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Top 15 Proven Recruitment Tips for Hiring Managers


Recruiting and placing the right person in the right position at the right time requires more than just experience and skills.

It requires several strategies, knowledge and a clear insight that a hiring manager is bound to posses.

Following are the recruitment tips that would certainly direct you towards a successful recruiting process.Recruiting tips for Hiring Managers

Successful Employee Recruitment Tips for Hiring Managers:

1. Identification of requirement:

It is vital for a hiring manager to be well versed with the needs and wants of the company.

He or she should first identify the qualities that the organization seeks for in the candidate for a particular position and list it down.

If there is no proper identification of requirements then there are chances of candidates getting selected that do not possess the required skills and aptitude.

2. Job description:

As a candidate is expected to write a good cover letter, similarly hiring managers are expected to write a good job description.

The job description is ultimately going to be one of the factors that would attract applicants towards the organization hence, a job description must be free from grammatical errors, it must lay down necessary details.

Apart from these things, the job description must portray a picture of “dream job” that every employee wishes to work in.

3. Give them reason to choose you:

Candidates who are exceptionally talented with good academic results and experiences have more than one company to choose from.

In such cases, if you want to attract them towards your organization then ensure that you give them enough reasons.

What can you do?

  • Letting them interact with other employees
  • Showing a video of office culture in your organization
  • Attractive offers
  • Showing your presence on social media

These are some of the hacks that hiring managers can utilize in the favor of their organizations. It is more like marketing your brand like you market your product or service.

4. Talent and skills over experience:

skills and talents Most of the recruiters choose experience over talent. They hire experienced people with an insight of training them later but this somewhere compromises on talent as well.

The best way is to test the skills and talents by screening candidates individually on the basis of tests like aptitude test.

These tests can help the managers in figuring out which candidate suits the best for the vacant position in the organization.

5. Do not stop recruiting:

Generally, it is believed that the job of hiring managers is done once the candidate is selected. However, this notion is wrong.

One can take the candidate in but, it requires efforts to keep the employee for longer with loyalty from his or her side.

Hence, you must not take the selected employees for granted. Keeping your employees happy would bring loyalty as well as newer candidates.

6. Use of social media:

Along with the traditional methods like advertising in newspapers, the hiring team must use LinkedIn for recruiting,  since LinkedIn is a serious platform which is taken ultra seriously by the job seekers.

There you can have a look at their experiences and can even talk to them. You can also use Facebook and twitter to check their backgrounds.

In this way along with the traditional method, one must also use social media to its full potential.

7. Social functions can help in networking:

Hiring managers should also open up to the new ways of recruitments. Hiring managers can arrange social functions for existing employees periodically per year and ask the employees to bring one or two friends along.

This can open up a channel of networking with different people and an enriching opportunity of meeting a pool of talent.

8. Use your networks:

how to network for recruiting Hiring managers should also use their own networks in order to bring more candidates and have wider options.

Using your own network also saves your time, all you got to do is to drop a mail or a phone call and then take the interview.

Managers do look outside for the right candidates but many of them forget to use their networks. One can also ask the employees to give reference of candidates from their networks.

9. Framing better questions:

Hiring managers generally commit a mistake by asking them questions that can allow the candidate in putting their best foot forward.

For instance – tell us about the biggest project that you have handled or tell us about the passion for your work.

Such questions can be tackled by any smart candidate easily thus the best way is to ask them questions that doesn’t allow them in keeping their best foot forward.

Questions like – what would you do in so and so the situation can give a better idea about the attitude of the candidate. Such questions are based on initiations.

10. Better perks than competitions:

The way candidates compete amongst themselves; organizations are bound to compete too. Some of the candidates apply to multiple firms at the same time and get into the one which serves the best perks.

However being a hiring manager your job is to provide undeniable perks to the candidate who deserves it.

Your perks and benefits should stand out better than your competitions in such a way that it will hold the grip on your candidate.

11. Be good:

Be good to your candidates and talk good about your organization. Explain them the style of working and what your expectations are.

Being good towards your organization and towards them would certainly let them spread it to others. In this way, the image of your brand would become brighter which would eventually attract number of candidates.

12. Listen to the candidate:

Listen to the candidate Nothing motivates a candidate more than the fact that you are listening to them. This also helps in boosting up the confidence which further lets the nervous candidate open up more to you.

13. Disciplined:

Being a recruiting manager it is vital for you to be disciplined because ultimately you are in the position of reflecting the image of your company.

Your candidates are going to see you and adapt your ways and based on these assumptions regarding the company would be formed.

Hence, you must be on time, you must dress properly, your manners must reflect in your gestures and most importantly your approach should be motivating and positive.

14. Avoid being too personal:

You must also ensure that during the interactions or personal interview sessions you are not digging too deep into the personal life of a person.

Your aim should be to remain positive and do nothing that can make your candidate feel uncomfortable. It’s okay to ask personal questions but to an extent not beyond that.

15. State missions and visions:

Instead of expecting that would know everything about your company you must also try to give them some knowledge regarding the mission and vision that your company pertains to.

This is open up channels for them in terms of understanding the company pretty well.

These were the simple recruitment tips that a hiring team of managers must keep in mind before, during and after the process of recruitment. These tips would help the organization in recruiting one of the best and the most suitable candidate for the vacant post.

So, if your recruiting process is going on or even if it is about to begin to ensure that you are following these listed tips. All the best!