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List of 15 Good Words that Add Power to your Resume


To reach to the zenith of success in a professional world, one must start from the beginning. And that beginning can be made possible only by having a powerful resume to stand out in the resume process which cannot be discarded in any case and make way for the trash bin.

powerful resume wordsIn today’s modern generation, a resume is of utmost importance in taking a step forward in your professional world. It is like taking a baby step to help make you reach the many ladders of success.

The resume should be an exact replica of your personality and work behavior and hence it must be depicted in a presentable way.

You must make your resume vibrant enough with vivid words, attention grabbing phrases and dynamic font to help choose your resume to be the best!

So let us start sorting a quick list of powerful words that would help your resume to be passed on to the interviewer’s desk straight!

Hints to Use Resume Power Words:

You have to be smart enough while writing a resume to play with words and make proper usage of certain effective idioms.

Follow some clues to get started. Here is how to implement this practice:

1. Make more usage of nouns rather than verbs:

This should be the first pointer to consider while writing a resume. Nouns are the strongest words that put power in your resume.

It showcases how well you have managed to present your skills and talents in a one page resume.

Hiring managers keep searching for words that you write regarding your previous work place, your talent, your confidence, your skills, your certifications, your degrees, your reference names.

A lot of recruiters demand more usage of names of products and services to be written in the resume which automatically shows how capable you are in doing the work in that position .

2. Skim through the recruiter company’s website:

It is absolutely necessary to know well about the person whom you are applying for, his behavior as well as the company’s history.

You must be known to the fact that you are going to work for this firm for quite a long time and hence make proper preparations of knowing it well before entering the firm.

Skim through the company’s website; try to get a hang about the company’s culture, the pros and cons of that firm, the history, the market position and many more.

3. Know more about your recruiter:

knowing the company It is equally necessary to know about the recruiter who is going to interview out there in the coming days. The internet tells you all.

Try to put words in the resume that show more about the corporate rules, in general as well as about the company.

Gain knowledge about anything and everything. It is for your personal benefit as it might work as an additional plus pointer for you.

4. Use words that are repeatedly written in the job description:

That could be a plus point for you and might strike a chord with the job’s availability for you. There may be times when you find a word that is mentioned on places, the job description.

Hence, it is your foremost job to note down such pointers and make prior usage of them in your resume.

It is considered to be a plus pointer for using those clues which are given in the job description indirectly. Always take more care and effort in knowing more about the job description.

5. Search for words in the company’s website:

Make use of those pointers in the resume once or even more than once. It should make look that you have made correct usage of the keywords given and use it wisely.

It shows how wisely you have used those pointers and made use of this indirect reference for making your resume look good. It makes the recruiters feel good and choose you for this position.

6. Improvise your ex job titles:

It is necessary enough to keep updating your resume, focusing on the job titles. It gives a clear view of your earlier job recommendations and the places you have worked in and helps the recruiter to know more about your capabilities.

Also, it helps the hiring manager in judging your skills and talents. Hence, it is of utmost importance to write your job titles in a creative way.

Do not just write them for the writing sake. It will leave a bad impression in the minds of the hiring manager and therefore your resume would find its way straight into the trash bin.

7. Update you previous job position:

update job Try keeping the job titles more standardized that will describe your personality and work capability in a positive way.

Make heavy usage of keywords to show that you actually know the work place and are very well acquainted with the job position you were doing earlier.

Show off your accomplishments and qualifications in words that catch the eye of the recruiter within a span of seconds and bam! You are now selected.

8. Be on track with your professionalism:

Keep an eye on the company’s newsletters. Employers like, when the employee makes use of certain words that appear in the newsletter and describe the company’s work.

They will feel happy to hire you and give you a chance to work with them where you are so much dedicated into knowing each and every thing about the firm.

9. Get acquainted with the professional words world:

It is utmost necessary to know every pro and con of the professional world. Keep reading and gain knowledge about your profession so that it helps in determining your work capability.

