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How to Focus Your Mind on Positive Things: 17 Tips


Positivity and negativity are two aspects of life. It rules you and your every action. Any decision or action may result in positive or negative outcome. See here how to focus your mind on positivity to stay positive.

Focus Mind on Positive Things

What is Positivity in Life?

Positivity is that state of life, where the mind expects positive changes within the surrounding as well as the thoughts. In other words, positivity refers to the optimistic thoughts that rule our actions. It transforms negative thought into reinforcing element, which drives us towards success.

Any challenge in life, if faced with positive attitude may do no harm. Nowadays, the cases of depression have increased a lot.

As a result, more counseling programs and sessions have developed rapidly in the decade. What is the reason behind the rapid need for psychological support? It is the negative thoughts that drain the positive approach of the person.

What is Negativity in Life?

Negativity is that stage of life, where the mind is totally in opposition with positivity. A negative and pessimist person can never expect positive outcome, as a fact, these people expect the worst in any situation.

A pessimist person is driven away from any possible task due to the presumption that the result will be negative. If you look upon an easy and petty task with negativity, then you would never be able to end it on a good note. Well, the question is that how does negativity enter your system?

How to Focus Your Mind on Positive and not the Negative?

Negativity is one of the fatal diseases. It might not be a physical disease however; it does affect our emotional health a lot. Although it seems like it does not have any connection with physical condition, it indirectly affects the physical health. Your personal as well as your professional life contributes in creating positive or negative thoughts.

Here are few actions and beliefs that will help you in your tasks-

1. Shun out all the thoughts:

How would you shun out all the negative thoughts? Negativity may affect you when you focus on it more. How would you move your focus from negativity when it has enveloped you from all sides? Well, there is simple solution to the problem.

Do yoga and meditate whenever possible. Never underestimate the power of meditation. It is a relaxing activity, which throws away the unnecessary negative thoughts from our system.

Moreover, yoga and meditation also helps in staying healthy, which helps in focusing on career advancements with new enthusiasm and passion. As a result, positivity will bring along positive changes in your life.

2. Smile is more than a curve line:

Smile is the only curve that makes everything straight. It is indeed true that smile is the most reliving thing in the world. However, when negativity starts weaving the web around you, smile vanishes away from your face. Frown (way too curvy) replaces the smile. Did you know? Smile is contagious.

Flash a smile to someone you do not know and surprisingly you will receive a smile back. Thus, show a grin or smile at yourself to uplift the mood and encourage your positivity. Stand in front of your mirror and smile a little. This will show the negative elements around you that they do not affect you. After all, smile makes everything straight, right.

3. ‘You’ are your first priority:

Yes, you heard it right. ‘You’ are your own priority. What does it mean? Well, we all have a priority list, which includes parents, siblings, husband, children, career etc however, by priority I mean to say that the only thing that should matter to you first is ‘you’. Do not let a negative personality of someone else affect you.

A negative influencer may misguide you. As negative people tend to behave bitter, with everyone they meet. It is in their nature however, you should not let it get to you. Keep telling yourself that nothing can affect you and more than half of your positivity will be back. However, if you feel that it is not working out for you then call a friend or someone who you trust and ask him or her to talk to you. This will surely ease your pain and help you move out of the negativity spiral around you.

4. Comparison is not a solution:

Every child is unique in its own way. Let me give you a relatable example. You and your friend studied together for a test. Both of you learnt the same answers, prepared the same chapter, and notes. However, when you got the test back you received lesser marks compared to your friend. How can it be possible? Both of you put the same efforts together then how did he or she have better result than you did? It is because everyone is unique.

There is a possibility that his or her writing style/presentation is better, which helped him acquire extra marks. Stop comparing your assets and accomplishments with everyone. Instead, express your gratitude for the achievements that you have attained. True happiness lies in celebrating success instead of comparing it.

5. Write down:

Writing and listing down things makes it easier to understand. Well, imagine that your parent has scolded you. Regardless of your mistake, it is obvious to feel bad about the scolding. Well note it down in your diary or journal. On the other hand, your teacher complimented you for your work. Note it down like the previous one.

Collect all the possible thoughts that occur during the day. At the end of the day, evaluate the triggers of positive and negative emotions. Once you learn about the triggers focus on not repeating the mistakes and stay positive.

