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Why Should you Update your Resume: Top 10 Reasons


Most working professionals, who are currently satisfied with their jobs, are amused when asked whether they have their resume updated.

A few of them would casually maintain the fact that they do not have any intention of making a job shift, thus what is the need to maintain an updated resume.

Seasoned HR professionals are of the opinion that, when you keep an updated resume, it would indicate that you are prepared if any career exigencies strike.

In case you are still not convinced do read the informative article below which discusses the importance of keeping your resume updated always.

why update your resume

Do not wait till the time you start looking for your next job:

Expert hiring managers are of the opinion that most people do not keep their resumes updated until and unless they are looking for new job opportunities.

However if you suddenly have problems in your current job scenario it would become difficult for you to create one, as you would be stressed out.

As you are tensed you might leave out some valuable details of your work experience which is important.

The popular Cash Money Life blog is of the opinion that when you are nervous that, you might get laid off in the next few days, then you do not have the perfect mindset to visit your professional resume after many years.

Thus the best time to update your resume is when you are satisfied with your job and can highlight in detail your professional achievements. Remember when you know that your job is in danger, you have to do other things like networking with old friends and colleagues which take some time.

Be Proud of your Achievements and Skills:

Your resume is not just about your work achievements. In fact it is a summary of all the achievements that you have undertaken and the skills that you have developed over the years.

If you have an updated resume, you can make long term career decisions. Here you might have a chance encounter with a senior professional who might offer you valuable advice on the steps that you might need to take in the future. He thus reads your CV and advices you accurately based on it.

The absence of an updated resume would make you miss the golden opportunity.

Get To Understand your Career Better:

When you look into your resume, you have a better understanding of yourself. You know that each job that you have undertaken is an indication of certain objectives that you believed in.

The resume would help you to understand if you like working in a fast paced company or a traditional valued one.

Thus maintaining an updated resume is essential, as it helps you to understand yourself in a better manner.

Analyze the Mistakes you Have Made and Learn from them:

One of the other reasons regarding why should you keep your resume updated at all times, is learning from your mistakes that you have committed in your career.

In your career like many others, you have made mistakes. The important question is have you learnt from your mistakes or are you still making them.

The answers to these questions will shape your future career in a major way.

Here you also need to analyze if you achieved or overachieved the objectives that you have set for yourself years ago.

Have a Clear Conception of what are your Strengths:

Most HR experts are of the opinion that it is essential that you understand what your key strength areas are.

Once you have a grasp of your strength areas, you know what you should do to be productive in your work life and would do it. Thus the result of this simple analogy would make you confident and happy.

In case you have not identified your key strength areas looking into your resume would help you to understand, which areas you need to push and how can they be used in the near future to enhance your career.

Explore your Career Patterns Zealously:

One of the essential needs to have an updated resume is to ensure that you understand the various career patterns that you have had in your career. These insights can be used as building blocks of your future career.

Here you can analyze now that you have experience, would you have done anything different that what you had earlier done.

Update your CV with a New Skill:

Even though you are happy in your new job, you have over the last six months learnt a new language like Japanese.

Since you have mastered such a difficult language proficiently, give yourself a pat on the back and update your CV accordingly.

You might never know when an opportunity could knock and you would be happy that you had learnt Japanese in your spare time.

Keep your CV updated with Current Keywords:

If you had been reading regarding resume writing lately, you would know the importance of certain keywords on your resume.

Hiring managers are of the opinion that most recruiters look for specific keywords and when they find it, your CV gets shortlisted. Thus it is essential that you have your resume checked regularly and have keywords incorporated in them.

Maintain a Crisp Resume:

If you have worked for 10 years, you would have a long resume. But recruiters only have a few minutes to read your resumes.

Thus update your CV and remove all the features which are not currently essential.

Create a crisp resume which highlights your achievements and strength areas and make your resume attractive and appealing. Once you have done this, you are sure to succeed.

Get Ready To Become a Warrior Again:

When you are looking for a job, it is a war out there and you have to be a warrior to win this war. There have been many senior professionals who have changed their jobs after working in a company for 15 years.

Here you as a job applicant have to understand that the rules of recruitment have changed in the last 15 years and now you have to play your cards according to the current scenario.

Therefore it is always better to have an updated resume and you can use it immediately when the need arises to get yourself a new job.

After reading through the article you are now more convinced regarding the importance of maintaining an updated resume at all times. In case you have any relevant feedback share it with us. Also feel free to write a review regarding the article and this would help us to achieve a comprehensive look in the end.