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How to Become a Wig Maker: The Complete Career Guide


There are several different job profiles available for everyone who believe in following some rare career areas. Being a wig maker is one of the job profiles which people might not be aware of. But it’s no different from any other job.

A wig maker handles the work of wig making or in other words providing alternative hair solutions without much cost and an immediate solution for baldness. Therefore, being a wig maker is a responsible job as compared to the rest of the job profiles in the world.

Wig Maker

Wig Maker – Career Road map:

For some people, being a wig maker can be considered a common job, but actually it is one of the job profiles which needs skill and responsibility towards the working. Here are some of the points to remember if anyone wants to become a wig maker.

1. Understand the actual work of making wig:

If a person wants to become a wig maker, the first thing he should know about is that how to understand the work of wig making. There are several different stages of wig making and understanding that work is not that easy as it seems. So it is necessary to understand all the minor details about the work of making wig so that there won’t be any minor mistake about it. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and identify the work quickly for the sake of no future confusions.

2. Try to know more about the operating machinery:

There is a possibility that without the knowledge about the operating machinery one can never understand the actual working environment of the wig making process. Therefore, it is necessary to clear out all the doubts about wig making process at first, because later on it might be a little for any sort of clarification happening around the process of wig making. Moreover, operating machines help to maintain the wig making process with its operating system.

3. Styling the wig:

It is just not a common normal job where a person tries to finish his job at the specific deadlines. So it is important that while making wigs a person should be aware of his styling elements. This styling element provides cool and classy look for the complete whole look of the wig. It is possible some people like their wigs to be classy and attractive and that is why understanding about the styling about wig making is very important.

4. Knowledge about hand finishing:

There is a possibility that most of the wig process involves hand finishing work. In this hand finishing work a person need to know about the finishing job of wig making. While making wig and after using the operating machines to create a wig, a person needs to complete the look of the human hair wig by sewing or needling it with necessary hand finishing stuff. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of hand finishing work if someone wants to become a wig maker.

5. Knowing about the coloring stuff:

Being a wig maker a person should be aware of all the stages of wig making and in a list of the work process of wig making there is a coloring stage. During coloring stage, all the finished wigs will be delivered to the coloring process where necessary coloring will be provided as the customers needs and wants. It is not like every customer likes a same color of their wig so while making wigs a custom wig maker should take care of the customers needs to increase the sale.

6. Tinting artificial hair:

While tinting an artificial hair a wig maker must know about basic elements needed for that tinting process. In this hair attachment process most of the wig parts are made of original hair strings, but lesser part of those wigs are created by the fake and artificial hair parts. Therefore, it is necessary to know more about this stage of wig making so that there won’t be any possibility of mistake while process of making wigs going on.

7. Linking to its private clients:

There is a possibility that some of the clients need their wigs in a perfect part. And that is why most of the wig making process involves its own high quality wigs checking wherein which, all finished wigs will undergo a process of checking. In this checking process most of good quality wigs created for their private clients will be tested separately for the sake of quality check according to customers needs and wants. Therefore, it is necessary to know about all this stages of wig making if a person really wants to become a wig maker.

8. Educational background:

To become a wig maker there is no such diploma or a degree that is supposed to be provided to join the job as wig maker. But necessary knowledge about wig making will help a person understand the critical parts of the wig making process. Most of wig makers working in the wig companies are preferred as a hair stylist. A hair stylist knows all these little details about hair and that detailing will help in making wigs perfectly.

9. Detailing skills and ability:

It is necessary that a wig maker should understand all the elements of hairs. A person with an eye for perfect hair detailing will be given a job in the wig making company. A wig maker should also know more about these detailing skills and ability required for their job completion. Therefore, it is necessary to avail rest of the abilities as well than the hair styling skills. Moreover, a wig maker should be good with their communication skills as well.

10. Career growth:

As compared to the rest of job profiles where people will receive their annual progress report, the wig making company will also announce such report so that they appreciate the best out of the lot. And there is even a possibility that some of the wig makers will receive a promotion to the higher roles of being a wig maker such as hair stylist, hairdresser and more. Therefore, it is necessary to give one’s best to get oneself rewarded for the work they deliver for the overall growth of the company.

Finally, the bottom line is that at the end of the discussion about how to become a wig maker, it is clear that anyone can become a wig maker, but the person with all sorts of knowledge and details about hairs and their styling will be given a special preference. Therefore, if anyone is passionate about being a wig maker, then they should probably read all the above mentioned details about becoming a wig maker.