6. The way you think matters too:

“My life is horrible” or “I can never achieve that” etc are the thoughts that refrains you from tasting the feeling of success. Do you feel the same way? If you do then it is high time that you should change the way you think. Think differently and you may be able to achieve things that you have never even dreamt of in your life.

For example, when negative thoughts create chaos in your mind, deal with them differently. Instead of saying that your life is going off track, say that life might be off track now but you will surely make it better.

7. Do not blame others:

When we face many failures in life, it becomes difficult to shun away the negative thoughts. At times, people often end up blaming others for the failure they are facing. That is where they all are mistaken.

Never treat yourself as a victim. You cannot blame others for your shortcomings. Hence, evaluate and rectify your shortcomings instead of pitying yourself. This will definitely make you feel better. However, do not forget that the power of choice solely depends on you.

8. Do not blame yourself:

When I said that you should not treat yourself as victim however, I would also like to add that you are not the culprit either. Do not blame yourself for the things that are going wrong. Have faith in yourself and keep trying hard.

9. Perfection is only an illusion:

There is nothing perfect in this world. Everything comes in a package of flaws. However, if you plan to make your life a perfect life and failing at it then nothing can stop the negative thoughts from exhausting you.

Imperfection is the beauty of human creation. Thus, create your ideal life on the pillar of imperfection and work hard to attain your goal. Life is a gift of nature and we should respect it. Hence, live your everyday as a gift of nature for your imperfect life. This will increase the circulation of optimistic thoughts and approaches in you. Moreover, aiming for imperfection may lessen the amount of expectation and help you enjoy even little achievements.

10. Role playing:

In your childhood, have you ever played a role-playing game? Role-playing is a game where you act out a classroom or office scene. Well, play the same game to focus your mind at positivity.

Write down all the problems that you are facing and then reverse the role. Take the role of the advice-giver. Think that the problem belongs to someone else and give possible solutions to it. When you feel relaxed and have no problems at hand, you are able to handle the situation well.

11. Welcome changes with open heart:

We all know that nothing lasts forever. At one point, you will need to say goodbye to some or the other thing. This may be hard but do not let your thoughts intervene in the changes. Welcome the changes with open heart and wait. Every change takes place for your own betterment.

12. Failure is the stepping-stone of success:

Remember failure is the stepping-stone of success. If you do not make a mistake, how would you learn? Of course, it is expected of you to learn from others mistakes but it does not mean that making mistake is a crime. Sometimes you take that one wrong step that makes you realize the righteous thing. For example, how do you think were all the recipes invented? If the chefs had feared about a mess then they would have never been able to create or invent something new. Similarly, let loose the fear of doing wrong and be creative.

13. Not everything is head or tails:

Do you remember those multiple-choice questions that were asked in exam? They were a bit complicated as they had four options from which one had to choose. Do you remember true and false statements? They were so easy to solve. The answer would be either true or false. However, in life not everything is so easy. If you think about things in a black and white manner, you would never be able to complete anything. Thus, give a try to everything and do not fear the failure.

14. Music always cures:

Researchers have proved that music has a great effect on us. Classical music or a rock track, both have a positive impact on our mind. They not only sharpen your brain but also improve its attention span. Moreover, music has one more quality that you can use. Music releases the stress level and helps in balancing the situation. Thus, listen to music before starting your work to relax. You would be able to concentrate more.

15. Google is your friend:

Well, have you heard about Google? Of course, you have heard about it. If you do know about it then use it for your benefit. Simply type ‘positive thoughts’ or ‘motivating quotes’ and read the results. Quotes and motivating short speeches will definitely make a great difference.

16. Be an answer; a solution:

Be an answer, a solution to others problem. It is indeed one of the best feelings when you receive blessing from someone else. Always try to do something good for others. In return, you will be blessed with an answer to your prayers eventually. As you sow, so shall you reap? If you do good to others and cater positivity around you, it will definitely attract positive vibes towards you.

17. Visit a peaceful place:

Nothing is more rejuvenating than a trip to a peaceful place. Of course, it does not mean that you go out for expensive vacation to clear your mind everyday. Make it once a week or once a month trip. However, making such visits on a regular basis might be costly. At times like such opt for a round in a park or a garden. Roam around in the greenery; sit and relax.

Maintaining positive approach in life becomes easier when you stop expecting things to be easy. If you wish to achieve something, you need to put hard work into it and wait. Patience is as important as your hard work. Moreover, value yourself more than any other thing and keep faith in yourself. Do not let anything bother you ever again. Live your life to the fullest.