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How to Become a Good Oracle Developer: Complete Guide


The need for oracle developers and programmers has increased a lot these days. There are several queries regarding this job field and a whole lot of people seem interested. One of the biggest reasons behind becoming a good oracle developer is that you will be highly paid. People usually get very excited when they get to know that the payment will be large. But what they need to understand that this oracle careers or job isn’t easy and requires some education and experience. If you have the skills to become one, then there’s nothing like it. But if you are unsure, don’t worry! Keep reading the post and you’ll know what to do.

become good oracle developerGuide to Become an Oracle Developer:

1. What kind of work will you be expected to do?

Oracle is always in search of those programmers who can write and maintain the Oracle software. The people hired have to be best in the business and should know what they are doing. The more skillful you are, the more chances you have of getting in. If you want to become an oracle programmer, that to a good one, you have to make sure you come from a good university. Like several other employers, Oracle is always in search of those people who can make a life time commitment and handle competition at all times.

2. Educational Requirements:

You will obviously have to meet the educational requirements if you want to become a successful oracle developer. It is important for you to have a degree in computer science or any other field that is related to it. Most oracle developers like to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and you should do that as well. Oracle developers are also looking forward to having a master’s degree in the same subject as well. You could also try business administration if you want. Most of the classes that cover topics that are related to computer science are, programming languages , database programming, computer systems and algorithm design and analytics.

3. Certification:

Certifications also matter. Even though they aren’t necessary when it comes to obtaining employment, there are still many developers who want their CV to look better. This is why they choose to take oracle certification exam. Oracle developers like to take classes unless they have come certified in the field. Developers may also become certified in some of the areas that include oracle applications, middleware and database. There are several other oracle certifications that fall under the same field. Some of them are called oracle web logic, oracle database, oracle application server and Hyperion.

4. Jobs and other technical skills:

In order to become an oracle database developer you should be having some knowledge on oracle database architecture and database management if you want to maintain the system and use it properly. A proper understanding of the programming language such as Java and C++, Apex and PL will need you to get proper code information into the Oracle database. Initially you will have to do work such as coding which will need you to be focused. Later you will be assigned managerial roles. An oracle database certification will also be very helpful.

5. Salary:

An oracle developer salary is quite good. The average salary annually will be 4 lakhs. If you are studying abroad, the payment will be much higher.

6. Make sure your team is always ready to go:

You have to know that all projects will have their own problem. You will either end up facing an unreported bug or end up getting stuck at some points on design. The question here is though… how many people can you ignite if something has failed to function. The only way in which you can solve that is building your network. That will definitely help you become a good software developer. You can do this by organizing more meetings, conferences and even emails.

7. Go for coding contests:

There are several coding contests organized on a regular basis for those who want to become oracle certified associate. For this you need to be good at algorithms. The more you try these things, the faster you begin to think. It is always a good idea to participate in contests where you can learn how to develop complete software. The contests usually take several months and they need different kinds of skills. You could be very skilled at one and average in another but still you could be a very good programmer. There are some programs that need a lot of focus and creativity and happen over a very long period of time. Nonetheless you will learn how to think fast because of this and that is good for any oracle developer.

8. Come up with new patterns:

Any kind of art is always going to be emulating. So when you do this, you will obviously know how to eliminate the best. Most of the design patterns are tried and tested solutions where some have encountered software design issues as well. Therefore some basic knowledge of some kinds of designs and patterns are needed if you are keen on planning to develop something in the future that is much more complex.

9. Do some real work:

It is impossible to sit with a book in order to learn a language. You have to do some real work along with that. You should know how to develop real software and not just do those kinds of exercises that are simply displayed in the book. Go beyond that and do something of your own.

This brings us to the end of the post. We are hoping you have found enough help! Following these steps and ideas will definitely help you become a good oracle developer. Not just that, you will be successful in the business and make enough money out of it. In case you have a couple of questions about this post, feel free to tell us about it. We will try our best to answer all of them.