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15 Valid Reasons Why You Have No Friends at Work


It is human nature which desires to receive social interaction throughout their life.

At all levels of life, friends are mandatory to share ones happiness, sorrow and to ask for suggestions. In that manner friends play a key part in all individuals’ life.

It is lawful and acceptable that most people develop friends in their workplace. Since their work is common and as they meet everyday, friendship develops each day.

With so many roles to play with a friend, imagine a place where you don’t have a friend at the workplace. The situation can be sore and seem to be a lonelier place.

The situation can be more impactful that there are people who hunt for other jobs since they don’t have a friend. There are quite a number of reasons for not owning a friend at work station, let’s go through a few of them.

friends at workNo Friends at Work – Reasons:

1. New entry to work place:

An individual may not have allies at work place for the very basic understanding that they are a new employee.

It may hold longer for people to become allies with the new colleague. Being a new employee there is high chances for not having friends within the establishment.

2. When you don’t feel like helping others at work:

It is usual that an employee who does not bother others or either help them in any instance would never be treated as friends by other employees.

There may be many places where your co-worker would be suffering and you would never have the intention to assist them. This is a key position which leaves you entirely without friends at work station.

3. When you don’t care about anything and introvert:

In an organization where masses of employees work, there may be many occasions like celebrations, get-together, parties and other work related meetings, excursions and more.

In such places, there are a few employees who introduce themselves as if they don’t worry about anything that goes on around them.

They have their own lonesome working situation and only they know their exit. It is unmanageable and unapproachable for other co-workers to draw close such people.

When an individual is not interested in any joy that takes place around, then he is left behind without friends.

4. When you are misinterpreted:

There may be many situations where you may have been misconstrued by your peers. Though you may have batted a good score a small instance, anytime in your workplace environment must have made you misapprehended by others.

When such occasions are amended, it would fade away, but when not, misapprehending develops and you would be left entirely without friends.

5. A strong gang makes it difficult to get through:

strong gang When you tread into an establishment, there may be groups of friends and it would by all odds get an infinite period of time for you to go on with them.

They might have gone for a long period of time and their bond would be tighter for us to become stuck. They may seem unfriendly, but getting drawn towards them and getting a final catalyst towards their bond might eat up a lot of your time.

When such groups are present, you may be left entirely without good friends.

6. Not accepting the work culture:

In an organization they come after a varied culture, when you do not accommodate into their cultural fit you seem to be shed and the great unwashed do not assay to be friends with you.

Though it may take time, tangling with their culture is advantageous for you to make friends and also steer you through your career process.

When you don’t gibe into the cultural boundary you’re left behind having no friends.

7. Complaining about others:

Complaining about your colleagues regarding any work related subjects to your higher without hashing out with your co-workers, then you’re indisputable to be branched from the group.

A mortal with such mind-set who does not try to adapt with the co-workers would be left behind without friends at work environment.

8. Being selfish and not sharing work related knowledge:

A company holds many employees at various levels of talent. Some may be really proficient at their work, whereas some may experience some doubts concerning their employment.

In such situations, when you do not help others sharing your knowledge you will be left without friends. Being selfish without the intention to help others may leave you alone.

9. Instigating drama:

drama at work There may be work-related subjects that pop up in a work environment, when you prove to avoid and present a dramatic play around the issue as if you’re not involved at all, then you would be without friends at work.

When a problem occurs in a working team every individual who exploits in it would be responsible and should submit the initiative to ameliorate it.

When you avoid such situations, hatred is created for you and you will never have friends.

10. Jealous nature:

A jealous nature when predicted by other colleagues can make you suffer alone without allies.

Getting jealous when your workfellow gets appreciation, promotion or positive gossips from your boss, can push you to serious positions.

I should enjoy and observe when your colleague has done something good and lifted to a higher level, jealously will leave you entirely.

11. Gossiping bad about other workers:

When you are a gossip monger in your employment environment and you talk ill about others, people may block off continuing friendship with you.

Your friends can also be chit chatted with you one day. Then when you chaffer badly about others you’re under risk and will fail to win others hearts.

12. When you’re moody and don’t spread up to others:

In work place you should behave as a friendly person and talk to others, greet others, all these will aid you gain good people.

In the like way when you’re moody and don’t speak to others only expect others to speak to you, this will not go out.

People who don’t open up and blab to others are left lonely and own no friends at work place.

13. Sharing work at times of high pressure:

sharing idea When in a team during work, there may be many projects which can be completed as specified. But situations occur where you’re stressed and loaded with work as the deadline is drawing near.

At such situation when your colleague helps you by sharing work it would be good. When you do not take up responsibility to do other work, and so you’re left without friends at work.

14. Irregular for work:

Like in colleges there are certain employees who are irregular at work and do not fill out any of their tasks on time. They attempt to procrastinate their work and are not much interested to complete their task.

They may not be passionate about their work. People avoid mingling with such people; such kind of people also finds it difficult to retain friends at work.

15. Sharing office related information only with boss:

When any word breaks up, there are certain people who walk up and down and share office related things only with the boss and not to other employees.

They show off as they know more about the position. These sorts of people irritate others and are disregarded by others from being friends.


Developing bonds in an office environment are important and beneficial in many ways. A work is a best place to start friendship as it can be taken over for a period of time. There are few people as mentioned above who do not have friends for few qualities.

When such qualities are given they are barricaded off and do not bear a relationship called friendship.

For the same reason all these impure qualities can be pushed off so that a good friendship is kept up in the office and the place is highlighted with happiness. When employees are happy, work is carried on with interest and production boosts up.