Also, keep a thorough check on all the new words that keep coming up and get added in the dictionary. It will help you a lot while making presentations and meetings.

Instead of searching new words related to your professionalism all over the net, just buy your company’s newsletter and you will find a plethora of new words.

10. Use more impressive verbs:

Use verbs that are more impressive and will shine out in the resume thereby giving a green signal to your position in this firm.

Use verbs that are strong enough to give out a positive vibe in your resume.

For instance, you have made use of ‘supported‘ words somewhere in the resume, try replacing it with a more impressive word. Words like ‘supported’ or ‘contributed‘ lack enthusiasm in the word itself and hence are less impressive. Hence, look out for energy boosted verbs such as ‘achieved’, or ‘resolved’ or ‘increased‘.

11. Use more of jargons known to your industry:

industry jargon Usage of a little bit of company’s jargon is a green signal to all the resumes. It shows how much dedicated you are towards the company’s rules and regulations.

However, it might happen that the recruiter is unaware of you previous company’s acronym or jargon.

So it is necessary to replace it with a proper keyword which describes the jargon or at least put them in the bracket showing that you know what the acronym actually means.

12. Put a pinch of industry related acronyms in the resume:

Now if you want to make your resume to be the best, you need to work on the resume a bit.

Previously it has been stated that do not make unnecessary usage of jargons and specifically high end keywords. But that does not mean that you totally ignore the company’s acronyms.

It will help you in getting selected for the post you have applied. It will give out a positive vibe stating that you want to tell more about the company in the open and let people knows that you work for it dedicatedly.

13. Try writing in an active voice:

It is necessary that your resume should look good and hence use of voices is also very important. You should know how to play with tenses and voices while writing a resume.

Moreover, it should be in an active voice while writing a resume. Active voices help give a direct direction to a particular thing which on the other hand passive does not.

If for instance you wanted to tell something regarding management of a team, then you would proceed in this way Instead of writing that, “A team of nine people were managed by me.” Stick to “I managed a team of nine people.”

14. Stick to nouns or verbs rather than adjectives:

Instead of adjectives, you can make use of nouns which are the foremost priority. Or else you can switch to verbs too (powerful ones though.) Usage of adjectives should be on the third option as a backup.

Also, try to be specific enough while describing your qualifications. Let it be quantitative rather than being qualitative.

Recruiters look out for percentages and amounts while looking out for a description regarding your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, try using words that end with ‘ly‘.

15. Ditch the adjectives while sketching a resume:

It is a common misconception that any resume looks better when there are lot of adjectives used as suffices in a resume.

However, that is not true in some or even all the cases. While writing about your skills and talents and qualifications, you need not suffice it with an adjective.

That cuts off the flow of the reader and gradually decreases his/ her interest in reading your resume.

Best Power Words for Resume:

Now, it is also necessary to look into the list of best power packed resume words. Once you use them in the resume, they receive a green signal to be reached on to the top of the pile of resumes and hence make way for you in the interviewing process.

Following is a list of words that one must make use in his/ her resume:best resume words

It is a common saying that first impression is the last impression and hence, is of utmost importance in the professional field.

Although, it is not a Herculean task for a fresher or even an employee who has worked in many places (updating) to make the best of all the resumes to help make him/her shine out in the crowd.

The hiring manager has to go through a pile of resumes in a day and is the one who chooses the best resume to be carried forward to the interview process.

Hence, you should be able to present your resume to engage the reader in within a span of seconds and help him pick out your resume and consider it to be the best. As with the generation moving ahead in a fast pace, one must also change their resume patterns.

With more attractive words and catchy phrases shining in the resume, you are more likely to be selected as it shows your creative side in a one or two page resume.

Hence, these valuable tips are of utmost importance while pining down your resume. It should be of prior importance that just writing what you have done blindfolded will not help you gain a position in a firm. You need to start improvising right from the beginning. No single person on this Earth is born perfect. Learn from your imperfections and conquer the world. Use these power driven resume words to help make you shine out in the resume, thereby leading you move forward to the bigger ladders of achievement and success!