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40 Interview Questions to Check Presence of Mind


What is Presence of Mind?

The presence of mind can also be defined as possessing self-control during stressful situations where the individual should think and act calmly even in chaotic situations. The presence of the mind can be enhanced in several ways.

Though technical knowledge is mandatory to tackle tough situations in life, the presence of mind is something important that can help you. A complete focus is required to be put on positive things either to handle your work sphere or personal life.

The possessing of the presence of mind for employees is mandatory in an organization that otherwise can lead to various issues. Employers these days are looking for smart and active employees who have a good presence of level.

Presence of Mind Interview Questions

How to Improve the Presence of Mind:

Be it your personal or professional space, you always need to maintain a calm and composed mind to manage all the things. Lack of presence of mind can result in you landing in serious problems.

Having a good presence of mind can help you in difficult situations. So preventing such issues is the wise option you can opt for.

Everybody is not so lucky to have a skill like the “presence of mind“, but it is possible to cultivate and develop it using a few tips which we are going to discuss in this article.

Tips to develop the presence of mind:

  • Listen attentively
  • Reduce stress
  • Be observant
  • Being the center of attention
  • Learn to multitask
  • Be real with yourself
  • Don’t carry emotional baggage
  • Move your body
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Let go of perfectionism
  • Try your passion
  • Practice being on the move
  • Switching between low and high tasks
  • Take short breaks
  • Be comfortable
  • Emotional Balance

Here are a few presences of mind questions to check the presence of levels of individuals in an interview.

Presence of Mind Questions and Answers:

1. What do you put in a toaster?

The answer to this question is the bread to check the presence of the mind and not toast.

Source: thewebgangsta

2. Say ‘silk’, now spell the word ‘silk’, tell me what do cows drink?

The answer is that cows drink water. If the candidate says milk, then he is wrong.

     Source: thewebgangsta

3. If a red house is made from red bricks, a pink house made from pink bricks, a blue house is made from blue brick and a black house is made from black bricks, then what is greenhouse made from?

The answer is that greenhouses are made from glass and not green bricks.

     Source: thewebgangsta

4. Twenty years back, there was a plane which crashed from nearly 20,000 feet over Germany. It is important to remember that Germany at that period was partitioned as East Germany and West Germany. In that incident where would you bury the survivors? In East Germany? West Germany? Or no man’s island?

The answer is that survivors aren’t buried if you said anything else as an answer then you are wrong.

5. On a concrete floor; without cracking, how do you drop a raw egg?

The answer is that concrete floors are very hard and do not crack.

Source: braingle

6. Assume that you’re driving a bus from Mumbai to Pune, in Mumbai, 17 people get on the bus and in Pune 1 person got off the bus. Name the driver?

The answer is your name as the question says you are driving the bus.

7. If some of the months have 31 days and some have 30 days, then how many months have only 28 days?

The answer is that all months have 28 days.

Source: bhavinionline

8. A man gave 10 and 15 cents to his first and second sons. What is the time now?

The man gives a total of 25 cents which he has divided into two people. This means he gave a quarter to two. Hence, the answer is 1.45. If it’s the UK the 1.35 which means twenty-five to two.

Source: goodriddlesnow

9. You have just one match and you are entering a room where you have a kerosene lamp, a wood-burning stove, an oil heater. Which one among those would you light first?

The answer match stick.

Source: madlogics

10. There was a house that had four walls where each wall faces the south. In each wall, there is a window. Into one of the windows, a bear walks. Can you mention the color of the bear?

Square shaped houses that have walls facing south are found in the North Pole, hence, the answer is a white polar bear.

11. It took about ten hours for eight men to construct build a wall, then how much time will it take for 4 men to construct the wall?

The answer is no time as the wall is already constructed.

Source: bhavinionline

12. Half of 2+2 will equal to two or three?

The answer is three, where half of 2 is 1 plus 2 is 1+2=3.

Source: engineering

13. How many birthdays’ do Japanese women have on average?

The answer is one as all others are anniversaries.

Source: onemillionquestionsandanswers

14. When on the one hand, if you have four oranges and three apples and three oranges and four apples on the other hand, then what would you have?

The answer is big hands.

Source: allinterview

15. Do they have a 4th of July in England?

The answer is yes and after the 3rd of July.

Source: wrensworld

16. How many animals of each species did Moses take aboard the ark with him?

The answer is 0 because it was Noah and not Moses who took the animals.

Source: goodriddlesnow

17. Can you lift an elephant with one hand?

The answer is that there is no elephant with one hand and hence no problem.

18. Can a man go eight days without sleep?

The answer would be that he sleeps at night.

Source: dailybrainteaser

19. Is it possible to send a telegram to Washington today?

The answer is not possible as he is dead.

Source: anvari

20. Mention the significance in the following question. It is 34 minutes past noon in the year 1978, on the 6th of May.

The answer is 12.34 5-6-78 (12345678)

Source: chacha

21. Divide 30 by ½ and then add ten to it, the answer is


Source: riddleministry

22. When a blue stone is thrown into a red sea, what would happen?

The answer is that the stone would become wet.

Source: jewlicious

23. The one that often falls but does not get hurt?

The answer to check the presence of the mind would be rain.

24. Assume that you’re participating in a race, you overtake the second position. What position are you in?

When you overtake the second position, then you would take the second place. Hence, the second position is the answer.

