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How to be more Organized and Efficient at your Work Place


We live in a competitive world where each day thousands of fresh candidates join the bandwagon hunting jobs and adding to the existing competition.

To survive in such a scenario, one needs to be productive, competitive and useful.

Organized work strategies and improved productivity ensure your survival in the test of time. Following mentioned are some ways to be more organized and efficient at work.How to be organised and efficient

Tips to be Organized and Efficient at work:

The method to plan and organize your work may vary greatly based on the type of job you undertake.

Here are some factors you need to consider before you venture to organize the best way to get the work done:

1. Nature of work:

The tasks involved in the project may be office based or outdoor projects. Planning and resourcing may vary greatly in each case.

2. Size of the team:

The task may either be an individual task or a project for a team. The team size may also vary in different cases. The planning should be done after keeping the team size in mind.

3. Length of the project:

Some projects may last only a few months. These are short term projects and can be planned easily. There are long term projects where you need to plan meticulously considering several risk factors.

4. Work environment:

Work environment varies with the type of work. In IT industry, most of the tasks are handled in air conditioned offices. The company sites, on the contrary, offer very poor work environment.

Here are some simple yet wise tips to help you stay organized at work and give the best output.

How to be Organized at Work?

We are taught from childhood to stay systematic and organized. Kids are taught ideals like neatness, overall hygiene, tidiness and planning. The following are few ways to stay organized. These simple tactics help you succeed in career and life.

1. Plan:

Plan It is vital to plan the entire project beforehand. Analyze the task at hand. If it is a team project, identify the right candidates who can handle the particular project. Identify the core competencies of each individual and assign the tasks as per individual abilities.

2. Schedule:

Create a systematic work schedule. For a team project, always maintain back up of individuals for every single task.

The absence of one should not interrupt the work of other. Consider each individual’s work capacity and assign the tasks accordingly.

3. Arrange:

The workspace should be arranged in a much organized fashion. There should be a place for everything and should be placed in the right spot. This ensures to avoid wastage of time searching for tools, equipment, basic accessories or gadgets.

Arrange the things in a fashion that appears tidy to the eye. It should also be easily accessible to all the employees. Consider the convenience of each employee while designing the office space.

4. Prioritize:

Prioritise Often projects involve multiple tasks and it is essential to prioritize the tasks at hand. Arrange the tasks in an orderly manner so that the most important task is completed first and by the most efficient individuals.

Assign the simple and unimportant tasks to people who are slow or inefficient. Prioritizing tasks helps to reduce the risks and improve productivity.

5. Maintain Backup:

Many IT related jobs are associated with data and coding. In such situations, you should always maintain a proper backup of your tasks.

With the modern technology of cloud computing, it is very easy to maintain a backup of your work and assignments on the servers. This helps you keep the data safe even if the computer malfunctions.

How To Be More Efficient at Work?

People think that being efficient at work implies slogging 24/7 and providing maximum work.

On the contrary, people who provide the standard quantity of work but maintain the quality standards are always appreciated more. Here is how you can be efficient in your work:

1. Be Disciplined:

Be disciplined Discipline is vital not just in routine life but also in your career. Be punctual about the work timings even if you have a home-based business.

Always maintain an excel sheet of the daily task record. This is a great way to maintain and later analyze productivity.

Set certain standards of quality and abide by it. Do not keep the money as the focus but only as a by-product. Aim for excellence as money assists excellence.

2. Stay Updated:

The latest software in the industry and several mobile applications help to simplify work and also communicate easily.

Always stay updated with the latest technology. It will help you complete the work assignment at a fast pace. Upgrade your web applications to the latest version of software.

3. Analyze Downtime:

Men and machines have one thing in common, they cannot work continuously. Understand individual constraints and plan your work accordingly.

Stress, health and boredom could be different reasons for low performance. Allotting a time slot for recreation can help the individual give better productivity.

4. Stay Healthy:

stay healthy Health is wealth and without this wealth, you cannot achieve anything in life. Allot an hour for your health each day.

If you are the boss of an organization, make sure that your employees stay healthy. Provide them with proper facilities to stay fit. Make the work environment jovial and stress-free.

5. Ergonomics:

Many people suffer from occupational health disorders. In company workshops and sites, many usually face health issues due to inhalation of toxic chemicals, gases and even metals.

The modern IT companies witness employees suffering from health issues like a backache, vision related problems, headache and seizures.

Many of these problems are due to lack of ergonomic arrangement in offices. Make sure your office has convenient ergonomic office chairs, screen guards for laptops and monitors etc.

To Wrap Up:

Apart from these factors, you also need to be emotionally happy and balanced to work properly. It is thus good to take an occasional break from hectic work schedule.

A vacation with the family will help you stay fresh emotionally. The improved bond with your family members will help you feel secure and give you the motivation to work better.