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Selling Body Parts – How To Sell Your Body For Cash?


Finding treasure is one thing which each one of us has dreamt about, though none of us have discovered it. The reason behind this failure is that we were looking for it in the wrong places.

Actually, you’re sitting on a goldmine and our body itself is a treasure trove, a living gold mine; you are just unaware about the worth of it. Here we discussed how selling body parts can be beneficial.

Selling body parts

The parts of your body comprising of fluids and secretions can help you pay for many contingencies or even a big debt which you are unable to pay through your regular salary. So when you are on a quest of quid and you are looking for loot, then you may sell your body for cash.

Do not take us wrong, we are not talking about selling a kidney or other organs which are illegal to sell. Though for your information Kidney is the organ which is replaced more than any other organ of the body and this is the reason a single kidney can be sold for as high as 2,00,000$ in the US black market.

But in this article, we are going to reveal those body parts to sell for money legally and would not create any major health problem to you. You will be startled in delight reading the following list and knowing that every bit of your body can help you earn money.

Selling Body Parts for Money:

1. Hair:

The most cherished possession in your body for sale can be your hair. Beauticians, artists, and wig making companies are just waiting for your nod to take away your lengthy locks. Companies like,,, or Craigslist can be great platforms for selling your precious tresses.

Longer your hair, merrier would be the amount you will be paid for it, but it should be over 10 inches. The story does not end so easy, for selling your hair there are some conditions too.

The money which your locks can lend you can range from just a few bucks to thousand dollar and more, depending on the virginity of your hair, meaning that they should not be colored or have gone through any rough styling procedures or have not been given any chemical treatment, colour counts (gray hair won’t get paid), length and quality of hair. By meeting the entire prerequisite list you may earn around 1500$ by selling your hair.

Hairs are known to grow about 6 inches a year, so you would not be able to sell your hair again before two years.

2. Blood:

In most of the places selling your blood would not get paid, but you can get some vouchers or other fringe benefits for it. You may even give blood to the hospital in case any of your family members are hospitalized. So even if your blood does not match, still it can be traded by the hospital for the blood matching your patient’s requirement.

By this, you may save around 300$ a pint which you otherwise would have paid. Also, several blood donation programs are organized to encourage habits of blood donation where you may be paid 30$ to 50$ for a pint once in 56 days.

3. Plasma:

The Plasma, which is actually the part of the blood can be sold to earn real money. It is the yellow-colored liquid in which the red blood cells are combined together. Plasma extraction is a bit different than the blood donation and it takes a longer time to donate plasma. First, the blood is taken out of your body, like in blood donation. Then, after extracting the plasma, the protein from blood, the plasma less blood is put back into the body.

Your body replenishes the plasma much quicker than blood, typically in 48 hours approximately. Therefore, you can easily donate plasma twice a week. This plasma is used to cure rare and chronic diseases in people whose body cannot control blood clotting (hemophilia) or for people who have lymph node syndrome and also to treat the people who suffer from burns and trauma. If you donate your plasma often you may make 200$ to 400$ a month.

4. Sperm:

Those who are masturbation addict, their gold mine is actually placed between the legs. Masturbation, an activity which you secretly did in veils can pay quite a handsome amount of money over a month.

However easy and fun it may sound, but having an orgasm in the natural environment compared to having it in the clinic every time can be tricky. But do not be so disheartened reading this as sperm clinics provide special rooms and assistance which include many things like porn magazine and movies or sex toys, helping you reach the orgasm.

The main point to be considered is to qualify as a sperm donator you need to give your detailed health information, even family health background and clear an oral interview. This includes various parameters of a specified age group, weight, height, and attraction. You may then be paid around 35$ to100$ per ejaculation depending on the size of your sperm bank or 1000$ per month.

5. Eggs:

Women can sell their eggs and help a family to make their dream of the baby come true. And like the sperm donation, there are certain criterions which need to be followed. The female donor must be healthy being and is required to give her detailed health information. The potential age of the donor is limited to the bracket of 21 to 35 years, though many medical centers limit the upper limit to 29 years.

Also, if the female smokes, or takes drugs, or has a high body mass index or have any mental health issues, they may be disqualified. For extracting the egg out of your body, minor surgery is required and it takes around 25 to 100 hours to go through the medical treatment for completing the process.

The whole egg donation process will take around 3-4 weeks and includes hormone injections, sedation, and medicines so that your body produces multiple eggs. There can be various side effects which you may face for a few days.

