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What Employers Look for in an Employee during Interviews


Once you walk into an interview room, you need to be mindful of not just what you say but how you act as well. If your body language is putting off, then you surely will not be considered for the job. You need to understand what employers look for in an employee to get through the interview successfully.

Recruiters in any company have a very important job, simply because the future of the company rests in their hands. If they are unable to choose proper employees to join the company, then it won’t be long before the company will have to close down.

What Employers Look ForTo assist you along the way, given here are some of the potential employers interview red flags to watch out for in job interviews.

Traits Employers Are Really Looking For:

The hiring process of any organization is an important one as a wrong hire cannot be afforded no matter what. Also, the recruiting structure of every organization differs from others depending upon the industry and the role for which recruiting is done.

Moreover, the hiring managers and HR departments have included several types of interview models in their hiring process for effective recruitment. And best software is used for the initial stages of hiring like shortlisting candidates, selecting the resumes, etc.

All this is implied by the hiring managers to select the best candidates for their organization. Employers usually set few traits for selecting and recruiting candidates and they are beyond good communicating and subjective skills.

Here we have listed the traits that most employers look for,

  1. Honesty.
  2. Dependability.
  3. Teamwork
  4. Self-reliance.
  5. Flexibility
  6. Adaptability
  7. Listening skills
  8. Willingness to learn
  9. Self-confidence

Effective Qualities Employers Looking For:

The interview process helps employers or hiring managers to assess job applicants very well. They not only analyze the candidate’s subjective knowledge but also test their behavioral and situational skills so as to make sure that they can fit their respective work culture.

Moreover, employers nowadays desire to hire the best candidates for their organization to achieve organizational goals. The interview is mostly a two-player game where the job applicant tries to impress the interviewer by answering their question sensibly whereas on the other side employer shoots in questions that help them understand the skill set of the candidate.

Now the prime reason why most of the job applicants cannot get through the interview is failing to showcase the skills which employer looks for. If you too are confused and have no idea what those skills are then enlisted here are few traits that can help you crack the interview and impress the interviewer.

  1. Good decision-making skills
  2. Competence
  3. Intelligence
  4. Good communication skills
  5. Self-confidence
  6. Problem-solving
  7. Reasoning skills
  8. Creative thinking
  9. Team oriented
  10. Motivation
  11. Passion
  12. Resilience
  13. Positive attitude
  14. Leadership skills
  15. Flexibility
  16. Adaptability
  17. Managing multiple priorities
  18. Interpersonal skills
  19. Technical skills
  20. Computer skills
  21. Analytical skills

What Employers Look for in the Hiring  Process:

1. Difficulty in comprehension:

All companies want to hire employees who have excellent comprehension skills and are immediately able to understand them. In the business world, employers rarely have the time to say the same thing twice.

Once they give an order they usually expect it to get done immediately. It is for this reason that employers watch out for this red flag when interviewing potential candidates on board. Comprehension skills are something that is an absolute must for any corporate job.

2. Low attention span:

To bag a job in a big company, you need to have a proper attention span. If at any point in time your attention wavers during the interview you can be sure that the interviewer is going to pick up on this.

So ensure that you pay extra attention to anything which is told to you so that you do not let a good employment opportunity just slip through your fingers for no reason at all.

3. A very loud and piercing voice:

To work in a company a person needs to know how to behave. No employer likes having employees on board who do not know how to speak in a proper tone of voice. In the office, everyone is supposed to be serious and no one is expected to speak loudly.

A person’s voice is certainly something which the employer takes notice of simply because almost all employees have to communicate with clients on the phone. Having a bad and unpleasant tone of voice is unacceptable.

4. Bad manners:

People who have good manners can make it big in the professional world. Once you can sell yourself well and put forth a respectable image of yourself, then people easily impress.

A red flag which employers watch out for during an interview is a person’s bad manner. If your manners are not up to the mark then that is going to reflect very poorly on you.

So at all times, you must ensure that you say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and you wish the interviewer as you enter the room where the interview is conducting. Do not let yourself go for even a minute as you can never tell who might be watching you at a given moment.

5. The habit of constantly interrupting the person speaking:

Employers want to take note of how you can interact with another person. If the way you interact is impressive then that will show you in a very positive light.

On the other hand, if you are constantly interrupting the person taking your interview, then that is surely going to make him or her angry.

You might think that this is you being assertive, but it might come across like you are being rude.

6. Overconfidence:

Having confidence is very important. It is only when you believe in yourself that you can get others to believe in you. If you act meek and humble, then getting the job will prove to be an impossible task.

Employers lookout for individuals who have the perfect amount of humility as well as confidence. Overconfidence is something that certainly considers a flag and something undesirable.

So even if you think that you will easily bag the job, do properly conduct yourself.

