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How to Be a Great Employee: Top 25 Traits and Characteristics


While searching for the perfect candidate to add to your workstation, you need to ascertain the fact that few wanted traits should be present in the candidate.

Concerning a man’s fundamental character, things are not as simple as we decipher. Well, this characteristic features doesn’t really define an employee.

However, it does gives a substantial knowledge while picking out the best candidate.

Some of the qualities of a great employee are discussed below:

Great Employee Traits Characteristics

Traits and Characteristics of the Great Employee:

1. Industrious

The most important traits of a good employee are being industrious. In other words, he needs to be a hard worker.

Hard working is a definite trait that differentiates a good employee from that of a bad.

A capacity to work flawlessly until the work done is certainly a major character that an employer always wants in his/her employees. Industrious nature is a must in a great employee.

2. Surefooted

Working with a confident employee would obviously make you feel happy. You would rather hand over your works and projects to somebody who is more confident rather than relying on someone who is not so surefooted.

A confident employee is ready to take up challenges and come out victorious while the counterpart would hesitate to do the same.

An employer would feel safe in the hands of a confident employee than a shy one. In fact, a client would love to interact with a confident employee.

3. Committed to work

Most of the employees work in order to get money. Less amount of people possesses this rare quality of commitment. A committed employee doesn’t work for money; he does it because he loves it.

A committed employee is really hard to find nowadays since every employee has become money-oriented. But a commitment or pure dedication to work is what makes a great employee.

An ideal employee does his work out of pure interest and love for his job. He enjoys whatever he does, rather than doing something out of compulsion.

4. Positive attitude

Generally, most of us like the company of optimistic people than pessimistic ones. Similarly, an employee giving out positive energy does the job and handles clients better than a person surrounded by negative energy.

Optimism leads to efficient work done as well as maintains proper working mood for other co-workers too.

Additionally positivity ensures better communication as well as let you accomplish job quiet easily.

5. Well-organised

There is a whole other world to finish and less time to achieve it. Yours sorted out representatives will have the ability to finish more if they are well organised and have planned out things beforehand.

Exceptional organization skills make a candidate an ideal employee. An employee will be preferred more and will be accepted widely if his work is remarkably designed and well presented with good organization.

6. Adaptive to any environment

Today’s workplace obliges individuals to be adaptable to the changing environment and accomplish tasks exceptionally well in the changed environment.

A great employee ought to have the ability to fit right in with any deviation from the ideal working conditions.

At any instance, when your work done requires working under changing workstations, understanding a potential applicant’s adaptability is critical.

An employee who is able to adjust can accomplish various tasks efficiently without much pressure. He should possess immense ability to perform tasks flawlessly in extreme conditions

7. Multi-tasking

It is an important aspect of an ideal employee. When the need arises, a worker should be able to go out of his comfort boundaries to efficiently manage tasks which are not assigned to him.

An ideal employee can perform multiple numbers of tasks effectively at the same time without getting muddled up and complete the entire assigned task within the stipulated time frame.

Every employer requires a candidate who can efficiently handle multiple issues that requires proper attention within the provided deadline.

8. Active involvement

An ideal employee should be able to actively contribute to a workstation that involves building relationships and recognizing the value of cultural, ethnic, gender and other differences, to enhance the attainment of job’s goals.

He should be active throughout the tasks and be ready to perform unfamiliar odd jobs at the time of requirements.

An employer should try to go for candidates who have this rare ability to get involved in various types of tasks within the job and accomplish it efficiently

9. Proper team spirit

When you are an employee, your job may demand to work in a team, at times, to meet the company’s goals.

It is therefore a crucial trait of an employee to be able to work efficiently in a group without issues and complete the task in the given time frame. Also, earns the trust, respect and confidence of co-workers and customers through consistent, forthrightness and professionalism in all interactions within the group.

Additionally, the employee must be able to work as part of a team to complete projects and assignments that may require coordinated efforts of several individuals.

10. Modesty

Many traits are very crucial for an ideal employee, but all the good traits may become irritating and frustrating for others if the employee is not modest.

Apart from having all the rare and remarkable traits, an employee needs to be humble by nature. He should not always go on bragging about his accomplishments and works he had done so far.

It can be counted as an over confidence. Serious boasting may sometimes result in rifts and irritancy among co-workers.

11. Exceptionally communicative

A great employee should possess good interpersonal skills and communicative skills. He should be comfortable while interacting with individuals, large groups or families in general.

He should be able to maintain good public relations sensitivity and respect for confidentiality.

Not only with clients he should be able to regularly communicate to employees, volunteers, and Board of Directors and external groups also for maintaining a healthy relation.

12. Time oriented

Knowing the value of time is very crucial while working. Certain tasks need to be finished within the provided time.

Therefore able to meet tight deadlines is an ability to search for in a great employee.

