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Why Employers Lose Good Employees too Early?


Job satisfaction is something which is very important indeed and for a number of reasons, sometimes both personal and professional, people decide to leave their jobs at a particular company and go on to do something else. This sudden departure of employees often leaves the office management dumb founded as well as surprised.

In case you are wondering why some companies lose their top talent soon or why those good employees leave their job without giving any proper reason at all, then you should go through this list and think along these lines. Losing good employees is something which could really affect the company in a very negative way.

Why Employers Lose Good Employees

16 Things That Make Good Employees Quit:

1. Employees find better job opportunities else where:

One of the most common reasons why employers lose their best employees is because the employees leave as they have found better job opportunities elsewhere. The business world is not an easy place to survive in, and employees have to look out for themselves.

If they find that there are greener pastures elsewhere then they have no qualms about handing in their resignation immediately. Companies should go out of their way to keep their best employees happy, so that the thought of leaving the company, never comes to their mind at all. Even the smallest of incentives and bonuses can really go a long way in keeping employees happy.

2. They believe they are being over worked and under paid:

Whether we are willing to acknowledge it or not, in our present times, money speaks louder than any words. We live in an age of extreme expenditure and keeping our head above water becomes extremely tough when money is scarce.

So if employees find that they are being over worked and under paid then they immediately look for employment opportunities elsewhere. What you must remember at all times is that companies which really value their employees will never under pay them, rather they will do whatever is within their power so as to keep the employees content and satisfied.

3. They do not like the persons who they are working under:

One of the chief reasons why good employees leave their jobs and seek employment elsewhere is because on almost every topic they are unable to see eye to eye with their bosses. Though bosses will probably never acknowledge it, but sometimes it might so happen that they feel threatened by employees who are excellent at what they do and it is for this reason that they over burden those employees and also never treat them favorably. Doing this is not merely wrong but it is also extremely unethical. Encouraging your employees and helping them to become better will never hurt your company in any way at all.

4. They find the atmosphere of the office very negative and toxic:

The kind of atmosphere in an office can really determine the quality of work which will be delivered by the employees. If the work atmosphere in the company is good then the employees will be motivated to work hard and do their best. On the other hand, if the work atmosphere is highly toxic as well as negative then that takes a very negative toll on the minds of the employees. Having a competitive work environment is a good thing, yet at the same time if the competition is of a very negative kind then that too puts off a number of employees. So as a manager you should try your best to ensure that your work atmosphere is conducive for work.

5. Employees leave when they believe that they do not get enough credit:

A very common reason why employees leave a particular company is because they find that they are never given the credit which is due to them. No one is saying that employees constantly need to get incentives or bonuses for good work which they have done, even a few words of praise as well as encouragement could really go a long way in showing the employees that their dedication to the company is being taken note of . If people do work well and are never complimented for it then they have no incentive to do better and they even end up feeling low and demoralized.

6. When they felt slighted that someone else received a promotion:

One of the main reasons why people choose to work hard at the office is because they want to receive a promotion and achieve success as soon as possible. No matter who you are or what career path you have chosen for yourself, you should always remember that the most important thing in life is your integrity and if you do not have integrity then you have nothing at all. Employees usually leave because they feel slighted when they believe that someone who is less deserving than them has been given a promotion which they deserved. Good employees will receive employment anywhere so to keep them on your team, value them.

7. When they find that the other employees are too unaccommodating:

In order to work properly in an office and give your one hundred percent for every task which is entrusted to you, it is important that you have good co workers who are willing to do their share of work properly as well as help you in your time of need. A common reason why many employees choose to leave a job is because they realize that the employees are way too unaccommodating for the liking and rather than everyone working as a team and a unit, everyone is selfish and uncooperative.

8. When they feel that they could receive better exposure elsewhere:

In the business world having the right contacts can really take you far. It is only those employees who do not know their own worth that will continue to work for a small company without any kind of exposure at all. Employees who are really ambitious will not hesitate to hand in their resignation when they become aware of a job opening that could give them a lot more exposure. In the corporate world, the greater exposure you have the better it is for you. So as a manager you should try your level best to ensure that your company is willing to give each employee the exposure which they need in order to thrive as individuals.

9. They realize that the institution does not appreciate their employees:

As mentioned above, employees leave when they realize that they are not given the credit which is due to them, tying up with this employees also leave when they feel like they are not appreciated. There are many companies which organize small parties and celebration for employees as a thank you for all that they do. The employees should be taught to function as a family. Employees choose to leave when they cannot relate to the company in any way at all and no matter what they try and do, their own private thoughts are never in keeping with the ideology which the company chooses to endorse publicly.

10. When the employers don’t honor a commitment which had been made:

One of the worst things which employees do, that instantly drives good employees to hand in their resignation, is them not honoring the commitments which they have made in the past. When employees work in a company, in addition to a sense of happiness and contentment, employees also want to develop a certain bond of trust with their employees. The moment this bond of trust is broken, then employees find it tough as well as impossible to work for that company anymore and also contribute to its success in any way at all.

11. When they do not encourage employees to speak their mind:

There are many companies which have managerial teams which just want their employees to be like mute spectators who are willing to follow any instruction which is given to them. It is absolutely frowned upon when certain employees pluck up the courage to speak their minds and say things which everyone else is too afraid of even mentioning. Good employees want to be seen and in addition to being seen they also want to be heard. In this twenty first century they do not want their voices to be silenced at any point in time and if they have some suggestions and advice to give, they like to give it.

12. Employees feel that they are not allowed to think out of the box:

A popular reason why employees leave their job is because they feel like they are never allowed to think out of the box at any point in time and they are always told to follow all the instructions which are given to them. It is mostly the good employees who like to challenge themselves and come up with unique methods of going about their work, rather than just blindly following the conventional ways of getting things done. Applying the knowledge which we have is not an ability which all of us have been blessed with and employers should appreciate this quality of employees.

13. That the job does not excite them in any way at all:

The best of employees leave their jobs when they find that the job has become mundane and does not excite or mentally stimulate them in any way at all. There are many people who like doing a typical nine to five job day in and day out, yet at the same time there are those employees who feel incredibly scared and even petrified at the thought of doing the same thing throughout their career and that is why they choose to leave in order to satisfy their sense of adventure.

14. They may want to go and further their education:

In today’s times, there is intense competition between employees and the higher your qualifications are, the better it will be for you. Employees who know they are good and have the potential to reach top posts in an office decide to leave so as to further their educational qualifications and give themselves an extra competitive edge over the rest.

15. Employees feel that the office is located too far away from their home:

Commuting to and fro from work is certainly not easy and there are many people who prefer not to travel too far from their home each day as it is not only time consuming and expensive, but it is also very physically draining. So a reason why many employees choose to leave their job is because they have found a better job option much closer to where they stay thereby minimizing their problems on the whole.

16. They have achieved everything that they could have at the company:

Finally employees most often choose to leave when they realize that they have achieved everything that they could have possibly achieved in a given company and that there is no further scope for improvement or promotion for them in this organization. If employees do not have a definite goal in mind then they become very disillusioned and have no idea what it is that they are actually working towards.

These are some of the chief reasons employees leave a company. If you do not want to lose your best employees then you should make it a point to ensure that you treat them well and do not expect too much of them. Being tough and having high expectations from your workers is most certainly a good thing, yet at the same time you should ensure that you are giving them credit where it is due so that they are not feeling like their contributions to the organization are not being properly appreciated. Remember that the more you value your employees the better it will be for you as employees are the backbone of any company.