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Top 28 Companies That Use Child Labor Still !


Child labor, though not a new thing but surely a thing to worry about as child labor is ruining the lives of many children.

Child labor is simply depriving children of their studies, from their childhood life. Range of companies being indulged in child labor is much frightening.

Do you know the sneakers and clothes you are wearing might be from a Slave Labor?

Companies That Use Child Labor

Causes of Child Labor:

Primary Cause:

In many small towns or places, there are no better schools for children neither they have any such facility. So they believe that employment is a better option to nourish their future.

Cultural Cause:

It was firmly believed in European culture that if their child would follow their steps, he/she will become self-independent.

Macroeconomic Cause:

Unavailability of good schools was one of the main reasons for depriving children from studies. They were followed by other reasons such as lack of modern technology etc.

Chocolate Companies that Use Child Labor:

1 Nestle:

Being one of the top confectionery companies in the world, it has been noted for their involvement in child labor. The most disgusting thing was that the living condition of the children was not so good.

At least they could have paid some attention to those children who are working for them day and night. All that they need is that their work should be completed on time, no matter whatever may be the condition of the children.

2 Hershey’s:

It is the largest chocolate maker company in the US. Children are forced to do the works even if it was not of their level.

They used child labor mostly in cocoa farms. They were threatened by airing off the video of the child labor, but it seemed that they were not affected by any such warnings.

3. Mars:

Another famous chocolate company that has accepted that it uses only certified cocoa.

They also admitted that by 2020 they would free their company from child slavery. But this is also a fact that every year the number of children increases in cocoa farms.

4. ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company):

It is one of the leading processors of cocoa liquor. They purchase cocoa which has been harvested by child laborers. It does not have its own cocoa farm but has relationships with the buyers/sellers of such farms.

In this way, they can easily carry out their work with the help of children. But they have also denied the allegations of child labor which is still continuing.

5 Cadbury:

It has a high demand for cheap child laborers. This is the reason they cannot stop child labor in their company.

Cadbury can pay more money to workers as they are encouraged by the organizations. But it seems that they are not willing to do so as workers cannot leave the company having fear of losing their job. Also, the company is also familiar with this fact.

6. Kraft:

They are also involved in child labor, but the best thing which they are doing is focusing on the welfare of child labor.

They meet up the needs and demands of the workers so that they will work with more dedication. They focus on driving change in the lives of human beings as well as the environment.

7. Fowler’s Chocolate:

They curse child slavery, but their company is also not free from child slavery. On the other hand, they also work for the well being of such children who cannot go to schools due to lack of money.

In an investigation, it was also revealed that how companies purchase children from their parents. Many were kidnapped from their houses.

8. Crunch:

Crunch is another famous company uses children for the work and they pay fewer wages to their workers. The wages are so less that they cannot even afford to earn their livelihood.

The living conditions of these workers are pathetic as well as very painful. These poor conditions result in the spreading of diseases among people.

9. Kit-Kat:

Though it is indulged in child labor it has given a deadline to stop the involvement of children in their company.

Well, we can only believe, if it proves to be true. Few years before it was accused of sourcing cocoa from cocoa farms where children used to harvest cocoa.

10. Aero:

Another company which has claimed that the use of child labor in cocoa farms is our supply chain. So they cannot break their chain rather than they can focus on making the lives of workers better and providing them with better working conditions.

Fashion Brands that Use Child Labor:

1. H&M:

Well, this company has been caught in scandals many times, and they have always been involved in major humanitarian issues over many years.

On the other hand, they are showing their image of the Eco-friendly brand but still, child labor is being used in bulk. The track of this company has been marked with spots all over as they used to bring children from the Philippines and assign works to them.

2. Forever 21:

Another fashion brand involved in child labor never stated that they do not employ young labors in their production lines.

The most saddening part is that the company brings its cotton from Uzbekistan, where children are taken from schools and employed in work neglecting the importance of education and their studies which do not get over due to such shameful activity.

3. GAP:

One of the most recognizable jean brands in the world is also involved in such scandals of child labor. Well the most embarrassing and shocking fact is that they even employ children of 8 years.

Garments were made with the hands of poor women and their children. In an investigation, it was found that this company compelled its workers to work 16hrs per day which is illegal all over the world.

4. Nike:

It has been practicing child labor over many years. They were not doing any legal or ethical practices at that time. All their daily works were done on an illegal basis only without putting any full stop to such activity.