25. Mary’s father had five daughters who were 1) Nana 2) Nene 3) Nini 4) Nono. Tell me the name of the fifth daughter?

The name of the fifth daughter is Mary. those who gave the wrong answer are to read the question again.

Source: hewebgangsta

26. There is a mute person who wanted to buy a toothbrush. He went to the shop, imitated actions by brushing teeth and somehow made the shopkeeper understand that he wanted a toothbrush and purchases it. The question is that when a blind man goes to a shop how would he express himself to buy a pair of glasses?

The answer is simple, he just needs to open his mouth and ask that he needs sunglasses.

Source: thewebgangsta

27. Name something that looks like half apple?

The answer would be the other half.

Source: allinterview

28. Name three letters that change a girl into a woman?

The answer is age.

Source: huntclues

29. To which state does the Bay of Bengal belong to?

It belongs to the liquid state.

Source: allinterview

30. Where would you see yourself five years from now?

The employer would like to know if you’re a dreamer or a practical person. By this question, the employer would check your planning skills. It is suggested to avert providing answers such as becoming the CEO or becoming the HOD of the organization. Mention that you would like to be at the managerial level after 5 years of work.

31. You take a sheet of paper; there are now two surfaces on it. Now you are locked in a room where nothing is available. The two surface sheets must be converted into a single surface.

The only way to make a single surface is to make a paper ball out of the same.

32. In a field, a farmer has 4 haystacks and 5 haystacks in another field. If he combines all the stacks in the center of the field, how many haystacks would he possess?

When combined the answer would be 1.

Source: angelfire

33. Something that goes up and down but cannot move?

Temperature is the answer.

34. What is it when you have three you have three when you have two you have two and when you have one there is none?

The answer is choice.

Source: braindare

35. You are provided with a circular paper, you just have to make 8 pieces by making just 3 cuts. How would you make it possible?

The solution is simple; the candidate needs to cut the diameter. Now by placing one piece on another, he has to make two more cuts by crossing each other.

36. How many hairs are on your head?

This is a question to judge your smartness and hence do not offer vague answers. Mention with a smile as many numbers as the stars in the sky.

37. Suppose you work for bidding for a project which is considered very important in any organization. Would you accept bribing so that the decision favors you?

With this type of question, the employer tests the diplomacy of the candidate. This question shows how you would handle tricky situations. You can answer that you are an individual who is brought up with good moral values. Suppose when such obstinate situations pop up, you can mention that you would solve it in a good-natured manner.

38. Suppose you’re not selected for the day what would be your next move?

Your approach towards failure is analyzed by asking such a question. You can answer that you’re a person who learns from your mistakes. Suppose if you aren’t selected today, you would ask the interviewer for the shortcomings. In this way, you can work on your failures and come back again by turning failure into success.

39. Johnny’s mother had 3 children wherein, the 1st son’s name was April, the second son’s name was May and what was the 3rd son’s name?

The answer would be Johnny for the ones who read the question carefully.

Source: braillebraingle

40. A clerk found in a butcher shop where he stands to be 5 feet 10” tall and wears shoes of size 13; tell me what does he weigh?

The answer would be that he weighs meat and not some other calculation.

Source: woodstermangotwood

Employers these days are looking for candidates who think and act out of the box. The presence of mind is something that can save an individual from trouble. It would help the candidate when they wanted to make the ambiance lighter, impress someone, and do something spontaneously.

Presence of Mind Examples:

Our thinking capability fades away when we face difficult situations. Anxiety and stress are the reasons why it happens so. It is a very common thing with a natural remedy.

You always need to maintain a peaceful and calm state of mind, no matter what the situation is. In short, the presence of mind is one thing that helps you think smartly even in tough situations. With the help of a good presence of mind, you can conquer even the biggest of problems.

A strong presence of mind will also help to perform all your day to day tasks in a better way. Some of the Examples Of Presence Of Mind:

  • Driving
  • Bluffing
  • On stage
  • Sports
  • In an interview
  • Traveling
  • Disastrous situations
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Professional life
  • Knowing a person

Exercise to Increase Presence of Mind:

A Good Example for the Presence of Mind is Mentioned:

Being an electrical engineer, why you wanted to join a company like HP?

A candidate was graduated as an electrical engineer at HP for recruitment in the R&D department. The candidate has missed out on the PPT in the morning session which has enhanced information about the company. He went to the company website the previous day, which was his only hope to get selected in the HR round. He cleared the technical interview round and aptitude round. He was asked one of the most obvious questions in the interview. He was asked that being an electrical engineer why did he opt for a company like HP? He answered without any second thought that if two electrical engineers found and established HP, then he can work there. The true information is that two electrical engineers were the ones who found HP.

In this manner, the presence of mind is something important to carry you through your career life. Here are mentioned a few presences of mind questions and answers to ask in an interview.

There are many other questions also which need careful reading and deep thinking to answer them. Several sources are beneficial in getting to know several presences of mind interview questions. Candidates who desire to cross through the presence of mind questions can just research and get to know the various sample questions and provided answers to crack the questions. Also one should participate in some mind quiz to test yourself or increase the presence of mind


There are several organization-related questions, where situations would be given and the employer would look out if the candidate can handle the situation or pressure in a calm and positive aspect. The questions would be tricky and complex mostly where the answers you provide would be something that would decide your career move. Many candidates have passed through such scenarios who can guide you in such cases. Run through the sites and get benefitted with the presence of mind interview questions and answers.