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22 Best Fashion Designer Interview Questions and Answers


Fashion Designer Definition:

A fashion designer is a person who deals with designing the clothes for an individual on a high level that is for models and celebs.

A person who has opted for fashion designing as a career has to undergo various steps like interviews or test and so on. The interviews are taken to know the potential, knowledge, skills, and experience of an individual.

interview questions fashion designerInterview Tips for Fashion Designers:

  1. Research well on the brand, supplier, and retailer
  2. The portfolio should be very clear to you
  3. Speak out loud
  4. Be confident about your work
  5. Added extras
  6. Choose any one either to lead or to follow?
  7. Never fear to ask questions

During an interview, a person has to answer various tough and easy questions about fashion. The queries can be like the following:

Fashion Designer Interview Questions:

The following mentioned are few fashion designer interview questions and best tips on becoming a fashion designer.

1. Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

This question is asked to know the interest behind this field. Fashion designing is a type of field where a person has to have in-depth knowledge of the field.

The candidate while answering this question must explain the reason clearly so as no doubt is left in the mind of the listener.

2. What according to you is a favorite part of being a fashion designer?

The interviewer asks the queries to the interviewee to know the interest of an individual. This is because if an individual has more interest in a particular part, then there will be more chances of getting a job in an area of interest and specialization.

3. The designs you created are no doubt good enough, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs?

This query will describe the interviewers about their inspiration, their role model.

While answering this query, the candidate must know how to reply as sometimes they end up saying they copied the designs. Make sure not to use the word copied, as it will act as a barrier in getting selected.

4. Define fashion?

This question will directly give the leaders an insight of how much knowledge you have about fashion designing. Also, it will give them the idea of your personal views about the word fashion and all about the fashion industry.

5. Describe about your internship period?

This is again the biographical interview question which directly relates him or her back to a designer’s career that tells from where does he or she has received his training.

Some fashion designers have received professional training with high profile internships while others have received little to no training. This answer of the candidate will tell them of how little you have developed as a professional designer.

6. What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

This question would be judged on points like marketing intelligence, artistic vision, focus on the art, demand in the market, supply in the market, and so on.

7. What is the qualification required for a fashion designer career?

Such type of queries is judged on the basis of the degree the candidate has acquired. This will include qualifications like fine arts with fashion and design. One can also describe the work experience, show work portfolio and so on.

8. Are you literate regarding computers and technology for designing? Or what kind of software you use while designing. If no, then also be frank?

In such type of questions, the candidates are tested on their ability to use technology for designing. It also portrays how truthful a candidate is about himself and his or her abilities.

Be frank and clear regarding the technology you use because if you lie on using the technology, you may be caught in the following questions. So be true while answering every query.

9. How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

The candidate must answer this question by keeping points like magazines, browsing the internet, attending fashion shows and so on. Studying the history of fashion greatly helps to know the ins and outs of fashion.

10. What do you think about work ethics and what kind of ethics you believe in following while working with fashion?

This again is a question that will probably relate closely to what motivates you to be a better designer and from your normal life, what kind of ethics you follow and put up in your work.

11. Say something about your background?

This query seems easy but the interviewers tend to ask the queries which confuse the candidate in the successive step.

Asking about a person’s background is fine but when an interviewer asks about the background of a particular designer, then a candidate might get confused and it can give a red signal during the selection.

12. What do you consider the important facets of the fashion industry?

Here the candidate must answer relating the characteristics of the fashion industry.

13. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Answering the strengths is good but directly telling the weaknesses is obviously not good. Always keep in mind to highlight your strengths and to hide your weaknesses, especially during an interview for a job. Telling your weaknesses will give interviewers a chance to raise a point for no selection.

14. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

This question will let others know your far-sighted vision. Tell frankly, what you aspire to be in the next coming years. It will also showcase them your passion related to this field.

15. How would you describe your personal style?

Personal style means what one personally likes to wear and what kind of style you follow. This will show your personal skills in styling and designing.

The candidate must answer the questions confidently because of any flaw while answering will create a doubt in other’s minds.

16. In which area of fashion design jobs, do you wish to work?

The areas are divided into 3 groups like street fashion wear, ready to wear and haute couture. Never try and impress employees what you are not. If you are an expert in one field, stick to that only and speak flawlessly.

17. Being a fashion designer? What kind of clothes will you prefer during an interview?

This question is likely to bewilder you, as you will be giving an interview. This question is asked to check the presence of mind of a candidate.