An ideal worker should be able to understand the importance of timely submission of projects and be able to effectively utilize time to get the job done well within the time frame allotted.

13. Reverential

An ideal employee should know how to behave in front of seniors and treat the juniors. He should be respectful towards both clients as well as co-workers.

Maintain a proper balance between personal and professional life, a great employee should be able to deal with all kinds of situations by virtue.

14. Proactive

Dodge the inclination to sit tight for another person to address or settle an issue. Give your organization the most “value for its money” work on which they depend. This should be possible by suspecting issues and being willing to determine them.

In the event that you need it done, do it without waiting for someone else to give you orders for it.

Those who profitably utilize their time will probably be given expanded obligation or even advancements. Therefore an ideal employee should be proactive by nature.

15. Reliable

You need any employee on whom you can entrust the project without worrying a bit. Yes, reliability.

An ideal employee should possess such characters that an employer would be compelled to rely on you.

A great employee needs to work really hard to gain this trait since not all employees can be trusted with work. In order to be reliable, you need to be time oriented, committed, well-organized and virtuous by nature first.

16. Creative

Creativity is a hard found talent in employees. According to a study conducted by the University of Illinois, about 10% of general employees hired, tends to be creative. Every employee can’t be creative.

Organizations need individuals with extraordinary thoughts to truly develop and thrive. Your representatives should be willing to test with difficulties and reach out for extraordinary things that will decrease the repetition and normality of the day by day schedule.

Furthermore, it will enhance worker and organization efficiency.

17. Honesty

Honesty is an integral part of an employee which is a rare gem. A person may possess thousands of good qualities but if he is not honest, every good quality fades away.

An employer would rather trust his work with an honest employee rather than a dishonest one. So honesty is one of the traits that an ideal employee must possess.

18. Enthusiastic

Employees who land for work enthusiastic and excited daily has an extra edge over their counterparts who are not are too serious or eager for their work.

Ideal employees and workers are glad to know about new thoughts and ideas and to take a dig at more prominent achievements.

They manufacture a workplace that triggers new thoughts that are singular and well appreciated by employers.

19. Self motivated

Each employer cherishes somebody who doesn’t need to be told about every small detail and is not ready to accomplish more.

An ideal employee should self-monitor his parts and obligations, the self-driven representative thrives to enhance himself, lessen his shortcomings and play up his qualities. He won’t squander his manager’s valuable cash and time on diversions.

He is additionally prompt, doesn’t delay or take superfluous breaks and is upright. An ideal employer is self-trained and thrives for perfection without being told off.

20. Ambitious

An ideal employee needs to be ambitious that is, he won’t avoid putting in his best since he would set objectives and elevated standards for himself.

Additionally, an ideal employee would be willing to go an extra step forward whether to accomplish organization objectives or advance up their own professionalism and in addition strongly wish to advance in their field of job.

But at the same time, your employee needs to have a sensible measure of enthusiastic insight inside him to make sure that he doesn’t leave the greater part of his associates behind while pacing up towards his aspiration.

21. Good leadership quality

Every organization has plenty of groups. Therefore, it is crucial to perform well as a team as well as an individual entity of the team.

To do well in a group requires persistence, patience, and great social abilities. Also, to have a good leadership quality, you need to have an authoritative way of approach as well as exceptional interpersonal skills.

An ideal employee makes sure that his team performs better, work completes quicker and relations among representatives enhance for the betterment of the organization.

As a team leader, an employee should be able to practice proper co-ordination and team spirit among other members to ensure timely completion of the task in an efficient manner.

22. Good moral character

Character is the process of knowing what is right and what is wrong, deviating from the wrong, and making the correct decision and not withstanding negativity.

It obliges one to be completely honest and upright in every action of the employee. Unfortunately, however, great character in the work environment is vanishing gradually.

In others words, people are getting more and more inclined towards negativity and dishonesty.

Since today’s circumstances demand Individuals to do what is most practical for themselves which includes losing their morality. This makes morality a rare trait in an ideal employee.

23. Multi skilled

Possessing multiple skills is a plus point. An ideal employee will upgrade itself if he/she is multi-skilled by nature.

Numerous individuals can’t recognize what they do well. But an ideal employee will quickly find out his plus points and work on it to enhance it and make it more refined.

24. Quality work

An ideal employee can be quite easily identified by the quality of work he does.

A worker who possesses all the above characteristics, as well as performs task that is of good quality, will have a better chance to impress the employer.

25. Cheerful

Above all, cheerfulness is a sweet trait that usually enhances all the above great employee characteristics by tenfold.

A great employee always wears a smile as a basic ornament and sweet politeness as a general character.


Workers who have these characteristics are remarkable fortunes; they take whatever you toss at them and can execute in an efficient manner. Generally, a single person cannot possess all of these 25 characteristics at once. You need to find out which characteristic features you want in your employee for the effective functioning of the company.