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15 Tips for Updating Old Resume: Rev up your Career


Job seekers may be vexed by sending applications to many companies, but still did not find any luck that knocked on the door, the reason behind it is candidate resume. It should be updated regularly. As per the current job vacancy, the resume needs to be updated as per the current job role, the relevant experiences/ projects should be added to resume. Also one should be aware of the current resume templates so that they can simply edit it and upload it.

updating old resume tips

The job seeker must incorporate essential updates for their resume, and this kind of change can catch the glance of interviewers with his/her latest updates. These kinds of updates will create a better chance of employment for the deserving candidates. And eventually helps a candidate to seek better opportunity from his / her professional resume updates.

Powerful Ways to Update Your Old Resume:

Even if you are employed in a reputed organization, updating or revising your resume on a regular basis is a very important activity. This can help you gain growth in your career. Though freshers take this point very lightly but understanding the importance of it and implementing it can help them land in their dream job.

If you think these points are applicable only when looking for other jobs then you are still on the wrong path. The hiring strategies are been changing and moreover, employers are trying to choose only the best. Even the resumes are no longer assessed manually, several companies nowadays are using ATS to analyze your resumes.

Now if you are thinking, how often should you update your resume, the answer for it is regularly, as more the edits, more the resume gets perfection.

Your resume gives the first impression about you in the interview process. It is said that your resume speaks more than you. So making it look attractive and updated can work well for you in your career life.

Listed here are few best resume tips and suggestions that need to be followed for updating your resume and make it better.

  1. Clear off your old job positions
  2. Try to add relevant keywords
  3. Update your new skills
  4. Review your resume regularly
  5. Change old formatting style
  6. Edit your contact information (only if needed)
  7. Review all the points in the resume
  8. Check the length of the resume
  9. Be clear with the resume content
  10. Add all your recent accomplishments and achievements
  11. Check and correct all type of grammatical and typo errors
  12. Try to make changes to the look of the resume
  13. Proofread more than twice (mandatory)

How to Rev Up Your Outdated Resume:

1. Update achievements and experience:

Normally while creating a resume a job seeker make clear points about his / her educational and professional qualification, but after the creation of a resume a person needs to update their resume regularly so that the information about the current and previous job experience should benefit the candidate. Most commonly, employers of any stream of job field are interested in such a version of one’s resume. And if the candidate updates it accordingly, then the possibility of getting oneself hired increases.

2. Make resume readable:

Most of the candidates make a silly mistake with their resume while creating it. And the mistake is that they keep font size very small. Creation of a resume need to be readable for the sake of accurate information exchange between the candidate and the employer. Therefore, updating one’s resume to readable font size can increase the chances of getting a job. It is even possible that the candidate may approach a positive level of appreciation of the employing company.

3. Periodic reviews:

After completion of a resume and once the candidate gets a job, the possibility of reviewing the resume is timely reduced. So it is better for the candidate whether he/she is presently working or not they should keep reviewing their resume. This kind of periodic reviews can help that candidate to be on track of the job updates. And if there any kind of emergency, the candidate can make use of those reviewed resumes for their crisis situations.

4. Resume look:

There is a possibility that the candidates keep exchanging their resume patterns so that they can reduce their effort while creating their resume. This kind of behavior can let them be unaware of the latest updates about resume writing. These kinds of exchange of resume pattern create a lot of repeated content at the time of searching for a job. Most commonly the resume of the candidate may not get updates from the recent development of the job search patterns.

5. Update the content by changing words that are outdated:

Nowadays, writing needs to be creative so that it can attract most of the interested readers. Similarly, when it comes to resume writing the candidate need to be creative while writing his / her educational and professional qualification and experiences. The result of such creative writing can favor the candidate while attending an interview or while applying an application for the job. And finally, the candidate may approach a positive side of the acceptance from the employers.

