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Common Causes of Workplace Stress and How to Stop it


People often experience a lot of stress in their modern professional lifestyles. It is difficult to deal with this stress.

If the stress persists for long, it starts hampering your health too. This is bound to hamper your performance and lower your confidence over a period of time.

It is thus vital that you take the right precautions at the right time.

How stop work stressCauses of Workplace Stress:

Freshers often experience lot of stress because they are pushed into a completely new environment.

As they have no experience in the field, all their bosses bombard them with a lot of information. This leads to a lot of pressure which indirectly leads to work stress.

People also experience a lot of stress while switching jobs. This is also caused because of lack of experience in the particular field and excessive stress.

Here we have listed out a few common causes of stress and ways to deal with them.

1. Fear of handling a new task/project:

Human beings are accustomed to work in a particular work environment and a drastic change is never suitable. That is the reason why individuals who switch jobs or who are applying for their first job find it very difficult to do task properly.

It requires months of practice and effort to learn the art and perfect it. It is always wise to have a checklist ready when you are handling a fresh task.

This helps to ensure that you have done the task in a step by step manner without missing out on any important step.

2. Desire to be perfect:

Many of us dream of being the perfect employee. Even when we dream of climbing the success ladder, we keep imagining ourselves being the perfect employees handling all the tasks perfectly.

This desire to be perfect often leads us to be demotivated at different stages. We need to think practically.

We need to understand that follies are human and we need not fear them. We need to be bold enough to face and correct our mistakes. This is surely the right approach and the best way to achieve your goals.

3. Low confidence due to failures:

low confidence at work Individuals often lose their jobs and their confidence after a few failed attempts. Make sure you do not fall in this category of individuals.

Such individuals lose hope pretty fast. They are not willing to put that extra effort to attain their goal. All one needs to do is regain confidence and march ahead. Giving up is never a solution to any problem.

4. Fear of being laid off:

This is the greatest fear that an individual experiences while working with an organization. These fears usually increase with the size of the organization and the designation one handles.

You need to realize that you are capable and skilled and worthy of this job. This confidence will help you succeed in your job at all times.

5. Groupism and Workplace Politics:

workforce productivity If you enter an organization where the team members have been working since many years, you will find it a bit difficult to break the ice and make friends.

If you don’t have friends in a workplace, you are bound to get stressed. This reflects on your persona as well as your attitude towards work. Try to be interactive. Interact with people in your office. This will help to relieve stress.

Best Ways to Stop Stress at Work:

Everyone experiences stress at some point of time in life. It is not anything to be worried about.

You must know how to deal with stress so that it does not harm you. Here are some simple and easy ways to tackle stress.

1. Read interesting books:

If you enjoy reading books, there could be no better source of entertainment. Books help you travel while you are still seated on your desk and enjoy things that you have never really experienced.

Read novels, classics and even comics if you find them enjoyable. Join some nearby library and improve your vocabulary through good reading.

2. Solve puzzles and quizzes:

puzzles at work If you wish to give your mind some brainwork, go for puzzles, jigsaw, Rubix and Mensa. These are simple ways to sharpen your brain. These help to exercise your grey cells.

You may even opt for Chai-time quizzes in the newspapers. They are also pretty interesting. Do keep track of time while you are solving these puzzles.

3. Read maps and learn about new places:

Some jobs require you to have knowledge of geography and economics. You need to learn numbers and different currencies.

You can learn these during work breaks. There are many online maps where you can practise map reading. This way you improve your skills as well as divert your mind.

4. Make friends and interact with people:

Monotony is often a result of loneliness in a workplace. You need to interact with people and make friends. This helps you de-stress and stay happy.

Man is a social animal and it is really difficult to stay without interacting with people around you. Try to interact with people in your team and people who possess the same skill sets. It will help you evolve in your field.

5. Work on your skills:

Communication skill It is obviously logical that you need to continuously improve your skills to succeed in your career. Observe your bosses and people around you.

Try to understand why people above you are more successful. Analyze and identify what you need to do to improve yourself. You can succeed only when you are willing to bring about the necessary changes in yourself.

You have to go through many stages before you attain your first job. It is only when you get the necessary certificates and degrees that you qualify to apply for a good job.

Remember all the stages and you will know that minor hurdles are part of the journey. Face it like a man if you really wish to achieve accolades. Never give up at any stage as you still have lots to achieve.