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How to Overcome Uncertainty and turn into Success?


Uncertainty is considered to be a silent killer of your aspirations and turn back you against yourself. They trade you off from attaining your dreams. Uncertainty would bring in a negative impact within yourself and make you think that you aren’t a complete fit for anything. The main reasons for uncertainty are lack of present knowledge and incompetence to predict the future. It is a fact that almost all individuals face uncertainty and so tackling them is an important aspect in career and life to move to higher and higher. Let’s glance through a few peaks on how to overcome uncertainty and turn into success.

overcome uncertainty into success15 Ways to Overcome Uncertainty:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to deal with uncertainty and ways to cope with anxiety

1. Expectations are to be executed:

Every individual forms expectations which in turn lead to disappointment. Assistance for future can be made but cannot be exactly determined. When a worse aspect is expected then the individual is pushed to be pessimistic and close minded. When a best aspect is expected then a vision is developed. It isn’t a good way to expect from the future to offer you good things, it would always be good to concentrate on something you wish to create and like to experience. So, planning and active participation is important to overcome uncertainty.

2. Preparing for various possibilities:

The tough part of uncertainty is the inability to plan in control. Nothing can be executed as planned in many cases. There are scenarios where plans are made but something other happens in the situation. For the same, planning for various possibilities is mandatory. A list can be made and possibilities can be considered where changes can occur at any time. Uncertainty must be handled in all such conditions depending upon the situation.

3. Feeling more:

One cannot blame just uncertainty for everything that happens, it is the mentality of the individuals to get lost in the feelings and become a pessimist. It is clear that speculation is the one which leads to feelings and make a person feel more and more. Future thinking is ceased and uncertainty puts a break for all the process. Predicting future becomes difficult and so positive feeling should be induced in order to build your future.

4. Confidence for adapting new skills:

This is something which should be followed where the individual should understand and know to handle whatever comes in future. You should know and ask yourself what worse thing can happen in your journey and how would you handle it. Though you don’t like it you can make ways to handle it. In this way uncertainty is handled and made less scary.

5. Following stress reduction techniques:

When an individual is dealing with uncertainty, it is sure that they are possessing stress within them. Stress is the main key factor which affects muscles, breathing rate, blood pressure, cholesterol level, muscle tension, and all other organs in the body. To avert all these, stress reduction techniques can be followed in day to day life which includes meditation too. These techniques can be followed ideally for about ten minutes each day and one can find themselves better. By this way handling uncertainty becomes easier.

6. Focusing on things which we can do:

It is often a good idea to look forward at good things rather than focusing on something very big. It would always be a good solution to stop complaining on any issue and focus on short term solutions. Take time and help to handle the present situation rather than going in for broader ideas. This is one way to handle and overcome uncertainty.

7. Practice mindfulness:

There are people who obsess about future and its happenings, that makes you think about tomorrow which one cannot control. As humans they forget to notice and appreciate the present beauty and get stuck in a fear driven cycle. The best way to overcome this is by meditation which makes you more mindful.

These makes you clear and think of what is good for today. It helps you focus about today and relax, so uncertainty can be overcome by practicing mind relaxation technique.

8. Need to predict:

There are situations in life where one needs to predict and get to know what could happen later. In that manner one should know the lane he is travelling and also predict to switch to other lanes in order to reach success earlier. With this it is said that frustration and anxiety about the future is developed when one does not predict about future.

9. Capacity to understand:

The knowledge to predict greatly depends upon the knowledge for one to understand any instance. All humans are curious beings and have a desire to understand and know whatever is happening. When one does not understand they tend to remain in an unresolved state which is known as uncertainty. This makes a person restless and when an individual is in such a state for prolonged period it leads to worry and anxiety, agitation and also develops sickening fear. This happens for employees in work place and also for other people. To overcome this capacity to understand and get to know is mandatory.

10. Reframing:

Almost all individuals develop a storyline in their life which would mostly be negative. When such compulsive thoughts are developed, it would surely affect your willingness and quality of the ideas and thoughts you desire to develop. A story with actions and innovations can be the best choice. It is always a good idea to rephrase an idea by suspending negative story lines and move in a positive way which can be something which authorizes your experience for an uncertain situation. In this manner an uncertain situation can be handled.

11. Brain exercise:

This is one way which helps you handle uncertainty. Almost all individuals would have known about exercise, health and its output in a human being. It is also said that certain exercises have effect on the brain too. In that manner cardiovascular exercise daily helps in improving mood, decision making, creativity, execute function and also help in fighting anxiety and fear. Latest research has concluded that exercise can help in growth of new brain cells, and also decreases anxiety by enhancing mood, which is linked with creativity as well as problem solving.

12. Single task:

Many people think that they can multitask, but it isn’t actually multitasking but just swapping over between tasks. This makes people believe that they multitask. By this way a ramping cost is developed in the brain which takes time for an individual to settle to organize the task. This makes the individual busy and also improves productivity as well as creativity. In this way anxiety and stress are also enhanced. When an individual multitasks, more data needs to be collected and stored in the brain in the PFC or prefrontal cortex of the brain. It is also mentioned that this prefrontal or PFC is responsible for an individual’s will power and also to keep the anxiety and fear in control. The cognitive load is also enhanced when a person multitasks, and so it is better to handle one task at a time in order to avert uncertainty.

13. Accepting things:

The best way to handle uncertainty is to accept things that comes the way rather than fearing or thinking over it. When an individual accepts anything that comes in his life, then there are no chances for fear, uncertainty or anything else in life. There are many changes in life too, accept the changes and run along with it.

14. Stepping back:

Step back and realize about aspects you’re cohered to. If you think you’re over attached to someone or something, make sure that you take a step back and wake up. There are chances that you can lose everything at a moment and the real matter is that what you have built inside yourself. Uncertainty can be cleared off and overcome at this stage.

15. Win fear:

There are many instances in life where one requires failing all the time and reaching success at one instant. Do not fear to mess up things and make many mistakes. There are many great successes which popped up only after failures. Fearing mistakes can never allow you to win and hence work on. Uncertainty would vanish when you take up and do things boldly.

These are a few tips which can be followed in order to handle or overcome uncertainty. It happens for every individual and overcoming it is achieved by smart people. For ones who are depressed and filled with uncertainty can run through these tips and find out ways to overcome uncertainty. There are many sites too which speak about uncertainty of life and tips for overcoming fear and uncertainty. It is important for anyone in life to know about uncertainty and ways to overcome it.