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Technology in the Workplace Pros and Cons


Why Use Technology in the Workplace?

Every place is using technology in order to make the work easier. Due to the advancement of technology, it has become easier to work as the process has just simplified.

The technology has become so advanced that the work which earlier was completed in days is now being done within a blink of an eye.

The work without technology is nearly impossible in today’s time. This is because the workload has increased and that workload can only be catered on time with the help of advanced technology. The technology in the workplace is important due to the following reasons:

Technology Workplace Pros Cons

1. The work is done within no time:

The technology helps in doing work with the pace unimaginable. Provided the technology must be used in a positive manner. This is because after all, it is technically not the human brain. So it can stop working at any time. The work by the computers is done in a jiffy which is a boon to humankind.

2. Increases efficiency of work:

The work becomes efficient with the use of technology. The technologies like the computers, the software’s installed in it are like the god to man. The software like Adobe Photoshop, coral draw, and many other editing software do wonders to produce the final product. So, the efficiency of the work increases with the use of the technology.

3. The work is done in coordination:

Due to the technology, it has become possible to connect one department with other. It is just the Wi-Fi services which help in increased connectivity. Earlier it was not possible, but now everything one can think is possible.

The manufacturing department can contact the advertising, production, planning department with just a single click of a button. If the workplaces do not make use of the technology, their work may come to a standstill. So, to prevent that one has to make use of the technology.

4. The work is done with similar consistency:

When humans work, there are chances of the work getting dissimilar. But this is certainly not in the case of the technology.

For example, when the robots are used to make a product, it will be similar until the machine gets a defect.

The consistency in the work is essential and the demand of every company. This is also one of the reasons why the technology must be used in the workplace.

5. Reduces the mental stress of the employees:

The work is divided to a larger extent when technology is used. This helps the employees. Their mental stress is reduced which is again good for the company itself.

The employees are able to pay attention to the important aspects which help the company to grow.

Also, the work quality of employees improves as they work in the less tensed environment. When work is divided, less tension, more efficiency in work and the output automatically is appreciable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Workplace Tabular Form

Benefits of Technology in the Workplace Cons of Technology in the Workplace
More connectivity It makes a person lazy
The work has reduced a lot Less employment opportunities are there
The work is more accurate and persistence Huge losses if the technology fails to work properly
One can even work without going to the office What human can do, a machine can never do
More work in less time can be done The human talent gets lost
Time and energy is saved The lack of understanding
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Here are some of the reasons why technology is important in the workplace.

Benefits of Technology in the Workplace:

The technology provides the number of benefits to the human as well as his or her professional work. Some of the benefits are as follows:

1. More connectivity:

Now it is the technology which rules in the workplace. Not actually just the workplace but also at home. The technology has connected the people from one corner of the world to another corner.

If the office is in India and the client is from America, it makes no big issue at all, because one can contact each other even sitting miles away through the technology. So, the technology has connected people from every nook and corner of the world.

2. The work has reduced allot:

Half of the work is now done by the technology used in the companies or the workplace. Like computers in the IT sectors, the robotic machines in the factories or the manufacturing hub and so on.

The work is done by them which reduces the pressure in the mind of an individual. Earlier the work from pin to an elephant has to be done by the laborers only but now it has been divided.

3. The work is more accurate and persistence:

The work done by machines is accurate. Every product manufactured is the same. Every entry in the computers goes right and even the computers are able to check the grammar of its own. You just write something, the spellings and the grammar gets checked automatically.

So, the technology has also made the work of writers very easy. So from this, we come to know that the technology is not only helping one section of the society but is assisting others also at the same time.

4. One can even work without going to the office:

The person does not need to go to the office. Just sit at home, get your computers with you, have the internet connection and you can work from home.

But do not use it in a wrong way. In case of emergencies, it is the boon for everyone as the person need not be present in the office. You just need a good connectivity.

5. More work in less time can be done:

The work we use to do in hours now can be done within no time. This is only possible with the help of technology. The advancement in technology has not just made a human being advanced but also the style of working has got an immense change. The people have become smarter and intelligent with the use of advanced technology.

6. Time and energy are saved:

The time and the energy is saved when the technology is used for the work. the computers just help in completing the task with a single click and that’s the best thing about the technologies. One can save a lot of time to do other tasks in life.

So, the above mentioned are some of the advantages of technology in the workplace provides. That is the reason why today every single task is done through the advanced and smart technology.

Cons of Technology in the Workplace:

Every coin has two sides, so does the technology. If there are advantages that it provides then no one can deny the cons also. Some of the disadvantages are as follows:

1. It makes a person lazy:

A person becomes lazy when he or she knows that the work will be done by the technology installed. He works in a leisure manner thinking that everything will be fine and perfect. But this is not the case always. Effects of technology person, after all, it does only what it is made of and nothing more than that.

2. Fewer employment opportunities are there:

The people get fewer jobs just because most of the work is done by the machines and the robots. There is no need left for the human to work, robots work in the more efficient manner than humans, which produce greater results at the end of the day. Due to this thinking only, many people are left unemployed and reel under the poverty.

3. Huge losses if the technology fails to work properly:

There is never a lifetime guarantee for any machine. It can go waste anytime, even if it is branded. So, in such a case the company has to bear huge losses. The whole manufacturing process halts, along with it the work of other departments also comes to a standstill. This way the companies has to go from the really tough situation.

4. What human can do, a machine can never do:

A machine can never perform as well as a human can. This is because the human can use his or her brain and machine cannot. No novelty is brought into the product as the machine produces the same stuff again and again. But human can do brainstorming and get a new featured product every possible time. so, this way humans are far better than the technology.

5. The human talent gets lost:

The manual work is more appreciated than the machine work. Also, the manual work requires more hard work which ultimately produces great work at the end of the day. When a person completely depends on the technology at work, he or she becomes dependent on it fully, without realizing that time never waits for anyone. So, for this reason, also it is better not to make use of excess technology.

6. The lack of understanding:

The understanding among individual is affected. This is due to the lack of conversation. If the client is far away from you then it is not possible to connect face to face. One can only know through skype or any other technology. So, it leads to less understanding.


So, above are some of the disadvantages of technology in the workplace. The importance of technology, it has bought an emotional distance between the people which leads to less understanding among each other at the workplace.

The less understanding and less conversation leads to more confusions, fights and ultimately affects the quality of the work.