

A developer can learn java coding more when they tend to help others; a good java programmer should help others and can also get to know the new tangles the programmer faces. In this way, they can learn new deviations in the java programming language.

17. Fixing problems:

A good java developer should have the capacity to analyze and understand the problem which takes less time for them to fix it. Apart from just hitting the keyboard for codes, thinking and analyzing is important for becoming a better programmer.

Apart from all these steps, a good java developer should remember that he can learn to code java from other codes as well. These few tips can be beneficial and helpful in turning a developer into a good java developer.

Complete concentration, practice, and experience would turn a developer into an excellent java expert. Online links and connect with the various blogs and social media sites are wonderful opportunities these days which help java developers broaden their knowledge and become excellent.