But for all the pain you take, you are paid well and you can earn between 5000$ to 15000$ for egg donation. Usually, eggs are produced in every cycle, but a recommended time gap between each donation is three months.

6. Poop:

Reading the heading did you think that you have flushed some thousand dollars by now? However funny it may sound, but it is true. Your waste can be a blessing for the people suffering from difficult C. Difficile infections. Medical research Institutes like OpenBiome in Medford have specialized in fecal microbiota transplantations, in simple terms stool transplant, in which your poop is placed inside the body of the patient.

There are conditions for selling the poop too, like OpenBiome restrict the donor’s age between 18 to 50 years and the Body Mass Index under 30 along with travel limitation to certain countries in the previous year.

Additionally, you have to clear a stool screen test and a blood screen test to become a feces donor. If you qualify, you will be paid around 40$ per sample with a binding agreement to give samples four times a week. If we calculate your yearly income from this it would be around 13000$ per year.

7. Womb:

You can add a couple who is not able to experience the parental bliss due to some complication by actually renting your womb. The duration of this whole process can last between 12 to 18 months. It is called surrogacy and a woman who agrees to it carries the sperm and egg from the couple until the child is born. Various screening test processing conceiving ability, medical and mental health, as well as a criminal background check, is also done.

Preferably a surrogate must have experienced at least one pregnancy without any complications and should be in the age group ranging from 20 to 40. Surrogate may also have to sign a contract with the couple regarding the certain diet and lifestyle which needs to be followed.

If you accept surrogacy it should be a thoughtful decision. You can earn around 55,000$ for taking the hardships for the whole period.

8. Breast Milk:

If you are one of the women who produce a lot of breast milk then you should not waste this liquid gold by letting it leak, instead sell it. You may help a baby get breast milk whose mother is not able to lactate. Not only it will make you feel eternal by feeding one more baby with your milk but you will also make good money against it.

But these days many other people want to have breast milk for many other reasons, bodybuilders want it for muscle growth, athletes want it for extra energy and some people also want it to boost their immune system.

Healthy mothers who milk in excess after satisfying their babies can sell through different websites like or Craigslist. Your baby’s age would determine the price and need as the breast milk composition changes with the growth of the baby. On average you may earn 1$ to 2.50$ per ounce, that means you can earn about 23,000$ a year.

9. Bone marrow:

You may donate your bone marrow for earning a big sum of money. Also called a stem cell donation, bone marrow is believed to help in the treatment of the patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other types of blood cancers.

A bone marrow donor can earn somewhere around 3000$ per donation. After donating, your bone marrow you are recommended 8 weeks to recover from the minor surgery which is done to extract the bone marrow and as per that your yearly income would be around 18,000$. Traditionally, the bone marrow was taken from the hip bone, but with recent medical advancements, they can be extracted from the blood through standard donation.

10. Skin:

With advertising agencies hovering on new ideas to promote their product and brand, your skin has emerged a novel and clever way to publicize their company. This may sound to you as a tall tale or a vague idea but companies are willingly paying to those who agree to them rent some space on their skin by placing a tattoo.

The amount you earn depends on the placement of the tattoo and the duration you agree to give your skin for. The permanent tattoo has given higher payment than the temporary ones.

A mother from Utah on news for tattooing her forehead tattooed with the URL address of the online casino for 10,000$. There are certain contractual obligations which you need to sign and act accordingly. So if you are among those who dare to carry the advertisement 24/7 you can make pretty good profits.

There are certain contractual obligations which you need to sign and act accordingly. So if you are among those who dare to carry the advertisement 24/7 you can make pretty good profits.

11. Clinical Trials:

If you are willing to live like a guinea pig of pharmaceutical companies or medical research centers, then you can earn pretty well by giving your body for clinical trials. Companies manufacture new drugs from time to time, and they need a person to test their medicine. So you tested with flu vaccines to the painkiller tablets or even for some serious diseases too.

Forgiving your body for a clinical trial you need to clear the prerequisites for selection. Generally, the Phase 1 Medicine trials, can pay you around 1,500$ for one session and 5,000$ for a 7-day stay. You have to remember any of the trials can have a long term effect on your body. Playing as a lab rat can sometimes be harmful to you; therefore you have to think whether the money is worth to take such troubles on your body.


Well, all these years, this treasure was always with you and you never knew. But before you opt for any of the suggestions above, be sure that you make the dealing with a registered and approved website or facility.

Our final words would be, with appropriate self-discretion and be considering the payment related to the service and the potential harm, engage in selling body parts.