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How to Leave Work at Work? 14 Tips to Shut Down Stress


Regardless of whether you love your work or not, there will be times when stress and anxiety will be taking over and we assure it will be impossible for you to handle assignments. At times, work can indeed get extremely stressful and difficult but there are also several ways and techniques you can use in order to relax yourself and leave work right at work!

How Leave Work at WorkTips on How to Leave Work at Work:

Wouldn’t it be just amazing to leave work where it is at the end of the day and come back home to some warm cup of coffee and sound sleep? But guess what? You can actually do that! In this post, we are going to enlist the top ways in which you can leave work where it is and enjoy a life that is healthy and happier.

1. Get rid of all nagging thoughts:

The first and most important thing you need to do in order to leave work at work is simply getting rid of all thoughts that are nagging. So basically you have to acknowledge all your thoughts and say something like “Thoughts related to work are in my mind right now”. Next, you will have to gently shut your eyes and breathe in and out. This is where you should try and see if there are deeper feelings found in your thoughts. You should also say something “I release you”. This will actually help.

2. Use some humor:

Some good sense of humour will never do you any harm. Laughter is always good for a broken heart or a stressed person. It is also a healthy distraction from work. Some ideas we could definitely suggest to you include renting a new favourite comedy TV show or movie, calling over a friend to your place and dining with them. Your friend should be a positive person who can inspire and make you feel better. You may also go online and read a couple of funny jokes. Some TV bloopers are a great idea too.

3. Enjoy The Beauty of Nature On Your Way Back To Work:

It is very easy to go completely autopilot when you are on your way back home from work. But also remember that in doing so you are completely missing out on the beauty of life. If you are walking back home or just driving, you can still keep your eyes fresh by just taking a breathtaking beauty of nature all around you. Breathe in out deeply before you leave. Try to notice some of the interesting and unique things you are surrounded with.

4. Be A Tourist:

You can also imagine yourself as a tourist and revisit the whole place once you are done with work. In fact, when you reach home, take a nice stroll around the garden or park near your place. That would also be a fun filled and exciting experience for you. Hopefully you will be able to leave work behind when you are doing this.

5. Use unravelling as a technique:

You could always use unravelling as a technique. Some of your suggestions would include connecting to yourself through constant breathing. You can free yourself from the grip of life by simply meditating for a minute inside the car. The more you unravel, the more you are able to restore serenity and enjoy yourself.

6. Don’t give into sugary substances:

When we are stressed at work, we tend to believe that sugary edibles or dishes full of carbohydrates would be good for us. We believe it will help us relax and allow us to feel better. But that is not the case. Unhealthy dishes always induce this feeling of bloating which make you feel stressed at work even more. As a result of this you tend to feel worse and are unable to leave work at work. So stop it right away.

7. Get a list of all your accomplishments:

Another thing we are definitely going to suggest to you is prepare a list of all your accomplishments. You have no idea how much this is going to help you. It will make you feel a much more stronger and confident person. So before the day comes to an end, prepare a list of all the good things you have already done and accomplished and at the end of it you should be proud. It will make you feel happy and proud of yourself.

8. Value the time you already have:

If you spend a whole lot of time preparing a schedule, carefully seeing what time you should keep for your family and friends, make sure to protect that. This will also act as a reminder on when you should start your job and call it an end. In that way, you will be able to leave your work at work when time is right. Not just that, you will also learn how to keep up with time commitments. And that is something you should definitely learn while working.

9. Have fun on a weekday:

Just because its work, doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun. So make it a point to do something fun once every week so that you can alter your mind. There are plenty of people who behave like they are married to their jobs more than they are married to their spouse. Don’t let yourself be that person. Go out with your spouse on a date and have some fun. A comedy club or a nice dinner date sounds good.

10. Exercise should be a priority:

Don’t forget to make exercise a priority. Several people have gym memberships but they never use them. You don’t have to be one of them. Plus an exercise routine doesn’t have to be fancy. You could go on a 20 minute brisk walk after the day comes to an end or just walk around when you’re feeling stressed.

11. Mentally prepare yourself for ending the day:

Another something we have to remind you before you call the day is that you should always prepare yourself mentally. That is extremely important. Before you are about to leave, please don’t leave things in a clutter. Clean the mess or the files you have already kept. When you put things away you are able to clear your mind and prepare yourself for driving yourself back home. Most people have often said that organizing the desk often helps in the organization of the mind. So do try this!

12. Take a leave:

If you are someone who never takes a leave or a vacation or even a holiday, we completely understand why and how you get completely stressed out and are unable to leave work where it is. You obviously haven’t given yourself enough time to be on your own. And that could really be an unfortunate affair. So make sure to plan yourself a vacation every year during some time and make sure you are going out there and having some fun. It is very important for you and your future

13. Ask for help:

If you think you are too stressed during work and that is affecting your personal life, you can always ask for help. It will not make you a lesser of a man or woman. It is very natural. Anybody could need help. In fact, if you take some assistance, you will actually be able to handle and deal with work pressure in a better way. You will also be able to enjoy the time you already have with your friends. That would definitely take care of your load and leave work where it is at the end of the day.

14. Know the art of saying no at work:

The final thing you should definitely learn is the fine art of saying no. You don’t have to make every single work and assignment your top priority. In that way, you will never have time for yourself. The solution to your problem is by simply learning how to prioritize. You are free to always choose your activities that directly relate to the project. You have the liberty to use the time you already have to attend important meetings that will help you maximize exposure.

Leaving work at work is probably not the easiest thing you have ever done and it won’t be. But it will definitely be worth the shot if you do give it a chance. Always remember that work is always going to be work and there is so much more to life than just sitting at office. So try your best to enjoy yourself the minute you are outside it. On top of that, so much stress and anxiety isn’t good for your health. You have people to love and appreciate you. Stay and spend time with them. That should surely help. Also use all of these points. You will be greatly helped. On that note, good luck!