The candidate before going for an interview must check the attire properly and should be well dressed. Otherwise, the interviewers will not take much time to find out the fault in the candidate.

18. How will you contribute the best for the company?

Tell the best qualities and your strengths to the interviewer. This will give you an advantage in the selection process.

Tell all, what best can you do for the company, also relate all your answers to the last job experience. This will also give the impression that you actually have experienced may be of one or two years.

19. How will you handle stress?

Handling stress is another quality of a worker. Stress is a part of the work, in whichever field you work. The stress will make a person expert in his or her work, so this is why stress is important as it works as a catalyst for a candidate.

20. How would you deal with an arrogant client?

Dealing with all clients is vital and especially the arrogant clients are given a person experience in handling clients of heterogeneous nature. These types of questions are asked to confuse the candidate and this is an important tip to answer smartly without getting confused.

21. How comfortable are you working hands with models and other designers?

When they ask questions like this, the candidate must be aware of the names of well-renowned designers and models. The candidate must have full-fledged knowledge, including the background and other information of that model or the designer.

Show that you are friendly while working with them. This type of answer will give others the surety of you being aware of your surroundings and the current happenings.

22. How would you relate past and present fashion trends?

This question will determine your quality of making comparisons.

So above are the questions asked to a fashion designer during an interview. Some of the general questions are asked in all types of interviews. Whatever the queries are asked, the candidate must be confident and must say no if in case the candidate is not aware of the concept.

Most Commonly Asked Questions in Fashion Job Interviews:

To make it to the fashion industry, it is not that easy. You need to work very hard and be dedicated. The interview plays an important role in placing you in the right position where you like to. So cracking the interview is very important.

For that, preparation is one of the best steps that you can make. Your knowledge and skill in the fashion industry will not be the only factor that would be assessed but you also need to showcase a few behavioral traits in the interview process. For better preparation, here are a few common questions that are asked in a fashion designer interview process.

The only motto while having an interview is to impress your interviewer and acquire the job which you desire. So make sure that you leave a lasting impression on your interviewer.

How You Work:

  1. What are the top things you are looking for in a new job?
  2. Share about your weaknesses?
  3. Why do you want to work in the fashion industry
  4. What are your greatest strengths?
  5. Specify a few of your accomplishments at your previous job?
  6. What was the fun part in your last job and what was an uncomfortable thing in your previous job?
  7. Speak about a few of the challenges that you met and how you handled them?

What You are Like Outside of Work:

  1. Are you passionate about something apart from fashion?
  2. Do you follow any websites, what are they?
  3. On which social media site you are most active on?
  4. Can you tell something which you have watched, seen or told lately?
  5. Tell us something about your interests related to the content
  6. Name a few of the magazines to which you are subscribed to?

What YOU Should Ask:

  1. Explain about your typical day
  2. To whom are you looking for to cover this position
  3. What is the dress code
  4. How did you determine success
  5. Are there any growth opportunities here?
  6. Tell me something about my co-workers?

What You Know:

  1. What is that interests you towards the brand?
  2. According to you, who is the most stylish celebrity
  3. What do you know about the brand?
  4. How can we better our social media presence and marketing
  5. What plans do you have for the brand?
  6. Do you have any plans for improving the fashion industry?
  7. What trends are you following in the fashion sector currently
  8. Describe something that excites you about the fashion industry
  9. Name a few of your favorite fashion writers, designers, stylists, photographers, etc

Fashion Designer Interview Questions:

  1. How can you relate to our company and company culture?
  2. Do you have any idea about our company?
  3. Brief about few trending things in the fashion industry?
  4. The best part about being a fashion designer
  5. Why do you think you are the best fit for our company
  6. What software do you use to develop designs
  7. What interests you as a fashion designer
  8. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  9. Describe about your goals
  10. What are the skills needed to become a successful fashion designer
  11. In which sector would you like to work in?
  12. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  13. What is your educational qualification and it can impact your career success
  14. How can we get updated in the fashion industry
  15. How do you accept criticism
  16. Tell us something about the target audience?
  17. How do you manage stress and pressure?
  18. Have you ever suggested an idea for your creative designer and been ignored?
  19. Do you enjoy working in a team?
  20. How do you deal with conflicts at work?


Never lie to the interviewer as they are more experienced than you. The fashion industry is quite broad and in such an industry’s, one’s ability and personality will speak itself. One should follow some of the interview tips like to be confident, do your homework before going for an interview, be sure about what kind of post are you going to apply for and so on.