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10 Awesome Employee Perks for Attracting the Best Talent


Attracting employees these days can often be a difficult task. After all, we don’t know which employee will choose what. Some people make the huge mistake of spending way too much money in order to get the best out of their team. We would suggest you to refrain from trying all types of crazy ideas and instead try the ones given by us. Hopefully all of us will be benefited from this.

perks attracting best talentGreat Employee Perks Employers Can Offer:

1. Continued Employment:

Of course it feels nice when you get expensive and fancy benefits from your work place. But what always improves it is when you get continued employment. Even though it isnt as exciting and cool as free Netflix subscription, there are some small business owners today who like to sacrifice their personal compensation along with time and effort in order to keep their business going and their team together. It is always better to have a company that cares about your wellbeing instead of those that provide you with luxurious profits.

2. Social Benefits:

Other benefits also include social benefits. This is where you give your employees the opportunity to socialize and meet new people. Mainly exercise is used in such cases which is why most people like to call it social exercise. Yoga classes will be introduced here along with free nutritional, boxing and Pilate’s classes where you will learn different kinds of skills. If employees would really like to make their exercise routine a bit more prevalent, they can wear up bands just to encourage and motivate one another.

3. Paid Vacations:

Paid vacations are also something that could help you attract those employees who are talented. Two weeks of paid vacation is probably a bit too risky as a scheme but if you think of it; your juniors are going to love you for it. While vacation are best employee benefits, there are employers who can be much more productive, creative and happy when they mix with those who are relaxed. There are plenty of companies who are using this scheme and you should also give this a luck try.

4. Food trucks:

Everyone loves food! So when you come up with a food truck, people are going to love you and your company. Dining options are always attractive and encourage your people to work harder. Plus when the food is good, it is natural that people in your company will want to be a part of it. You can always keep one day per week where everyone gets free takeaways from the local Chinese restaurant. Or the best thing you could try is tweet a food truck so that they can come near your office, get your guys food and then at the end of it, you pay the bill.

5. Fixing Schedules:

Another benefit that will definitely work is fixing schedules. Allowing people to work when and where they would like to can be a great selling point for your company. This could include a four day work week. Plus you can allow your employees to accommodate so that the workdays can be shifted earlier or later. The employees may also split up their workday into tinier chunks. If you give them employee options, the work will start to fit into their lifestyle and allow them to become far more hard working and productive when they are on the clock.

6. Given time off for volunteering:

Employees are always keen on giving back. There are many employers today who encourage other employees to volunteer for two to three days per year in an organization that is non profit. This could be a good way to help other employees to help the community and support them for various causes.

7. Opportunity to speak to mentors:

Employees always enjoy the idea of growing both personally and professionally. There is no better way to get better help than getting hold of a mentor that exists outside the organization. Employers can always give you a list of mentors by speaking to their team members, building new sources of contact and providing them with specialists in different areas. When you have a list like this, the employees can go out and speak to the mentors if they are keen on learning a new hobby such as gardening or playing the piano or learning things that are specific in the industry.

8. Remote Work:

Remote work is also something that works well. Giving your employees the opportunity to work outside the office can always give you a better balance in work. This will also allow them to boost productivity and work harder. It will make you far more focused and allow you to work arrangements accordingly. There are remote work arrangements which can vary from a more structured policy in which the employees will be allowed to work from home even on specific days. This will give them more liberty and time to be on their own.

9. Educational Training:

This will work best among those who are freshers. People who have just entered the company will always be in search of training classes where they can receive better education. Conferences are also organized for this purpose. When you are conducting workshops, people from other companies will also come to attend. This will give them a new opportunity to learn and explore different fields. People will become more focused when they are working and this will allow them to become more professional with time in the field.

10. Free Snacks:

Free snacks are also very common these days. Several people and companies have tried this and you should as well. Offer your workers a free burger every alternate day for lunch and they will be beyond happy. This could also be a great time for you to speak and get to know them a bit more. Plus we can ensure it will get you a good amount of attention and hopefully you will be able to see the best talent in your employees.

Companies that offer best employee perks:

Benefits that Google Gives:

If you want to attract the best talent among employees, try the ones that Google gives. Google is best known for its amazing benefits and employee perks. According to a few reporters when you are working at google,  you will be given on site haircuts, free food during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not just that, if you love exercising, the gym and swimming pool is forever present for your benefit. Google employees who enjoy games can find themselves playing football, ping pong and billiards. There are laundry and dry cleaning services available. There is on site medical staff available as well. Work for google  is almost like dream come true for many. If you can provide your members google perks like this, then nothing like it!

Benefits by Zappos:

Zappos is also another company well known to us for its customer service. And if you want to provide an above average customer service, there isnt a better place to learn from than this. Some of the best perks at work provided by these guys include free food during lunch, breakfast and breaks, planned team outings at the end of every month, nap rooms are provided so that you can enjoy and relax yourself during periods of stress and work load. Plus you are given pet insurance. If you are worried about medical, dental and vision insurance, these guys provide a complete group health insurance. Try giving these company benefits to your employees.

GoDaddy job benefits:

GoDaddy is one company that teaches you a large number of benefits to your employees in order to see their best talent. Some of their top work benefits include coaching programs that are healthy and living, lunch and vending machine options, other services such as flu shots and health fairs. Tuition reimbursement is also available. Holiday parties and retreats are also available. Plus the leaders make sure the members have enough time at the end to go for picnics and parties.

Benefits provided by SAS:

SAS gives you around three weeks of company vacation along with unlimited sick days. Not just that, if you are working for a company like that and are having a tough time trying to pay your college fees, these guys will provide you with enough scholarship. You will be given gym membership and several other fitness options to choose from. There is no dress code as such. Health care centres are also present in several offices. Proving benefits of this kind to your employees will no doubt help you see their talent.

This completes our list of employee perks ideas that can help you attract the best talent among them all. If you haven’t tried any of these steps before, please do them right away and leave us a comment below. We would love to know how you are keeping up with your people. On that note, good luck and here’s hoping you can attract all your team mates soon enough.