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How to De-Stress Yourself at Work? 30 Quick and Best Ways


Deadlines, meetings, presentations, angry boss and more, such factors can cause too much stress at work.

As an end result, you not only feel too depressed, but also lose your productivity at work.

But, the good thing is that you can overcome different stressful situations at work through some easy and really effective ways.

ways to destress at workWant to know these ways to de-stress at work!

Then read below, as by de-stressing yourself, you can generate more enthusiasm towards work and deliver productive output even under pressurized situations.

How to Destress at Work?

There are many stress relief tips on how to destress at work. These stress tips will completely help in destressing yourself.

The following mentioned are few stress relief techniques that helps in dealing with stress at work.

1. Start your day with a boost:

Give a head start to your day by leaving your home half hour earlier than always. As according to studies, the less you rush in the morning, the more you feel de-stress the entire day.

2. Eating snacks at regular intervals:

A cup of coffee, or bowl of non-perishable snacks such as dry fruits, pretzels, juice boxes and more, can be consumed at timely intervals while you are at work.

This will not only provide you with the fuel that you require for working the entire day, but will also help in controlling your blood sugar level to a large extent.

3. Praise yourself at work:

If you have successfully accomplished a long term goal, or have completed a task before the deadline, then don’t wait for others to praise you.

Give yourself credit right now!

This will also boost up your confidence and make your mind stay stress relax and cool, the entire day.

4. Manage your email:

If your inbox is overflowing like anything, then it is essential that you take out some time on a daily basis, to manage your emails. This way, you will not only stay relaxed, but will also not miss out any vital email.

5. Stress Exercises:

exercise at work Stretching your arms and legs is extremely essential to stay de-stressed and healthy. It is of more importance if you have a sedentary job that involves too much sitting work.

Stretch your legs and arms for 30 minutes to feel fresh and also avoid meeting the problem of blood clots that result due to long hours of sitting or standing in one position

6. Make a plan ahead:

If there are too challenging tasks that need to be completed in the coming week, then it is better if you devote some of your time during evening or weekend to make a to-do list.

You can list down all tasks and tick them right as soon as you finish them.

This will also help you stay focused on your job and make sure that you don’t miss out anything.

7. Communicate with colleagues:

You can plan a small gathering every weekend with your co-workers, to discuss other troubles or issues about a specific work role.

Moreover, you can utilize your collective brains to think over how a work can be done in a much better way, or how you can improve your productivity and more.

This is one of the finest ways to destress or reduce stress at work and enhance your productivity.

8. Take a deep breath:

A day at work comprises of too many demands, issues and problems. If all this is making you feel too stressed then sit right now and take a deep breath, before the stress converts into tension.

Relax and think over to complete the task one by one to overcome stress the entire day.

9. Take a short walk:

If there is enough walking space in your office area, or there is a rest room, then you can go for a short, around 3 to 5 minutes walk .

You can go to drink water or to talk on the phone in order to de-stress yourself and return to work with the same enthusiasm and zeal that was there in you in the morning time.

10. Turn on a soothing sound:

headphones music Listening to calm de stress music, soothes nerves and even de-stresses the body. So, turn on any orchestral track which is soft on the ears. You can also play classical music like Mozart and Bach to relieve tension from your nerves.

In case there is no such option available to you then an easy way is to turn on your favorite radio station at low volume while you do your work.

11. Set enough light to work:

You must generate enough light in your work area in order to reduce eyestrain and secure pleasing environment to work. The option of soft, indirect lightening can also be considered.

12. Generate visual resting points:

Artwork, photos of family, friends or your favorite spot, plant and more such will work as great stress releasing agents at work.

You can generate such visual resting points within your work area and focus on them at regular intervals to stretch your eyes and relax them. Not only your eyes will feel relaxed, but even you will feel less stressed.

13. Organize your work desk:

A neat, well organized work station helps reducing stress to a great extent. Make sure that each and everything on your desk is in the appropriate place.

You also need to organize your files and piles, so that you are easily able to find them when there is an urgent need.

So, whenever you are in a hurry of finding something on your desk, then you will be able to do in less time, and there will be no space for stress or tension to grow.

14. Make yourself ergonomically correct:

Your body is not designed to sit in one position for long hours and work endlessly. Even you need rest if you do not want to meet health issues such as pain, muscle aches, strain or fatigue.

If in case you meet any such trouble, then surely you will feel very stressed at work . So, make sure that you sit properly while working and take rest as and when needed.