7. The inability to make and maintain eye contact:

Maintaining eye contact is very important during an interview. If you make the mistake of looking everywhere except into the interviewer’s eyes then that is surely going to cost you heavily.

It is only people with character and a powerful personality that can look into someone’s eyes. If you do not do so then that is going to make the employers rather suspicious of your character.

All companies want to hire people with powerful personalities onboard. In addition to that, you should make it a point to use your arms to make appropriate gestures.

8. Excessive nervousness:

Being nervous before an interview is normal. You should try your best to overcome the nervousness so that it can bring out the best in you.

Your interviewer is going to take note of whether you can channelize your nervousness properly or not. If you are unable to do so that is certainly going to be a red flag.

If you are too nervous, that will give the impression that you are someone who eagerly crumbles under pressure.

So even if you are nervous ensure that you do not let it show on your face or in your actions at all.

9. A handwritten resume:

Having a handwritten resume in this day and age is a big no. If you have a handwritten resume that is going to give the impression that you are someone who is not up to date on technological advancements and you are probably senile in your ways.

No company wants to hire a person on board who is unable to use even a computer. All big companies invest a lot of money in infrastructure just so that their employees have the best of resources at their disposal.

10. A lot of gaps in service:

Having a gap in employment is acceptable. However, if you have too many gaps in employment then the employer is going to think that you are someone who often quits your job or gets fired.

In addition to that, he might think that you are someone who often finds yourself unemployed for long periods. It is because of this that you will appear to be someone who has no sense of responsibility.

Rather than leaving your jobs so often you should pick up only those jobs which you are sure of.

11. The continuous use of foul language:

Employees represent the company which they work for and that is why companies look for employees who can be mindful of their words and deeds at all times. The moment you say anything inappropriate and vulgar then that is bound to serve as a red flag.

For many adults using foul language comes very naturally, but irrespective of what you do at home at your workplace you should ensure that you do not let yourself get out of hand.

If you happen to abuse someone verbally that is sure to get you sued immediately.

12. A very demanding tone of voice:

When appearing for an interview, you should be careful that you do not talk in a voice which sounds very demanding. Even if you are trying to carry out a negotiation you should ensure that you do not come across as being threatening.

Companies want only those people on board who can be cool and calm at all points in time. Even if your demands are not met for whatever reason, you should just be mature about it and not act like a fighter.

Pouting and crying is not acceptable in a work environment.

13. A lack of respect for authority:

Respecting authorities is something that comes naturally to some people. Yet, on the other hand, others simply cannot bear the thought of adhering to authority.

If the employer gets the hint that you are very rebellious by nature then that is surely going to go against you. Companies do not want to employ people who are too submissive, but that does not mean that they want people who have no respect for the seniors in the company.

So when you go for an interview, pay respect to people who are accomplished and senior to you.

14. A resume with a lot of spelling mistakes:

If your resume is not up to the expected mark then you will surely not even be considered for the job. In this day and age, a resume is supposed to be a reflection of you.

If you’re someone who cannot even work hard enough to submit a proper resume then that is going to convey that you are incapable of giving up proper and satisfactory work.

All big establishments only want to hire on board those individuals who give up top quality work at every instance. So if your language is poor and cannot spell well, do take the help of someone willing to assist you.

15. Arriving late to the interview:

Arriving late for an interview is unacceptable. If the interviewer can take the time out of his busy schedule to make it there on time, then you not being there is going to show exactly what kind of person you are. And If you happen to walk in late, it will show that you are someone who does not value the opportunity enough.

If you take the job opportunity seriously you should make it a point to be there for the interview early so that you immediately show that you are someone who values time.

16. Lack of knowledge about the company:

The moment you portray your ignorance about what the company does then that is bound to function as a red flag which the employer is bound to notice.

So do make a point to read up a lot about the company before you walk in for the interview. Check whether the policies of the company are in keeping with what you believe in or not.

While reading up think about some insightful questions which you can ask, just so that the employer knows that you have done your homework well in advance.

17. Untidy clothes and shoes:

All employers want their employees to look presentable. If you happen to walk in for the interview in old and untidy clothes then that is surely going to catch the attention of the employer.

No one says that you have to waste a lot of money to get an expensive wardrobe, all you need to do is wash and iron your clothes properly so as they don’t look noticeably bad. In addition to that do wear polished shoes.

18. Too much makeup:

In the workplace, women are allowed to wear makeup but wearing too much makeup is bound to immediately catch the attention of the employer who might get the impression that you are rather cheap.

So when it comes to both makeup and jewelry always remember that less is more.


These are the key things that employers do keep an eye out for. So ensure that you do not make any of these mistakes.

Getting a job is a tough task nowadays and it is only the best of the best which cuts. If you are unsure about the way you ought to behave then you should seek advice from someone who is a successful professional in the field.

Once you know what it is that they like and dislike then you can train yourself accordingly. If you practice behaving properly then over time it will come unconsciously to you.