6. Make short and sweet:

In olden days, while creating a resume the employers used to approach those candidates who have a descriptive type of resume pattern, but nowadays, writing a resume in a descriptive manner can straight away get rejected from the employer’s as it takes a lot of time. Therefore, updating a descriptive type of resume pattern to a brief and clear pattern of resume can increase the chances of the candidates. Most probably brief and clear information can attract most of the employers’ attention while interviewing the candidate.

7. Mention online career website profile names:

As the world has become dependent on technology and digitization, the people even started creating a new version of their digital lifestyle. Most commonly creating an official website of one’s professional achievements can help that candidate get a better job. For example, creating a professional profile using the LinkedIn website can make things better for the candidate. Because through this website the candidate can get great offers from employers on their own.

8. Resume template:

Updating the resume templates can favor the candidate in a way that they provide, a different type of a positive approach to the candidate. Timely updates of resume templates can help the candidate apply for, better job requirements. These resume templates are those designs and pattern of resume which used to design the professional profile of the candidate. These designs help the candidate to be aware of recent and latest version resume templates which can lead to their successful career development.

9. Take help of resume writing tools:

The recent development in technology can help one candidate to build his / her our customized resume pattern. These customized resume patterns create a change in candidate personal and professional outlook. Most probably chances of getting hired for the job may increase eventually, therefore, it is advisable for the candidate from the professional resume writer that it is better to seek help from the resume writing tools to create a positive resume pattern.

10. Use job title keywords in resumes:

Usage of keywords is one of the latest trends of technology which help people to stay connected to the searching tools. Even the candidate can make use of such keywords while creating a resume so that the important elements of the resume should be highlighted in a better manner. Therefore, it is better to incorporate those job title keywords in a resume to provide a professional overall profile for the candidate.

11. Mention measurable results in resume (like marks, the output of the project in numbers):

There was a time when the candidate used to get rejected by their resume pattern. And nowadays, to get a job a person need to have an amazing resume pattern which should match with the latest trends of resume writing. There are different type resume pattern for different type job. Therefore, to make a resume interesting the candidate can include measurable matters such as educational marks and project quality measurements.

12. Avoid things that question you (stability, gap in career):

It is very much essential that a candidate needs to be clever while creating or updating their resume. First of all, while updating a resume after a long time, the candidate needs to be aware of the latest resume patterns and make changes according to that. Therefore, one of the important things that the candidate needs to keep an eye on is his/her career gaps. It is necessary to avoid such career gaps because it can create a negative element to the whole resume.

13. Seek help from the resume writing professional:

Most commonly, nowadays there are different type of service providers who provide service relating to resume writing. Now if you think Is it Worth getting a CV professionally Written?, then the answer is YES.

These resume writing professional help a candidate to build their professional resume which suits their professional and educational achievements. Seeking help from these resume writing professionals is one of the forms of updating one’s resume without any further confusion of information.

14. Incorporating salary information:

It is one of the important updates that an experienced candidate need to incorporate in their resume. These kinds of update help the candidate and the employing company to have a clear picture of salary expectation from the company and the employee. Therefore, updating salary expectation can provide a picture of numbers that the candidate used to receive for his / her skill from his / her previous company.

15. Avoiding writing objectives:

Writing objective at the beginning of the resume used to be one of the format of resume writing that everyone used to follow. But these objective writings is not so necessary to be written on the top of the resume. These reumes objectives provide information about the candidate career goals and expectation, but recently it is not necessary to write those career goals on their resume because the generation has improved their communication in a manner that they demonstrate their career goals on their own.


Hence, you can follow the above tips for updating your old resume, carving out resume in regular periods may provide more opportunities without spending much effort, they can even publish and update in career websites. Jobseeker should avoid grammatical mistakes and be aware of each and every word used in a resume.

He/she can address their abilities/skills in resume to the interviewer, This keeps confident to face the interview with all the information ready on a plate to serve the employer. It is the basic tip to attract the recruiter and impress them. At times, an outdated resume may drag the job seeker into troubles and will lead to disqualify.