15. Increase intake of healthy food:

Eat healthy food The type of food you eat also determines that whether your body is able to work well under pressure or not. It is therefore needed, that you consume more healthy food, especially during your working hours, in order to stay in a working mood.

You can consume fruits, juices, salads and even drink lots of water to stay hydrated, feel fresh and reduce stress levels within your body.

16. Keep away your phone:

Smartphones, tend to increase stress, as individuals are always in a rush of responding to a message or mail while they are at work.

So, when you are doing an important work, it is better to keep your phone at a distance far away, or the best thing is to switch it off.

17. Watch a funny video:

Laughter is an instant worker in reducing stress. You can watch a funny video on your phone, but then after that keep your phone away, or you can also watch a funny video on the desktop if you have a sitting job. You will feel relaxed and refreshed instantly!

18. Enjoy a soothing aroma:

If your office permits, then sent out your workspace with fragrance of natural flowers, or even with artificial perfumes.

You can add lovely potpourri to the workspace to secure an environment that is more relaxing and refreshing.

19. Visualize your favorite vacation:

If things are becoming too messy, and you are not able to understand what to do, then just sit on your seat, turn your head a little down, and close your eyes.

Start visualizing your favorite vacation, or any other thing that makes you feel happy. A ten minutes break like this is great to de-stress at work.

20. Be friendly to your co-workers:

how friendly you are You do not have to become best friends with your co-workers, but yes, it is good to be friendly and smiling.

Just get to know about them a little over a quick lunch, or small coffee break. This will make your body naturally feel calm, and will also generate a friendly environment to work, thereby reducing stress to a great extent.

21. Create some perspective:

If you are not able to work well, and you are feeling stressed because you think that your boss will fire you or you will never be able to work right again, then relax for a while.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself that there are plenty of work options available to you.

Even if you are fired, then this is not it, there are other opportunities also, that you can consider. This will, surely, help in reducing stress to some extent.

22. Meditate:

A 20 minutes meditation at workplace, not only helps in reducing stress, but also help you become more focused, confident and productive at work.

You can meditate every day, right before starting your work, or during daytime when you feel really stressed or tired.

23. Reading a book, after quick lunch:

If there is a big lunch break offered in your office, then it is great. You can have a quick lunch, and if in case there is no one to talk, then do not worry, you can read a book, for about 6 to 10 pages, before you break ends. You will definitely feel more relaxed, freshen up and de-stressed.

24. Avoid too much intake of caffeine:

The caffeine present in energy drinks, soda and coffee is not only harmful to health, but also boosts up the stress level.

Limit your coffee drink to a cup or two, instead you can drink more amount of water when you feel stressed.

Besides this, the options of drinking lemon tea, peppermint tea, black tea or green tea are also great to reduce stress and stay alert at work.

25. Finish the tough work first:

Motivation at work Try to complete your most complicated tasks first, so that they do not loom over you the entire day. Once, you are finished with the tough work, you will enjoy doing the remaining stuff and also feel less stressed.

26. Let your troubles go:

There are too many issues and troubles in life, but some of them are problems for which nothing can be done. So, why do you want to waste your time, thinking about these troubles.

If you cannot do anything about an issue, then just let it go, and relax your mind. Thinking about undeserving troubles will make you feel stressed and may also reduce your productivity at work.

27. Learn to say no: 

If too much work load is already making you feel stressed, then why do you want to complete others work also.

Just simply say no, but yes in a polite manner. Don’t overburden yourself with work if you don’t want to get conquered with the ugly devil of stress.

28. Manage your time: 

Prioritizing your tasks at work, it’s a great tool to distress at work. Don’t mingle your work and jobs together, prioritize them and try to finish them according to their deadlines.

You can even jot down your work priorities on a piece of paper to stay more organized and manageable.

29. Don’t try to multitask:

You are a human being and not a machine, and so it is normal if you are not able to handle multiple tasks at one time. If you want to reduce the stress level, then it is wise that you do your tasks at work one by one.

Multitasking will make you feel more stressed and also reduce your quality of work.

30. Keep to do list short and precise:

Don’t outline too long working lists for your daily task. If you are not able to fulfil them, then in the end you will feel depressed and stressed.

So, as soon as you reach the office, just jot down daily tasks on a piece of paper, and make sure you write only those which you can finish on time.

To Wrap Up:

These are proven and effective best ways to destress and that can help you reduce stress level at work.

So, try them out and stay relaxed, and do not be scared of taking a break at work. As if you work hard, then you even have the right to rest!