Even the Director of the company also said that he is not responsible for whatever illegal things are being practiced in the company. Nowadays they are violating human rights on a daily basis.

5. Zara:

Another fashion brand which forced its employees to work 12hrs a day. They were also accused of unfair trade practices in their company. It also had connections with other companies. They were also charged with 52 allegations but that showed no signs of improvement.

Workers were also called from Bangalore to work in the restricted area followed with few restrictive terms to work.

6. Urban Outfitters:

This company has been involved in a number of controversies of child labor. Yet they never disclosed about any of the supply chain of child laborers.

But its true that they have the involvement of children in their company as their employees. A petition was filed against them to stop child labor. And orders were also given to lose the petition because they were not affected by it.

7 Aldo:

Another leading, as well as creative shoe brand, was also caught in such scandals of child labor.

They have also admitted that they select valuable employers from the market, but none of their activities gave a green signal to whatever they had admitted. They have been continuously involved with the tackling of child slavery in the past few years.

8 Primark:

It has been praised as one of the companies that donated money in a tragedy that occurred in their neighbor company.

But on the other hand, it also shocked us by the fact that they used to pay only 40 rupees per day to children. Most of the Indian companies were also involved in such scandals of child slavery.

9 Adidas:

Being the ultimate sensation of fashion among sports stars and young people, they are indulged in child labor. The children over here are also punished if they refused to do overtime.

Even the workers are also penalized for taking leave due to any medical difficulty. So painful it sounds, but it’s the reality of this fashion brand. Yet the company has always denied over such facts.

10 Walmart:

Another brand that has always been accused of underpaying their workers as well as exploiting them.

Although some observers also argued of the poor conditions of the workers and their unmet demands. But the company disagreed to all such arguments as well as statements given by those observers.

11. Uniqio:

A Japanese company which took over the US market has also been accused of child slavery. But then they claimed of the social responsibility after being surrounded by many petitions.

They have their own cheap labors from Bangladesh who were fixed for their work without making any argument or raising any questions.

12. Victoria’s Secret:

Another glamorous brand who forced children to work under severe conditions by physically and mentally abusing them. The cotton used in this company was picked up by children from cotton farms.

When they were charged with the allegation of child labor, then they said that they are not aware of it as well as they are against child labor.

13. Aeropostale:

It is one of the biggest teen retailing company involved in scandal of child labor. They have not publically stated about child labor involvement. Rather than they have refused to support human rights violation and also are against child labor.

The government of Uzbekistan is continuously picking up children from school and making them work in cotton farms.

14. La Senza:

La Senza is another famous Canadian company. It gives only 30minutes of a break to child laborers in 10 hours of shift.

The observers have also admitted that it is the worst place to work for any child. La Senza does not aim at growing its company, it is limited in growth terms.

Other Famous Brands that Uses Child Labor:

1. Apple:

Now comes one of the most sensational brands in the world. Though they have admitted that they have the involvement of children in their company because they needed children to perform some of their works.

When they admitted this thing, some of us thought that they must be giving special attention to children as they have admitted but nothing much happened.

2. Disney:

Sounds so strange that on one side where it aims at entertaining children and making their life full of fun, on the other hand, it is involved in doing child labor.

The most shocking thing about Disney was that the children are made to work in substandard conditions for 76 hours a week without giving them any benefits. Young labors are very much common in such company.

3. Philip Morris:

Another leading tobacco brand admitted that many children are working in tobacco farms. But it took only a minor part of blame on itself mentioning that it is taking steps to stop child labor in their company.

After working in Tobacco Company many children suffered from the problem of nausea, vomiting, dizziness which was caused due to the release of harmful pesticides in factories.

4. Toys R:

Other leading store for kids is also indulged in the employment of children of 14-15years. But it has also agreed to pay fine or violation of human rights. The children were not allowed to take a proper nap even at night.

Due to these illegal activities, their shares fell 6%, but no effect was seen on their work. They have been caught several times for the exploitation of child labor.

Well, these things prove to be very shameful that such big companies are also a part of this sin. But the companies aim at maintaining the decorum of their company rather than focusing on the future of children. It’s hard to believe that these children must be having any idea of “what childhood looks like, what is it”. They should realize that “school is the best place for them” and “education is their fundamental right”.